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Neha Gupta

Drama Romance


Neha Gupta

Drama Romance

Secret Amour

Secret Amour

14 mins

Well, this story is about two contacting individuals who by fortune were forced to bond with each other. It will sound familiar to monotonous romantic flicks

but if you will survey till the end you will be astonished. 

Harsh was a heartthrob and a super successful businessman in Mumbai. He was wooed by beauties but never took an interest. Meghna on the other hand was a choreographer and use to engage herself with some charitable activities too. She was quite friendly and one of her friends Nisha was having a huge crush on Harsh. She uses to have gossiped about him on which Meghna hardly reacts. 

Harsh's only family was her spoiled sister Manya. She and Nisha shared the same college and Nisha befriended her to be close to Harsh. Manya desperately wanted his brother to settle soon and formulated several endeavors to engage him to her pals but in vain. 

Nisha soon realized that persuading Manya will not benefit her but proceeded as Manya was very stubborn and doesn't handily let go of things and people. She started hating Manya for her abusive nature and treatment. Once she threw her birthday party on her farmhouse and Nisha was forced to attend that party and she dragged Meghna along with her to accompany her. 

The first time Meghna and Harsh eyed each other but no sparks flew. It was just a normal encounter. Meghna wished her and Nisha passed a worshiped smile, unlike her nature. Meghna felt awkward and Nisha was confused about the sudden change in her behavior. They were partying and suddenly after sometime Nisha, Manya and Meghna disappeared. Subsequently, a waiter came and saw the two girls grounding the floor and he screamed and looked above, one was standing dangling on the terrace moaning. Harsh and all others visited the place in dismay. Some of them rushed above to save the hanging girl. She was Meghna and the two lying on the poolside wrapped with blood were Nisha and Manya. Harsh was lifeless after watching her sister ad turned her up on lap bursting with tears. Her sister somehow was at last breath sighed and indicated above. 

Meghna rushed hurriedly downstairs and choked to see Nisha. Harsh anguishedly looked at Meghna and she explained that Manya asked Nisha to support her to terrace for her photoshoot and Nisha pulled me along with her. Suddenly I went on a phone call and I heard a howl and rushed to the railing. I shockingly bowed downwards and imbalanced myself. 

Harsh took her sister along with her and Meghna with some friends buried Nisha. She was in depressed mode until one day Harsh appeared to her. He asked her to be a maid in his bungalow otherwise he would ruin her existence to which his only brother will have to suffer through. Her brother Tarun was at boarding school and Meghna was the only guardian to him. She was shocked and asked him the reason. He simply told you are a murderer and now you will suffer through hell. She was about to slap him but he pushed her and gave her an ultimatum. She cried lying on the floor with no option left.

Another day she prepared herself to be a maid leaving her choreography behind. She changed her number and arrived at his bungalow. 

Day 1 

She entered the premises and took a look at the bungalow. It was a huge glasshouse but opaque, attached to the vast garden and several cars. She stepped to the central door and it automatically unlocked. Nervously she entered inside and found Harsh sitting on his huge couch smirking. He greeted her and asked to sit on the floor. She preferred to stand and he again commanded her to sit. She perched half-heartedly herself on the floor. He offered her an empty glass of water to drink muttering " "Welcome to hell" and gave her a contract. She was surprised to read the conditions. Inscribing was as follows"Miss Martha Bansal will be the whole time laborer of Mr. Harsh Chauhan and will be accomplishing any task assigned by him, she can't resign at her will and if she would have to pay an amount to the extent of Rs. 10 lacs. "

She barely gathered courage and signed the papers for sake of her brother. He introduced her to a new workplace and alloted the schedule. She will be doing all household chores from dusk to dawn such as brooming, dusting, cleaning, cooking, arranging the bed, maintain the garden, and wiping the car, in short, all in one except reaching his sister's room. She was permitted to go back and join from the very next day. He told her to shift here to which she objected. He reminded her of the agreement's phrase Wholetime. She was stunned as she hardly thought about that. She agreed upon and packed her luggage only to return back to the inferno. 

She was provided a room outside for a living. The next day she woke up and started cleaning the room. His boss called her upstairs for cleaning from top to bottom. The residence had two floors with several rooms, a gym, a temple, and a pool. She started saturating from top to bottom. After that, she went to the kitchen and asked him about his meals. He briefly explained to him his schedule. She simmered vegan pasta for breakfast and served. Although he loved it but didn't admitted and threw it away. He shouted and ordered her to be hungry and fled for the office.

She sobbed with tears and cleaned the floor. After cleaning the floor, she engaged herself into the remaining tasks reviving only on the water as there were surveillance cameras imprisoning her. Lately, he arrived for the supper and she served him with dal rice. He stepped upstairs while she fainted there only due to starvation.  

Early dawn, her wink was unlocked due to the creak of smashing glass and Harsh warned him for the last time to sleep at her own place. Before she could utter, he humbly explained to her about the arrangements she has to look after the nightfall gathering. She was permitted to consume so as to serve at the party. 

Eventually, he left, fiercely and she grumbled feeling helpless. She felt little soothed after having a conversation with her only brother and gathered all her weary courage and began preparation.

The twilight appeared and Harsh arrived accompanied by guests. They all were surprised to see lavished Meghna draped in a grey gown with a bun at the top. Harsh introduced her as the new maid, everyone was eyeing him in disbelief and Meghna bowed down in disgrace. She fled to the kitchen and wiped her tears. She served canopy as a starter with mojitos which was highly appreciated by all except Harsh. Later on, for the feast, she served ratallouite, cottage pie, quesadillas, and baked. Visitors were highly impressed by the lip-smacking food and presentation. Harsh was also appalled but didn't express. After supper the gang invited Meghna to join them, initially she hesitated but lastly she got involved. She was chuckling, singing, and dancing. Her skills were so mesmerizing that rapidly the entire hall with expensive paintings and enlightening chandleries were suppressed by her charm. He fumed her with gestures and she disappointed strode to the kitchen. One of the guests drunkenly announced, " everyone deserves such a multitasking maid". The nightfall ended with a dessert pudding. 

From the very next day, Harsh evolved as a real monster. He added miseries to her life by assigning her tough chores such as sometimes she was posed as a security guide, sometimes as an entertainer, sometimes as a plumber, electrician, and gardener. She was pissed off feeling helpless but breathed because of her responsibility towards his brother.

Months passed and Meghna started losing interest in her life. She became heartless and expressionless. Earlier her dance makes her alive, but now she sacrificed it. Harsh noticed the changes but remained neutral, until his birthday.

On that day he locked himself upstairs in his sister's room and instructed Meghna not to bother. He switched off his cell and reminded memories with her beloved sister. Few visitors attended the residence but were stopped by Meghna. 

She as usual started following her routine. He wandered around her room and checked her wardrobe. Unexpectedly he found a dairy and was a little bit surprised as he wasn't aware of it. He opened and innumerable memories of his late sibling with her parents, friends( including Nisha), and him flashed his senses He turned pages and was shocked to glimpse Meghna's photograph.

He rapidly started reading " Hey Bro! Today I have unfolded your destiny. You know she is the one who will complete you in every aspect. She is your secret admirer and I am stalking her from the last few days. Initially, I was about to ask her about her missions to pursue you and click your pictures but then I studied and found after so long that she is genuinely interested in you. She is a very simple, extrovert, fun-loving, and brilliant dancer. I know you will never object to my choice. Love u to the core. "

He leaned on the floor flooded with tears. He was too guilty to face himself and realizing what her sister was trying to convey her on death bed. Somehow after a while, he stepped downstairs. He engaged her to the task of gardening for the last time and reached straight to her room. He searched her cabinet and was appalled to stare at the collection of his snapshots but only at the time of his entrance or exit of home, confused and grumbled into tears. He hurriedly left from there and called her inside.

He commanded Meghna to drop all the work from now onwards. She was surprised to hear that. As soon as she was about to question him he bolted her jaws with his hands.

He advised her to stay anywhere in the home and roam like an owner. She could do whatever she wants except leaving. She confusingly stared at him and he started preparing meals and offered her. From the very next day, he began to accomplish household burdens by himself as retribution. She was disturbed and started reading books for figuring out the molded behavior of Harsh and cursing the days when she admired him and hunted him. He ceased attending office.

For the next few days, the schedule followed, She was treated like an owner and was served recipes. After puzzling her sanity for so long, she inquired him about his further planning uncontrollably to which he didn't retort. She kept on asserting and finally, he yelled the truth to which she smacked him angrily and questioned him about her miseries. He was speechless but answered her that I have lost my enormous investment (sister) but it was my fault to interpret you incorrectly. I will leave no stone unturned to repent my feats.

She didn't know what to mutter so kept mum but decided not to pardon him. He served himself as a cook, cleaner, guard, and every single visitor constituting Meghna was astounded. He dried Meghna's room as well and was available 24*7 at his service. He evolved as a driver for her and forcefully dragged her and make her visit places and acted as his servant but she remained stone-hearted. He also planned a visit for her to meet his brother studying in a hostel to which she became so excited but controlled herself. 

Time deliberately departed and nothing changed between them except the fact that the person who hated her most had started loving her most. Subsequently, on a fine day, he called her and ripped off the agreement setting her free. He spoke" I had made arrangements for your living and dancing classes and you can get back to a normal schedule, I am terribly shameful for my acts and tried to punish myself to some extent. One more wish I wanna express is that my sister's last desire has now accumulated as my initial and foremost hope but it's barely possible." 

She was a little bit influence by his words but feeling about all her past sorrows she decided not to surrender. She moved to thank him for the miserable days. He fumingly smashed the antiques and slept there. From the very next day, Meghna resumed her classes and get back to normal. Harsh started stalking her and was spellbound by her dance performances. He started capturing her snaps as she used to do, but with a slight distinction. He commenced mailing those pictures periodically with chocolate, bouquets, scents, encompassing it with a guilty letter. She avoided it initially but on her birthday when he delivered a vehicle with ample aromas she blowing sprinted towards his bungalow. 

As soon as she entered there she found unaccompanied Harsh celebrating her birthday. She blew in resentment as soon as he tried to feed her. She threw away the cake and taunted him for setting her free but still trying to persuade her and asked him the reason. He replied smiling" I am only returning you the favor you did to me. Initially, you stalked me and now I am packing behind you. As far as for those deliveries I am highly apologetic and asked her to return each and everything. Just remember one thing I ll follow you till dead end no matter you ever notice or not because I am truly, madly, deeply in love with you. Every inch of mine craves for you from tip to toe. I am that kind of person who grabs things at one glance and nobody could dare to say no but for you until and unless you want I won't bound you.

She finally unlocked her caged feelings and replied "I yearn to be summoned to you from this moment. I can't bear lies to me anymore"  As soon as he listened to those words he came close to her and hugged her tightly only to realize his mistakes. He spoke in a very shattered sound with a teary eye "You know I was very disheartened when I came across the truth. I tried the best possible ways to sustain in your heart but you were so stubborn. Somehow I made innumerable attempts to subside my emotions but was helpless. But now on your birthday, you have surprised me with the priceless gift I assure it to transform this gift into a treasure ". As soon as she opened her mouth for speaking further he sealed her lips with his hands saying let's emotions glide high in the sky. 

They sealed their lips with a passionate liplock lasting for a few hours. All their miseries and hardships wiped away with those burning sensations. They had a candlelight dinner and a long drive. He didn't even permit her to change. On the drive, he discussed her past crush on him. Initially, she blushed but later on explained " I was having a huge fascination for you and decided to stalk but I wasn't able to capture your pics except for your entry and exit as you were always among gatherings and I was scared to be traced and for sure I was never going to tell you about it as Nisha was passionate about you and turned unhappy. He replied her kissing on the forehead" it's all destiny". He cheered her up and it started raining heavily. She dragged him along with her and they both danced with each other and slept on bonus for a while.

After some time he dropped her home and gifted her an expensive diamond-studded watch with a tracing feature and sarcastically commented " you wanted to keep a check on me ". He answered humbly " just trying to be your shadow". She blushed again and wished him goodnight with a goodbye kiss. 

As soon as she reached home she changed and giggled about the sudden change in her life and recollected the splendid moments. Harsh called her and they had a long conversation. From the very next day, he attended all her classes and picked her up. They use to hang out for movies, gardens, cafes, drives, and adventures. Few months ahead headlines were bombed with their romance. She felt a little uneasy in facing people and they commenced to maintain distance from her. She felt low and discussed this matter with Harsh to which he advised her to get engaged. She asked for time and he eagerly replied lifetime. She kissed him and left for her home. 

The valentine's day approached and she wore a black saree for the date. She was looking ravishing and Harsh adored her with kisses. He proposed her to which she agreed and he made an announcement in public about their wedlock. Preparation commenced and guests were invited. Finally after so many ceremonies of haldi, Mehendi, and sangeet the wedding day arrived. Meghna was twinkling in her bridal red lehnga and Harsh was looking stunned in his sherwani. Amongst the audience, he made a declaration to Meghna " "This girl had changed my destiny and now my world revolves around her. I know guests have bubbling questions in their senses to which my only reply is she is sunshine to my soul the same as rays to the planet. " Everyone standing their applauded and Meghna's brother roared in excitement. Meghna blushed and he kissed her forehead in front of all. Everyone left the place after showering blessings to the couple. 

After all the rituals they headed towards their room. She became little disturbed looking at the photographs of Nisha and his sister but he calmed her down explaining that their souls will be disgraced by her unhappiness and make her sit on his lap. He opened his heart to her and confessed " My world, you know I want to express something. The most incredible quality I admire the most in you is your way of passionate dance. I want you to continue it to eternity. It's your spirit. Moreover from today you are completely mine from society's point of view. As far as for your concern I was all yours from the day I came across the truth. Today, I want desperately to intertwine our souls so that they themselves can't get separated at any cost. Just complete me and gifted a dancing portrait of her Image". She broke into tears and bowed herself to him with a deep kiss. They made passionate love and the thunderstorms outside were overshadowed by the burning sensations of theirs. 

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