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Srinivas Cv

Drama Romance

Love at first night

Love at first night

13 mins

The expectations 

Sireesha was tense that evening for her coming wedding night. There was very little time between the first meeting to the marriage for her to know the groom. And like any arranged marriage her wedding too was a tense affair, she did not get many chances to learn about the groom. She wanted to know him before having to consummate the marriage. But, how can she stop a man from you know what on his first night? At 25, she too was anxiously waiting for that night. She hadn't had any relations before the marriage. Not to keep with the social norms of the day, but she did not see any reason to befriend someone for a physical relationship. She had a lot of expectations for the night. She was ready to do anything to make it special. She dressed her best putting on a white saree as was the tradition. She put on her favourite perfume and some jasmine flowers in her hair. Physically she is ready but mentally she does not know yet. Will he hold her hand to pull her closer? Will he take her permission before kissing? Or will, he just tries to overpower her with raw energy. She was making up her mind for anything, but she wants to know if all that will be romance or just physical. As they say "Women give sex to get love. Men give love to get sex."

The time has come for her to head into the room. That was the longest 100 meters in her life. Her mind was wavering between pure naughty anxiousness and fear. That one first moment and the first word after they were alone going to decide her life. Many thoughts were going on in her mind. One mind of hers was thinking, "He will ask me to sit down first. He might want to know about me. He will ask me how we should start our life." The devil side of the brain, "Before I have time to face him he should hug me hard, kiss me, and not let me even breathe. That will only be the way I will forego of all the shyness." The mind had many more thoughts to settle down before she reached the door to the bedroom. Her husband, Pradyumna, was sitting on the other side of the door. The room and the bed were arranged with flowers. She opened the door entered and people behind her locked the door from outside. Her eyes were eagerly looking for him in the room. A few seconds the sounds outside the bedroom were no longer there. Her heart was beating the loudest in anticipation. That was when she heard his voice. His first words were, " Remove your saree first and throw it away".

The journey starts

Sireesha was stunned to silence. She made her mind for many things but not this. The shyness that was killing her all evening just multiplied a hundred times. She turned around to do as he said. The shyness slowly started to turn to shame. That was when she heard him one more time. On the table, there are a few different colours of sarees pick one and wear it. She was confused by what was going on. She quickly ran to put on a red saree. When she turned around, he found him facing the other way. The shyness and happiness of the night were back. She walked to him and patted on his back to turn him around. He turned around and said the first real words to her, "You look stunningly beautiful." Sireesha blushed till her cheeks turned red.

Pradyumna asked Sireesha to sit down on the bed. He started to speak to her. "Sorry for asking you to remove the saree. You should have felt uncomfortable."

Sireesha asked, "Why have you asked me to remove the first night saree?"

"I hate the white colour. Anyone wears a white colour I cannot speak to them."

"Is that why you turned around? I thought you were giving me privacy."

With a naughty look on the face, " I don't hate a woman removing a white saree."

"How many women did you see before me then?", asked Sireesha in a naughty tone.

The first disagreement

Pradymuna felt bad with the question. He thought he was just trying to break the ice with some silly banter. What he did not notice was Sireesha's expression of gleefulness and raunchy innuendo while asking that question.

"I had these doubts. We got married knowing very little about each other. I wanted you to know me before you are ready for any of this.", said Pradyumna in almost a sad note.

"I did not doubt you. I was just pulling your legs. Anyway, you were right. We know little about each other. I gave my number to you expecting you to talk to me. You never gave me a call. As a girl, I cannot keep calling to know about you. How do we know each other? If my experience is any judge it takes a lifetime to know each other. Where do we start?"

"I had a lot of expectations for this night. But I also had some questions. Am I correct to you. Will you be happy with me? How much I should change myself. How much time does it take to see directly into your eyes?"

"Wait, wait what do you mean are you correct to me? Don't you want to know am I correct to you? Don't you want me to change?"

"I already know everything I can know about you. You are the best for me. If you have doubt check that table once again. All the colours there are your favourite colours."

Sireesha was surprised to find it was correct. Then Pradyumna asked her to open the drawer next to the bed. It had three favourite books that she was trying for a long time to find. That was when she turned around and hugged him. Shyness came back when the metal buttons on his shirt touched her. She turned around to let him go. The hair of hers had different plans when it got stuck in his shirt. He carefully took it out to let her go back. The two seconds she was close to him they could not see each other in the eye. The tension in the air could be cut with a knife.

Is it love at first sight?

Sireesha decided she should know about Pradyumna. To start with she asked him what was his favourite colour.

"My favourite colour was red. When I first came to see you at your house you were wearing a red colour saree too. I remember that well.", said Pradyumna.

Sireesha started to laugh out loud. Pradyumna did not understand. Sireesha wore a yellow colour dress with a red colour border that day.

"Who did you see that day. No one was wearing a red saree when you came", said Sireesha controlling her laughter.

"I was so shy that day I kept my eyes fixed to the floor. I only saw the red colour border and thought the saree was red. My mother then gave me a photo of you. You were dressed in a red saree in that."

Sireesha cannot believe she was falling for these small things. She started to blush, this time, with inhibitions. Sireesha then said she wanted a tall husband, taller than her. It always has been her wish. But that day Pradyumna hardly saw her, she had no chance to check his height out.

"What is your height? Are you taller than me?"

"From the morning we are together at the wedding. We sat next to each other, stood next to each other. Did you not notice my height?"

"It is not just men who get shy. Women to get shy, especially when hundreds of people are watching her every move."

"So, get up let us check.", said Pradyumna. Before she could get up, he pulled her up holding her hand. That was the first he held her hand and the butterflies started to fly in her stomach. She was not concentrating any more when Pradyumna was comparing their height. She just wants him not to let go of her hand. Standing next to her he got closer to measure when the shoulder touched, and arms touched. The inhibitions are starting to melt away.

This is love.

"As you said you have not seen my face the first day. What made you believe I am the girl for you?" asked Sireesha.

"I read your matrimonial profile. I liked it as soon as I read it. I liked that you are a strong woman. A strong wife is how a good family becomes a great family."

"My father did not agree for me to write all that. He strongly objected when I wrote, I will take care of my parents after marriage."

"Your father was funny. He came running to meet me before coming into your house and told me to ignore that. He does not know I liked your will behind writing that in your profile."

"Do you mean to say, you made a deal with my dad about it?", asked Sireesha laughingly.

"Yes, as long as my wife agrees to any deal", replied Pradyumna.

Sireesha's eyes started to well. She does not want Pradyumna to see her crying on the wedding night. So, quickly turned around. She walked a little ahead as if to bring the glass of milk placed there. She brought the milk and offered it to Pradyumna.

Pradyumna said he did not like milk. Anyway, why do they serve milk on this night? Do they want us to go to sleep early asked Pradyumna?

"Milk had always been auspicious. It was also considered an aphrodisiac. Most importantly the bride and groom are supposed to share one glass. Which was supposed to work in breaking the shyness." said Sireesha.

Pradyumna quickly picked the glass of milk and drank a little and then offered the rest to Sireesha.

"Why did you drink the milk when you don't like it? ", asked Sireesha.

"You just said it breaks the shyness".

"I am not shy anymore, I am just waiting for you to make the first move".

"Men too get shy, especially when he likes the woman so much"

The love story in their arranged marriage started.

Will they, or won't they?

It was getting late and Sireesha started to get tired. She asked Pradyumna can they lie down on the bed and talk. Pradyumna said, "Yes". Sireesha lied down and the saree too rested but not exactly covering everything on Sireesha's body. Sireesha can feel it. Pradyumna did not lie down yet next to her. She could not see his eyes yet. But she could feel his eyes on all her body. Her habitual hands want her to cover up but her mind wants her not too. She slowly and carefully turned around to look into Pradyumna's eyes. As her eyes started to move towards his, he turned his head away not to get caught. She wants him not to turn away. He still was shy. She wants to break his shyness away.

"So, have you not seen any woman before?", asked Sireesha

'What do you mean?"

"This age and time multiple affairs were not considered wrong".

"I haven't had any affairs. Especially none physical."

"You mean to say. You had love affairs."

"No love affairs. I had a few crushes in school and college"

"In school? Who was that?"

"My Maths teacher. I liked her a lot."

"I heard about the crush of an English teacher. Maths teacher is new."

"I don't know whether I liked her teaching maths or her beauty."

"Boys are dirty."

"Nothing dirty, it was an innocent crush"

"What about in college. That too was innocent?", asked Sireesha.

"In college, it was a girl who rejected everyone. I never saw her till the college was over. I only heard legends about her. I always saw her name on the notice board. Either I or she will top the maths exam. I always wanted to know her. She went on to become a scientist."

"Do you like maths so much?"


"Is it why you liked my profile."

"Yes, it is one of the reasons Maths professor."

"Why maths?"

"I feel maths can never lie. When you add 1+1 it is 2 here it is 2 on the moon. It is 2 today, it will be 2 in 2050."

"Well there is some maths you need to know on the first night", said Sireesha.

"What is that?", asked Pradyumna.

"1+1 can be 3 if you want.", replied Sireesha turning away hiding her eyes from Pradyumna.

"Well it could be 4 too but everything takes time", said Pradyumna.

Sireesha could feel Pradyumna eyes on the gap between her blouse and saree where her waist took a curved shape.

"It seems all the time was spent in staring at the waist", said Sireesha.

Quickly turning away Pradyumna said, " I was not staring".

Sireesha already fell in love with Pradyumna. Shyness left her, now she just wants him to make the first move.

"Love affairs or not you should have seen women.", asked Sireesha

"I have seen a lot of women".

"Till now I thought you were innocent"

"What do you mean?"

"You said just now you have seen a lot of women?"

"Yes, I see women everywhere in the office, in the cinema hall, in the temple."

"Don't act smart. I asked you if you have seen any woman without...?"

"You mean, n.., no."

"Come on I don't mind. Tell me."

"Well only once. I went with my friends to a gentlemen's club in America."

"And?", asked Sireesha with a surprised voice.

"Women were dancing topless."

"Oh my god. I cannot believe you can do that. I cannot stand you now"

Pradyumna was devastated. He could not believe his bad luck. He thought he started to make a good impression with her. He was not worried about tonight. He cannot take it that she believes he was a bad man. He wanted to not hide anything from her. He does not want to create a false impression.

"You are right. No woman should accept someone who does that", said Pradyumna

"If you know it was wrong why did you tell me"

"I don't know you said it was common in this age and time"

"So? Tomorrow what if I tell you I had multiple affairs before marriage?"

"I am not going to ask you about your affairs. I am not trying to justify my past here. I am telling you it does not matter what was your history. I only want my present and future with you"

"Don't try and act all romantic. By the way, what do you mean when you say I will not ask about your affairs. Do you feel I had multiple affairs?"

"It was not that. I never meant that. I am very, very sorry."

"Your sorry does not mend the anger I have for you", said Sireesha. She picked the bedspread and covered herself top to bottom.

"I know you are angry with me. But let me tell you something. All that I told about the gentlemen's club was a lie." said Pradyumna

"I don't believe you now", said Sireesha with indifference.

"I am telling you the truth. I read somewhere that women won't believe if I said I never saw a woman before in my life. It might be taken as being unmanly. So it is better to lie than look weak."

Cooling down Sireesha asked, "How can I trust you?"

"I have never been out of the country. Where will I find such clubs? I only got to know such a club exists from that site. "

Sireesha pulled Pradyumna into the bedspread, "That is not manly at all".

"Well, the site was for college going kids of US. Expecting it to work for me was stupid."

Sireesha does not want Pradyumna to talk any more. So, she dragged him close and locked his lips with hers.

The last hurrah

The next morning was the most exciting for Sireesha. Pradyumna was following her with his eyes wherever she went. They could not still have privacy as the whole wedding party was home. But that did not stop them. They shared smiles, sweet nothings, and many winks without anyone noticing. The minutes felt hours, hours felt days and the night was never coming. They cannot wait to head back to Pradyumna's house in the city where he stayed all alone. After waiting long, the night was there. Sireesha had schemed an evil plan for the night. She walked into the room where Pradyumna was waiting. Seeing her Pradyumna got angry. He told her he will get angry when he sees white even then she wore a white saree again. She said, "Why don't you say what you said yesterday". Pradyumna did not get it first. A few seconds and he got it. The only difference that day was there was no spare saree waiting for her on the table.

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