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Independence Day Book Fair - 75% flat discount all physical books and all E-books for free! Use coupon code "FREE75". Click here

Pradip Warade

Drama Romance


Pradip Warade

Drama Romance

My Incomplete Love Story

My Incomplete Love Story

13 mins 1.5K 13 mins 1.5K



I was eagerly waiting for his call. This was the time when one minute was just like a decade for me. He said that he would call me at 4 pm. But now it’s already 4:05. He must be punctual “don’t give the appointment to others if you can’t follow it.”

But now my mind started its negative side of the coin. As someone said, “The more you love someone the more you think adversely.” And so many thoughts hit upon the “cheesy mind” What had happened? Why has he not called yet? Is everything alright? And suddenly my phone “Nokia 1100 rang I was at the apex of happiness

“Hello! Meghana how are you? He said.

“I am great! What about you?” I asked. I continued, “So what happened then either yes or no? What she said please let me know. I can’t wait please tell me …

“Oh! Wait wait… how curious you are! I think you are more eager than me. Don’t crack the egg before it gets boiled.

It seems that her yes or no is going to make your life. Ha. Ha. Ha……”

“How could I tell you but it is true,” I thought but without taking a pause “please let me know, yar….please please…”

I continued

“Actually today it was my bad luck. She hadn’t come here. Every day she comes at 3 pm but doesn’t know why! Today she was not there. Maybe she had any trouble or problem.”

“Oh! So sad yar… your all the efforts got in vain…(internally I was very happy that now I can speak I wanted and he may understand as he is not thinking about her)”

I continued….

“Let it be, do it tomorrow….. But Pratik I want to say something to you. And don’t take it otherwise, just listen don’t react”

“Hey dear you need no permission, just speak up. But do it fast actually I don’t have more coins and only 20 seconds are left.”

“Ok! Pratik actually I miss you a lot….” Only 10 seconds left “me too …..”He said

“I like your style your talks and your smile a lot. (3 seconds left) finally, I want to say…”

And the call ended. Ohhhhh Gosh! My words and my world both are incomplete now…..

“Why? Hey god! Why had you done it with me!!

At least I should finish my side and then let him think….

This thing made me restless. “Now I don’t want anyone, anything, and anybody but true me.”

“As a human being,

When we try to construct something, destiny will destruct it.

As we decide to enjoy, the destiny perishes our plans,

The moment we want to laugh loudly the destiny throws us in tears….”


Here Pratik heard the things on the call.

Till now I got the point, “what Meghana wanted to say. Suddenly my mind became nostalgic and I remembered memories when I saw Meghana for the first time when her beauty was a disaster for my heart.

“Her two earrings were labyrinth for me where I couldn’t find the way out. Her eyesight’s were too killer just like the Arjuna’s sharpen arrows, her smile can work more than the millions of explosive bombs and her words are as venomous as “the Inland Taipananyone can die for her if listens to her poisonous words. She was the sweet ice-cream with a chilly flavour. I was quite busy looking at her and observing her and forgot that she too.

We are both in the same boat but only the intentions are the opposite. I was killed by her beauty and she was angry with my dirty look so she awakened me from my daydream. I said, “Extremely sorry to say but actually I had never seen such a beautiful creation.”

I continued… “I think you are not from our college.”

“How could you know that…? Are you a security guard? Hahaha… “She laughed with her friends I got disappointed but only for a few seconds after that her bitter words were sounding as sweet as honey.

“Actually I was engaged at that time with Monali” but still attracted to her. I met Shraddha, our mutual friend she handed over me all the history of Meghana.

Next day, I visited her college which was just the right side of the road. I was waiting for her arrival. I managed the security guard and taken his cap. She was unable to identify me. I asked,” where is your ID? Have you no manners to keep the ID? She saw me and said “no sir, actually today I forgot that”, by looking at her I couldn’t control my laughter and then she comes to know that, was I.

I said sorry but your words forced me to do so.

“tu kahe to tere sar ka taaj ban jau,

Khwahish hai khuda se ki tera ban pau….”

Wah wah shayar tum to kamal ho ….

Then we both laughed and went to her college canteen where we ordered coffee. From when I joined the college I used to drink coffee but today the taste of coffee was just amazing. It was sweeter, the way she shares some jokes, pranks which had happened in the class were increasing the level of freshness and sweetness of the coffee.

Coffe ke sath tumhari baatein aisehi chalti rahe,

Yunhi muskurana jab hum tumhe takate rahe….

Afterwards we became good friends.

Every day after completing my college I used to visit her and we don’t have time to stop our gossips when it starts. Now I told her about my love story. Actually I was very committed to Monali but “honesty sometimes checks your will power…” Now I was addicted to her gossip and her company. I can speak more frankly with Meghana than Monali.

After listening to my story Meghana replied

“Tu toh bahut chhupa rustom nikala,I never thought like this.”

I felt embarrassed with shy and that was all that we discussed yesterday with a conclusion “I will propose Monali today”

But in reality, everything happened differently which was unexpected and her words made me remind all the events one after another. I don’t have a cell phone so I have to make a call to her. Once I decided to speak to her but I was in a dilemma so I thought today is the worst day for me so I will discuss it tomorrow.


Here Meghana had tears in her eyes. She was crying a lot seems that today she will try to extirpate the problem of drought in the whole country with her tears.

She was very unhappy with the decision of god why did he cut the call so early and she thought how foolish she was that she could confess it in a meeting… but who knows was it possible or not?

Usually, when he comes to me I forget everything. I couldn’t even remember how to behave with him. Now I remember the moment that we laughed together, he had given a new way to my life, He is so careless but still cares for all, He never had worries but time for all, He never gets stressed but think about everyone, He is not too handsome but still his thoughts made him “Mr. Universe”.

               “Universe” yeah! I saw him in the inter-college competition. Don’t know whether he remembered me or not as I concealed it from him. While going on the stage. I was stumbled upon him but he was in a hurry and hadn’t seen to me but his voice of “sorry” made me to lose the “universe” (the programe)

               Finally, He was the Mr. Universe; I never thought that we will meet in this way. Everything happened so suddenly that I got no time to explain to him. He is playing a great role in my soul. He gives me strength, pushes me to do extraordinary things and hence I come to know real “Meghana” now which was much unknown to me. Now I was getting furious on him why did he have only 5 coins? Can’t he bring more coins? He should at least call me again. Suddenly I know the watch it was 9:30. I have to sleep now but the thoughts were making me restless…..


               It was a beautiful morning early morning I went to college. It was the lecture of “Asmita mam” she was so beautiful that no one could miss that lecture. She was the only “desert” in the messed dish which contents our soul. In the classroom, there were complete 140 CCTV’s including me capturing her complete image in more than 100-megapixel camera in their 100 TB memories...

“Husn tera kuvaron ko

kuchh is kadar mar gaya,

career ka path padhate

padhate character hila diya”

The bell rang. The lecture was finished no one could get that how does this last lecture finish too early?

               It was 11:30 now she must be waiting outside the college and I decided to go there. Suddenly I remembered the words and had a pause for a while … After 15 minutes deep thinking I decided to visit her and stop this all stuff and make her clear that I am already given everything to Monali and to be very honest to her.

               Finally, I saw her waiting outside the canteen. As she saw me she run to me and cried loudly “Hi Pratik!” Everyone was looking at me I found myself like a tomato that grew too red, with a shy. She stopped in front of me, “thank god! She remembered where she is.”

“Let’s move to the canteen I want to eat something. I am very famished” she said. I replied yes with gesture and then we both got the favorite place in canteen. There was a table under the tree with a beautiful shadow and surrounded with large leaves of the tree. We both settled there and ordered south Dosa with extra cheese as usual.

I was a bit confused on how to start ….

We both were in the same boat wanted to share something today but our silence was crying loudly and no one was ready to listen to it.

But as usual “women are braver than men” she had broken the piece of silence and said

“Now I want to say something please don’t react ghastly. Let me finish first and then let me know your answer.”

               Actually you dont know but I am the one who wanted you in my life everything that had happened the visit to your college that was all planned. When I saw you for the first time in function and fall in love your each and every word the Poetry of Woodsworth which was alive when I heard it from you. Your words made me crazy. Now I forget everything when you start sharing something with me. I don’t know what do you feel for me but I love you so much."

               “You are the monster who makes me an insomniac, you are the one who stole my thoughts and you always make me smile when I am sad. You are the only person who came in my speed dial with a very high speed”

               “I have some plans for both of us. You are completing your MBA and I am my LLB. As we both will take 5 years to get settled and then we both can get marry. As you like to be in Pune. You and me both can get good jobs there. So I think it will be the best option. I can match in your house as I belong to a middle-class family. I don’t think that our life will have any problem. But this is my side. As I know I am your best friend please feel free to share everything with me do you really like me or not?

I was beat hesitated so she said “Be relaxed, share your opinion. Your answer will never affect our friendship.”

Her last words forced me to speak.

“Hey dear you are too cool, you are so sweet, you are the first girl with whom I shared my each and every feeling. We had too long talks, various long drives on your scooty but still I never thought you as a person to replace Monali as she is my first and last love. Don’t think that I don’t love you. I have a closer friend than me and that is you …

“Friendship can be stronger than the love as it allows the complete liberty to each other…”

I completed it within 5 minutes in suddenly the cloud cries loudly.

I felt that the god want to cry listening to our communication and happened the same. Raining has been started.

               Though the rain is the same today we both stared at each other with a different feeling.

               She started again “It’s ok dear no problem. I will never forget that you are the best gift to me from god. Now onwards we will be best friends.

               “Thanks, Meghana now I feel too relieved. I was in stress what to say but you are really cool. You made it simple. Thank you again”

               “Bas kya yar ab thanks bolke jindagise nikalega kya”

(How could I share what did I feel now !

My heart started a loud cry

but face had showed glee by smile,

I can't bear this expensive try

Still managed mind and that's my style.)

Ok then we will meet tomorrow.

               Next day I went to her college but I haven’t seen her. I was looking for her friend but she was also not there. Then I remember. I went to PCO, took some coins and called her but her cell phone was off.

I become very disturbed but another moment I thought she might be in exam. To decoded to leave it. Two more days it was the same.

               3rd day I saw Rohini who was her best friend and called her. We both set in the canteen she said, “you are such a fool she loves you much more than herself and still … how can you be so rude she left the college she has withdrawn her leaving certificate and gone to her village. She wrote something for you. Please read it”

She left the canteen by putting a letter in my hands.

I opened it and started reading

“Dear Pratik

First of all, don’t be stressed that I am leaving my dream, my passion. I think it was not expected by my destiny.

I came here with a dream but when I saw you I remember that I lived a life as a machine, only study, study and study. I never thought about life, to collect some memories that will give happiness to my heart and soul. The way you perform the way you spoke really impressed me and so I wanted you in my life as the partner. I tried hard to convince my heart to accept you as a friend but I failed.

“I remember you when I see a book. I really visualize you when seeing the special table of the canteen. I am reminded of you when I close the eyes and when I open it, so it was quite impossible for me to live here.”

I have packed all the memories along with me so that you will hurt by none. And one more thing doesn’t think about me and my career. I will do my best and will never meet to you unless I achieve any one of my dreams.

One that I recently lost and another you know very well about my profession….

Hope so you will do better. I know Monali, she is really lucky. She will definitely accept your proposal and you both are made for each other. And dear “don’t be fattu jaldise bolde usko warna who bhi chali jayegi ”

Don’t think I am crying I am really lucky to have some special golden days with you. You made my life really precious. Thanks again for everything in my life.

Don’t try to find me. I am not going to my village. I got admission in one of the topmost universities but I will not share it with you never try to find me.

“Don’t try to find me just close your eyes and feel me beside you.”                                                                                                                       

Yours ….


I hate my tears they start flowing whenever I don’t want to. I cried too loudly “Meghana at least once you should have given me a chance… why did you do so?” ……..

I searched for her everywhere but it was of no use now it’s more than 5 years but still I miss her lot …..

Hey, Dear Meghana if you read this story please contact me as soon as possible I am still waiting for you......

“There are so many stories written by god but sometimes intervention of man really spoils his beautiful creation.”

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