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Rahul Bhandare



Rahul Bhandare


Unplanted Seeds

Unplanted Seeds

2 mins 29 2 mins 29

It was late at night and the three of us had far too much of alcohol in our blood streams. No dutiful street cop would have let us even step near a vehicle.

But this state of intoxication seemed to have awakened Sameera’s conscience. “Guys! Guys we have to do something! The sea levels in Mumbai are rising yaar…” Abhi managed to get up.

“Yeah yeah, you’re right Sammy. Let’s go right away and plant some mangrove saplings.”

As the least drunk person, should I have stopped them at that point? Yes. But this seemed too good to be missed

Barely managing to get into the elevator, we made it to the ground floor. Just as we walked out of the gate, Abhi collapsed on the footpath and our local stray Dango came to lick his face.

Sharp as ever, the guard Salimji walked up to us cautiously.

“Kya chal raha hai sahebji?”

Sameera smiled at him and replied. “Salimji! Hum mangrove plant karne jaa rahe hai. Aap ayenge?”

With a dumbfounded expression Salimji looked from me to Sameera.

“Mangrove? Saheb you will go to Vikhroli now?”

Sameera suddenly looked horrified.

“Aye yaaaaaar Rahuuuul, I don’t want to go to Vikhroli.”

I didn’t either. We unanimously decided to go to Vikhroli the next day, plant mangroves and save the city.

After all of this I don’t recall how we managed to get back to the flat. I only remember waking up on the sofa with Abhi and Sammy slumped in different corners of the room.

The TV was switched on and some news anchor was talking about the climate crisis, global warming etc. etc. I switched it off, turned to the other side and slept soundly.


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