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Goutam Nayak

Romance Thriller


Goutam Nayak

Romance Thriller

Pseudonyms Doctor

Pseudonyms Doctor

13 mins 25 13 mins 25

Jyoti shouted and trembled with fear. Dr. Martin ran to her. But by then the beloved Pramila's body was frozen. Martin was surprised to see Pramila’s. Her body is cold, but heartbeats like normal people.

It’s a miracle. Don’t worry Mrs. Jyoti. I think Pramila is safe. I am trying too hard to stop her body cold. Dr.Martin had a meeting with his stuff and tried to reduce the cold of Pramila’s body. But, the constant hours of effort, Pramila's body was not warming up. The doctor's resting was gone with fear. In the end, they became frustrated. This is the first scientific hospital in the world to be created by Dr. Martin. The patient who has a moment of die: in this hospital gets his life back whether it is cancer or some other cure. Death is a frustrating factor in there. Dr.Martin was speechless. There were many sweepers in his hospital. One of them was Vesti, the father of a scientist. His son Dr.Rimisti is a scientist, studying at the end of his last semester. The stranger Rimisti is very dear student of Benuda.Benuda is very important person in his life. Vesti thought he would meet Martin after hearing about the patient of Pramilla. But he is a sweeper, who listens to him? After a lot of efforts, he got a chance to meet Dr.Martin. Meanwhile, Pramila's condition has worsened. Vesti met Martin without delay and said...

Dear Dr. I know someone who will care Miss Pramila if you gave me a chance I shall call that parson.

Who is the man? Is he a Doctor?

No, sir.

So why you meet me?

He is a little scientist and the student of Benu Babu.

What are you talking? You come to tell this. Out in my room immediately.

Sir, I think it is too important to call that person. Otherwise, you might lose Pramilla forever.

Dr. Martin looked at him curiously.

Sir, am I call this scientist?? Vesti asks again.

Martin thinks a moment and softly speaks….l

Yes, call him and go out now.

Dr. Martin is going to be mad to the situation of Pramilla. He couldn't imagine the problem would be so difficult. Vesti inform the problem of Pramilla to Rimisti and beg from him for save the lady immediately. At that time, Rimisti made a fax to Benuda after hearing of the whole facts. Benuda, Benuda is an extinct scientist. Also, anyone can say he is a mitigated scientist. He is the unnameable grate scientist and a great doctor. He is the scientist on the one hand, and the doctor on the other. Both have made good names, but in pseudonyms. I do not know why he refrains from his own name. It is surprising to even think. When Benuda got the fax then he called Rimisti to understand the all problems. Benuda took a rest and research the cure of the problem and got out quickly to meet Dr. Martin. It was almost evening when Benuda arrived at the hospital. Benuda had to see that no one would call him a scientist, or a doctor. He was very happy for this. Anyone who looks Benuda will think of nothing but a student. When he started talking to doctors, Benuda couldn't explain to anyone that he was Benuda. Rimisti was delaying. Other doctors and door keepers did not allow Benuda to go to meet with Pramila.Rimisti was delayed about 30 minutes. The strange doctors at the hospital was surprised when Rimisti called Benuda, sir and bowed openly. It was quite fun then because of the doctors were looking at the Benuda and everything was stood speechless. Rimisti, did not meet Dr. Martin and went to straight into the Pramilla cabin with a nurse. Benuda checked Pramila's eyes and told everyone to leave the room for 1 hour. Benuda pulled out a tube of his pocket and injected it into Prmilla s heart and began to see the time. After three minutes, Pramila opened her eyes and looked at Benuda. It was strange to look at. As if he had known Benuda, a long time ago. Dr. Martin could not imagine that Benuda would heal Pramila Devi in this way. Dr. Martin was also surprised when he saw Pramila talking to Benuda from the outside cabin. This is the specimen that Dr. Martin told Rimsti's father to leave the cabin, when he wants to ask whether to call this scintist. Dr. Martin felt very remorseful and returned to his cabin without saying anything. That was the day I met Benuda. Mainly I liked him for his unprecedented work. I was a chemistry student at a college in Bengal. Science mainly, I like to achieve all this unprecedented work. I noticed the problem with Pramila starting about 17 days ago. That day I came to my nerve problem, saying that I would meet with Dr. SD Dante. Dante is a very good nerve doctor, I've heard from many. I met Pramilla 10 days before and went to her cabin many times to tell stories. Talking to her I heard that she had been suffering from colds for a few years. Never before there has been such a surge. Suddenly, the body would become cold to work at home. I have come to

Dr. Martin for many treatments, but there is no work anywhere. Dr. Martin, himself could not imagine the death that would come here or cold. It is likely that Benda came to the rescue at the last moment. Benuda was talking to Pramila will only make sense. I can't think of anything that would make a man so ordinary to look so serious. Sometime later Benuda got out from Pramila’s cabin and met Rimisti. He asked to be taken to meet his father. There was no hesitation in the sweeper of Rimisti's father, because according to Benuda it is not righting to take away any of the freedom. I went ahead and addressed Sir, Sir, I am astonished, very pleased to see your treatment. So, I thought if you could contact me then I could get your help with my problem in the future.

Benuda stared at me for a moment silently, and said,

It was not easy, there were very complex problems. But now it's safe.

Yes! Sir, Pramila Devi may be thinking this time she has returned from death for you.

Benuda smiled and said,

If there is a problem, If you ever have problems, come to Orali.

He went away without met the doctors and saying anything. Martin waits for Benuda, and leaves his cabin immediately to meet. Seeing Rimisti, she said

Rimisti, did he (Benuda) walk out of the cabin?

Yes, but Martin you are too late? He left the hospital.

What have you talked? What was his name?


 He said he will meet you someday, and He is very busying today.

Dr.Martin told fiercely,

Pramilla looked perfectly healthy; I want to know what medicine Benuda had given her. Give me the address Rimisti.I will send someone to pick him up.

Dr. Martin, he will not come anymore and since you do not know Benuda, you may have misunderstood this.

Why? What's the matter?

Sir, there are some features of Benuda. If he addresses, someone, he will come to him or solve his problem to do anything or if you insist, he will never help anymore.

And I don't know why he did that to you.

Dr. Martin walked away with a distorted face.

I did not talk to Rimisti at that time. I got into the conversation for a while and talked about the humiliation of my life. Rimisti is a very talkative person. There was talk of us for a while. Then he came out with a card and give in my hand.

Since I was no longer sitting, I came to her cabin to talk to Pramilla. I see a lot of doctors around Pramila. I was shocked. I started thinking about what. If the door was not closed then I would go in and see.

After about 45 minutes, they left the house. Then I went to Pramilla and found that blood was taken from different parts of her body. I asked Pramila why everyone injected you? And what were the doctors saying?

Pramila looked at me, smiled lightly and told me that Benu Babu had injected pills in my body to know what I was injecting.

I listened to it for a while. And asked Pramilla Devi, How is your body now?

Good very good. I can’t see any problem. I feel like, and I'm healed. Benu Babu said that the injection you where given is rare in this world.

I also wanted to talk to Benu Babu, but he did not say why he was busy. However, Rimisti Babu was a very good person for a long time. Gave me a card that will save me into trouble if I come to Orali.

I saw Benuda talked to you for a long time -

Yes, he talked to me for a long time.

Didn't give you an address?

Yes, it tells me that I must come to Orali when I shall be healthy.

While we were talking, Dr. Martin came to Pramilla to ask if Benu Da had told her anything about injection. Pramila told nothing to shake her neck. 

I told Pramila Devi, that I will come to Benuda with you on the day you leave.

 No one could have dreamed that Pramila would be so healthy in these 1 days. Dr. Martin became very worried. He was able to feel the great repercussions of the world's largest and most prestigious hospital where deaths are not accepted, but they are failed to treat a cold patient. If the news is leak the hospital will be close immediately was also hurt to Dr. Martin not to meet Benuda. Dr.Martin Feeling very small and feeling ashamed of himself. The next day, Dr. Martin had a meeting with all the doctors. Doctor Dante became the main figure that day. I cannot say what was discussed at the meeting, but I was quite sceptical of seeing Doctor Dante because I was a very important patient in Dante. He was looking at me again and again that day; it was so strange to see that one could not easily look at him with suspicion. I came into my own cabin and began to wonder why Dr. Dante looked at me with such scepticism. After finding no answer, I thought I would report the problem to Rimisti. I took the card out of my pocket. I saw the email id on the card and made a mail. I told him in the mail - There was a discussion at the hospital suggests that Dr. Martin would take a step back on Benuda because after seeing Dr. Dante, I had a similar suspicion that you might be a little cautious and warn someone. If you know anything else, you can contact me via this email. Pramila Devi is completely healed. The doctor, however, did not want to give him leave.

With this information I sent the mail. After a while, when I went to Pramila Devi's cabin I saw Pramila Devi sitting in a very sad state. I felt something had happened and I said, why are you so sorry? For a while, Pramila Devi replied that I had been bullied and pressured that I should shoot all the information from Benuda and brings them the information of the medicine that he had used to cure my disease. If not, they will bring me back to my previous state.

I was very angry at the words. I was wondering why is this issue of Benu Da and Dr. Martin is involved in this problem. I was speechless and stood in front of Pramila Devi for a while. I thought I needed to get this information to Benuda but I didn't have any communication with Benuda. Was just an invitation to go to Arali.

After a few other stories with Pramila Devi, I returned to my cabin. I tried my best to find out about Benu Da and to find out his contacts, but there was no result because Benuda didn't exist on the internet. Then, there was a slight doubt in my mind, who is Benuda? The person looked like a famous person. I decided in my mind that I shall meet Benuda, then I would come to this hospital.

That was Dr. Dante's appointment at afternoon. After finishing my appointment, I decided to leave, and I shall come back a few days. I talked to Pramila Devi that night and told her that the person, who had healed her may be facing some danger in the future. I told Pramila Devi everything. The next morning, I arrived in Moscow on a fast truck train from Yuman. From there, I reached New Delhi from Moscow by taking a flight. I asked many people about Arali in Delhi, but no one knew or knew the places where. I felt quite the problem. After searching on the Internet, I found Aralia. It was almost evening when I reached Kolkata by taking a flight from Delhi to Kolkata again. I spent the night at a nearby guest house. I am looking for Benuda in the morning. I was arrived in Purulia by a train. The place looked pretty strange to me. Beautiful surroundings, beautiful flora and fauna of two people. The secluded atmosphere of the area when see, everyone's mind is fascinated. A half-old man took me into a jungle. After going through a lot I saw a house in the jungle. The gentleman put me down there and said, Sir, you go in, and you will find what you are looking for.

If I does not show that the house was a Benuda office laboratory and library, I probably would not have known. When I set foot, Benu Da saw me from a distance. And from the inside, Benu Da said -

Neelam, I couldn't think you would come so soon. How are you?

I'm fine, are you good?

Yeah, how's Pramila?

I went in and grabbed a chair and sat down. Benu brought me a glass of water and threw it aside and handed it to me. I said to eat fast,

Sir, I could not get in touch with you, so, I have to come you.

I got the news yesterday. Rimisti informed me yesterday.

You have being a little careful Sir. Dr. Martin is not a very good person. He can put you in any danger at any time.

Nilam you have not to worry about. You are completely secured. Dr. Martin can't do anything to me. Besides, why are you so worried?

The word of nurse and the strange sight of Dr. Dante terrified me a lot. And maybe you are from my country because I was a little wake up to you.

That is why you come to me or have you any other needs?

Not just to warn you and I came to know a lot about you. I was very skeptical on that day that Pramila Devi was healed by your one-hour treatment. When you talked about coming to Oral in Bengal, I realized that you were either a strange doctor in my country or in Bangladesh.

But Neelam I am not a doctor. I was shocked to hear about Benuda. If Benuda is not a doctor, then who?

Benuda looked at me and smiled and said, what

Let me show you my library. I was absolutely shocked to see Benuda's library. There is no book in this world that is not in the library. Micro editions of all books. All books are kept on two shelves. In one of the corners, he has all the research papers shot down.

In one corner of the room, there is a notebook of Bengali table presents. Curiously, I turned the notebook over. Many people have their names written. For example, I have given the pseudonym of Swapan Roy, reading the story of Professor Sanku, the rumor of Titir Mitra's mind, and so on. On each side of the writing were the date and the currency number. Benuda left me, leaving me in the library. The whole thing looked strangely new to me. I got out of the library. There was much more to see in the library. Many questions arose in my mind as I went out, looking at Benuda; the roots of a plant, and shooting the soil. I said

Sir, I had some questions,

Oh! Nilam, you're out, I think you will come out a quite late.

Do you like my library?

Yeah, but I had a little question about what was written in your notebook. If you say so my mind will be free of all doubts.

Those things, some patient name may be written and their fees. There is a thing written here that ‘I read the story of Professor Shanku', it is written 32 thousand 680 rupees in Indian currency. If you explain it a little;

That problem, that is the case of Ratan Babu.

You will not realize that many great events, I was very determined to solve that problem.

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