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Sylvia Eaton

Drama Romance


Sylvia Eaton

Drama Romance

Your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel

13 mins 657 13 mins 657

"The rain falls because the sky can no longer handle its heaviness.

Just like the tears fall because the heart can no longer handle its pain. ''

I remeber the date quite well December 22nd 2012. It was a cold dark night and I was on my way home from work. Driving on a dark road, not a car in sight all I could see was the light poles along the road. It occured to me that it wasn't that late and it was odd that the roads were that quiet.

I continued to drive along the dark road until I saw a car pulled over the dark road, I drove more slowly passed the car just to take a closer look and make sure alls well.

I pulled over and what startled was that a face maked up red and blue. I look closer. It was the same girl who saved my life twice. Yes, it was kimberline Stark, the daughter of kemp Stark chairman of SR Electronics, the very company I work at. I started to feel shivers down my spine and feel the slightest feeling of panic. I had rushed her to the hospital. Her father was there, with tears in his eyes. I was happy I could pay her back in some way. She saved me from myself, without her, I would still be holding hands with a toxic past.

The Next Day I came to visit her, I had bought her lilies as I observed earlier, that her favourite flowers were plain white lilies as it seemed so pure like her. I sat there right beside her, looking at her she seemed perfectly beautiful even though she was at her worst. He held my hands tight, as if she never wanted to leave me for a second and with tears rolling down her eyes,she said, "(If all men are born free, how is it that all women are born slaves?" I was a bit confused at first when she made this statement but then I discovered through her eyes that she's been suffering through some mental illness or physically being tortured. I wanted her to speak up and tell me, I wanted her to know that I would be there for her, but she refuses to say a single thing and prefers being murdered daily by endless torture.

Kimmy was dishcharged from the hospital the next day. I was so caught up with my work that I completely forgot about her existence. Days had passed by, and the nights seemed even more darker,then the first night I meet her out of nowhere at life's highway. Her sudden thought about her broken heart, made me think about her.

"Why am I thinking about her?"

Those marks on her face kept haunting me, each and every minute that her face pictured on my mind, as if it had something to do with me.

It was late evening when I called Kimmy several times on her mobile. On my repeated failure to get a response, I sent her a text message hoping she'd respond in time. But she didn't. Thinking she might be busy with her daily schedule of work, I put my mind to rest and got busy with work. Unable to fully concentrate. I checked my phone again. To my utter dismay, there was still no reply from her. Even though I could sense something fishy, I ignored it, choosing to wait for a few more minutes instead. My heart was beating faster and faster. Somewhere deep down I knew she needed me the most.

How could I not save her. When she risked her life many a times to bring me back to life. Left with no option, I decided to go to her flat in Central Kolkata. I took the bike keys and left home. All through the way, I tried to remain calm,convincing myself that she'd be fine. As I entered the apartment complex, I noticed that there were blood droplets all over the floor.

I went upstairs and rang the doorbell. Unable to get a response, I rang the bell again and tried to peek in throught the keyhole. I soon concluded that no one was there and left. On my way back home I saw her standing right infront of my complex like a beggar you wouldn't know. Her body was terribly marked up,her clothes torn apart,her lips bleeding and her eyes swollen. She was in pain. I rushed towards and carried her to my room. Kimmy didn't speak a word but kept crying. I wiped the tears from her face and calmed her down.

"Please tell me what happened ?"

I continued, but she refused to say anything. Neither her mom and dad knew what she was going through. I sat beside her, running my fingers through her hair, putting her to sleep. While she was asleep I read through her Secret diary without her permission. My guess was right. She was tortured my her old ex lover. Every night when the world was asleep,she would stay up and burry her face with tears Her Soul craving for someone to set her free from the cruelty done to her every single day.

I looked at her. She looked beautiful even in pain. Leaving her to rest, I went out to the balcony and called Nicholas, my close friend. He was the only person whom I can count on in such a situation. I explained to him everything and asked him to come up and accompany me, but he fell off to sleep even before I could complete my sentence.

There was something about Kimmy, that keeps me alive. And I wonder what is it ?

Kimmy woke up with disturbance running through her mind. I couldn't see her in pain.

Her problems were mine now. I sat beside her, taking her in my arms, holding her tight. I could feel the warmth of her body, against mine. Her eyes were the same dull colour. Her face lost. She kept looking at me. And I couldn't take my eyes out of her.

She looked puzzled and I kept looking at her without saying a word.

"I love you, Vike. ""The honest confession was made in that one magical moment.

"I love you too. "I bent forward and planted a long kiss on her forehead. Her eyes meet mine and melted me with it's intensity - intensity of unconditional love that sent shivers down our spine. That night we both cried and laughed out together. Our Souls had become one.

I woke up lying next to her. She looked perfectly pretty, like the divine raise of the morning sun. I bent forward and gave her a slight peek on her cheek. She gave a wicked smile, pinching me hard. She sat on my lap. I put my arms around her, holding her tight, and buried my face in her neck. She smelt wonderful.

'Promise me you will never leave. '

Never till a million years to come,I replied. '

We kissed, slowly. I closed my eyes, giving in to the equisite feel of her mouth, her lips and her tongue. Combined with the mild flavour of her mouth felt like a ripe fruit. I pushed my hand under her t-shirt and caressed her back, feeling every bone under her smooth, satiny skin. She was like a gazelle.

'Your hands are warm. '

I began planting small kisses along her collarbone while undoing the clasp of her bra.

'Mm hmmm'

She pulled away and, in a smooth move,vdrew it out through the top of her shirt.

I laughed. How did you do that so quickly

'Shush she said and brought her lips back to mine.

'I want to see you,'I whisphered against her mouth.

There's too much light, she complained,then pulled her shirt over her head. Just when my head was forming the next sentence 'L' word was threatning to pop in my head, the phone rang.

'Damn!' she cursed.

'Let it ring. '

That's yours. '

Then definetly let it ring then. '

'No no. You should get it,'she insisted as she climbed off my lap. Very reluctantly I got up to get my phone. It was her Dad.

'Good morning Sir, 'Yes, I'll be there in an hour. . . '

Hanging up, I felt guilty. I turned to look at Kimmy.

'Was that Dad?"

'Yes. He called to ask if I would be showing up or not.

She was standing by the bay window in just her shorts;She looked unbelieveably sexy and I wondered how someone could be so comfortable naked. I looked at my watch. I was running out of time. We took a quick shower together.

Our relationship had an inseperable bonding.

I kept looking at her as she packs my Lunch.

She seemed more like a typical Wife to me, than a girlfriend.

'Baby, let's go for along drive. 'She wanted to salvage the little time we had at hand before work beckoned.

' I don't think that's a very good idea. We have to go to office right now, remember?

'let's go,' I requested.

'let's wait for a few more minutes,please. I want to feel you in my arms, I wan't to look deep into your eyes and tell you how much I love you.

'You will never change. 'She gave me a wicked smile.

I dropped her to office after our delightful moment together. As I saw her enter the gate of her office building, I thanked my stars for the good fortune of having someone like Kimmy to love with all my heart.

But somewhere in the corners of our minds, I knew that we still had the fear of loosing eachother. Never in my wildest dream did I think that one person could light up my entire life, that my every decision would require her approval.

I loved Kimmy endlessly, from the depth of my Soul. She was my inner peace and the one who bought me back to life.

The clock read 4:38pm and we knew we had to be home by 5:00 pm. As we had planned to have a candle light dinner together and stay up to watch the beautiful statlight of the glowing night. This was her only wish, to spend the night out in the terrace, Looking at the stars and talking about life. Kimmy and myself sat patiently in the car waiting for Nicholas.

As soon as he arrived, we quickly left for home. We dropped Nicholas to his destination. The sun began to set through the cracks in the clouds and darkness was creeping in. The day consisted of a few sprinkles here and there which was just enough to moisten the roads. Kimmy kept looking at me, without even taking her eyes out of me for a second. I could understand by that look, how much she wanted me,to be right beside her. Kimmy had no idea about my plan. I kept it a secret. I wanted to give her the best and cherish every moment of our life together.

12 February 2013.

The lights were dimmed that room gave off a vibe of relaxation and compassion. Burgundy silk curtains draped around the tall grass windows at the room wall to a certain pattern to each. We sat at the round table closets to closed window curtain.

The table cloth was silk and the chairs was an old Victorian theme, swirls and designs engraved in its ivory wood. We stared into eachother's eyes and gave each other a warm smile. She face shined like the glowing light. She looked as beautiful as pure as chaste. I had hired for a professional Violinist. As Kimmy loved the remedious tune of the Violin.

A violinist stood right beside our table playing a soft tune from the romantic period. The violinist came bow skid across the strings as it crescendo its notes. The perfect vibrato of the violinist's hand, made the tune bounce off from the walls of our bedroom. The waiter finally arrived with the happy couple's dinner. Pasta of the sea for Kimmy and soup of the sea for me, the waiter polietly made a small bow, leaving with the violinist. I poured Kimmy, lovely fresh white wine We exchanged our drinks. I took her in my lap. Her sweet smell fascinated me. We feed eachother and danced together in joy. Before Kimmy could utter a word, I knelt down on my right knee, with tears rolling down from my eyes and said, "Will You Marry Me?"

She was speechless. She never expected me to propose her for marriage. She knelt down too right infront of me, with tears in her eyes. She hugged me tight and said, 'Yes, I will. '

There was nothing as special as this moment.

We were lying in the terrace, looking at the stars above the sky. The cold breeze embracing us from the north. Kimmy spoke about our first encounter. And then I realised she was sent to my path as an beautiful angel sent from heaven above. She saved my life twice, when death knocked me and how fortunate I am to spend the rest of my life with my guardian angel. Her hand enfolded into mine, sliding through my fingers was the best thing that made me want her more.

The moon looked amazing. She was lying on top of me I could see the right half of her under Moonlight. It was amazing as I watched her moving her head around my chest. ''Isn't it. . . . . Ssssshhh!" she stopped me, placing her finger on my lips, slowly rotating it around,"Quiet I am feeling your warmth. "Absolute silence for the next few minutes as she hugged me tightly any women can hug a men. A song of Tom Jones was playing at the backdrop on the phone!

"Delilah ''

I saw the light on the night that

I passed by her window, I saw

flickering shadows of love on

her blind, She was my woman

As she decieved me I watched

and went out of my mind,

My, my, my, Delilah,

Why, why why Delilah. . . . . . . . . ''

"You are the most beautiful woman I have seen in my life "I kissed her and said. I let my lips touch her a bit longer, teasing her to reciprocate in motion. I tried to resist me, but I just couldn't. The bitter sweet feel of a woman's touch can do wonders. I looked at her, strongly holding her hands, finally gave up to her. She kept on looking at me until I slowly folded in her arms. She came back on top and looked at me smiling. "look at my boy,all red ah?" I remember replying her back, whisphering in her ears,

''Love finds a way to burn. ''

As we went inside the blanket, sleeping in each other's arms she held be tight and said,

'I'll stay with you as long as the wind blows.

I'll not leave you alone

I have eternal life

And if the sun shines in the sky

And rain fills the air

And a rainbow lights up your day

know that I am always there. '

"Baby are you okay?"A moment of silence. She didn't answer. .

Babe, are you listening to me?

I moved her to the right side,to see what had happened? I stood right beside her in silence, like the world around me came crashing down. Why? Why with me? I burst out crying, hugging her dead body who was just alive a little while ago, with me. And now she's gone to the land of the Unknowns. My head was throbbing with a million unanswered questions. We had made a solemn promise to never to leave each other. Then why did you break this promise. My worst fears came true. All the beloved memories from our time spent together came flashing infront of my eyes and I was over come to hear a laugh.

"It was a joke ?"

Yes, Just to see how much you would cry, for me.

I was so dissapointed. She came closer and kissed me on my lips. I wiped my tears and hugged her tight. She was all that I wanted.A pure Soul.She was the guardian angel sent from above. I felt the warmth of her hands around my chest as she clung to me closely. It had been such a perfect evening. This time I loved her even more deeply, madly and passionately.

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