Akash Agrawal

Drama Tragedy Fantasy


Akash Agrawal

Drama Tragedy Fantasy

Curious Case of Love

Curious Case of Love

4 mins

For how long can love survive (has there been any) between two people in a long distance relationship???

In old days there used to be a saying.

It goes like this – ‘Love at first sight!’

Well, I am not gonna talk about its validity in present times. Because I know there are still people out there who believe in it. And also there are people who put that saying into practice and find there so called true love.

Now, we are living in mad times. And with the technology getting advanced each passing day… Boy! only if I could tell you.

An increasing number of people each passing day are being reported to be falling in love without even getting a teensy bit of that First Sight. And this phenomenon is now considered a natural occurrence all over the globe.

So it seems that the previous theory of ‘love at first sight’ is pretty much outdated.

Now you are just a message away from finding your true love, wherever that may be in this whole goddamn universe.

In old times, it was a must for people to see each other in their true physical form. For love to happen in those days, it was imperative that their eyes must make a contact at least for a fraction of time.

(Although, I believe that there must be an absolute numerical value for the length of that fraction of time, in order for two people to fall in love. In my personal opinion it should make an interesting research topic)

Therefore, this theory of love had its own limitations, which in fact puts a tiny (?) question mark on this whole phenomenon of love.

Love in those days was quite a local phenomenon.

The theory says that, love among two souls of nature can only happen if both of them are locale to the same place, or town, or city, or at least they must have been at same place at the same time at some point in their long life (and that too before they had found their true love). Therefore, this theory forfeits any claims of love happening between two people who happen to live in different states or countries or may be different worlds. And if found, any such cases of love shall be considered as exceptions to that principle. As it is a common belief among people that there are always certain exceptions to everything.

The technology in those days was not developed to even consider the possibility of any such deviations from the original principle.

At best, such cases of love were considered as mere fantasies of those crazy minds who had nothing better to do with their time, and who were often labeled as writers or thinkers, at worst.

But now as you read this… Boy! Only if I could tell you how lucky you are! if you know what I mean.

And just to make it absolutely sure for you (and for me of course), I repeat: “We are living in MAD times!!”

 Mad enough for people to fall in love sitting on a commode seat in their bathroom.

Imagine the purity of such a love… EEEYYAAAAKKK!!

But, all thanks to the advanced technologies of our world that the victim would have absolutely no idea about that romantic place, so much full of love…

Love, these days, is quite a global phenomenon.

A person living in one corner of our world can fall in love with another person living in another corner in quite a distant part of that world. And, I believe in coming days we would be able to fall in love with extraterrestrial species in some entirely different world out somewhere.

To hell with humans!

Every now and then, cases are being reported of people now falling in love even with ‘Robots’.

We have literally crossed all the heights (and depths) of love.

And all the limitations of that poor old theory of ‘love at first sight’, no longer exist.

You see, love is not something that could be put in chains of limitations. And, there can be no exceptions to love.

Love, which once was being believed to be only a local phenomenon, has finally come out as global.

And all thanks to us.

With all these technological advancements, it has finally been proved that neither space, nor time could ever bound love. It could happen to anyone, at any place and at any time.

And, if you are too darn lucky…

You might fall in love sitting on that lucky commode seat in your bathroom.


Let us all pray for the innocent victim of such a pure love… filled with such a divine fragrance…

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