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Pradip Warade

Romance Classics Fantasy


Pradip Warade

Romance Classics Fantasy

The Umbrella Girl...

The Umbrella Girl...

13 mins 884 13 mins 884

Wo school hi to hoti hai

Jaha hme apne hisab se dost milte hai

School hi to hai jaha se manjil ke raaste shuru hote hai

Har galti ki ek saja milti hai

par jo bhi ho asali jindgi wahi se khilti hai

School ne hame sikhaya khelna, kudna,

usike saath thoda bahot padhna aur likhna.

Ek nayi roshni di andhere ko hatane ki

Nayi takat di vikrutiyo ko jad se ukhadne ki

Apna apna tajurba diya jindgi ko jeene ka

pareshaniyo se bas muskurakar ladhne ka....

Pal pal yaado se bharpur hai jiska wo school hi to hai

Aaj bhi stress bhagati hai wo bhi to school wali yaadein hi to hai...

Those were the golden days of my life. I think everyone loves his or her school days.

School is the place where we start our social life. It is not just the building of wall but is the building of our career and character. It’s the place where we get every type of friends the solid, liquid and gaseous friends. Got confused! Don’t be stressed, let me explain solid friends means they exist in your life but their existence haven't had any remarkable value in your life. Gaseous means they have already flown away from your life but the liquid friends got mixed in your titration of life in such a way that your pinky life is only because of their presence....

School is the place where we found our solace and real happiness. It is the miraculous place that transforms us drastically from nobody to somebody. I think no one's journey of happy life will complete without these days.

Today I am going to share a Golden Petal of this golden flower. It was 5th September 2004. I was in 10th standard. Actually I know very little about books and study still my teachers and some of my friends would love to call me “The walking encyclopaedia.”

On 4th september the program related the Teacher's day was planned as per the rule it was compulsory for the 10th students to teach the junior students. As it was a day of gratitude the program was named "The Gratitude Ceremony." I was going to be an English teacher and She was going to be the headmistress. She - Mayuri - Actually she was the newly admitted girl in the school.

In just one and half year she made everyone to love her.

Her entry was so remarkable it was the class of 9th ‘D’ the lecture of Pathare Sir - a local language teacher. He was teaching a poem “Premacha Gaon” we got hypnotized in his lecture. He was the star faculty of school as he taught us so nicely. He was saying...

Rakhrakhtya walavantatahi mand waryacha sugandha yava 

Ruksha sarya bhavnana bhijvnara premacha ek gav vhava...

At the same time the voice came,”May I come in sir?” Everyone in the class was looking at her. She was so beautiful that besides my so called Sanskar I was unable to control my eyes. It was started like a daydream. I had forgotten that I was in the class. I was just looking at her. She seemed to be the beautiful angel from heaven. (Actually I haven't seen it but read in books). She was well dressed - it was the pink coloured which enhanced her beauty hundred times. Her smile was so glorious that proved she was using Colgate with extra salt. I was feeling in day dream, the roof of metal got converted into the clouds, in that cloud with white icy air we both were dancing in my dream.

The voice of Pathare Sir made me aware, “Hey! Pratik what are you thinking!”

I said, ’Nothing sir.’I gazed at her; she was too looking at me with a beautiful smile. I felt very comfortable.

After class she came to me as soon as she was approaching me my heartbeats converted into ‘heartbombs’ and creating loud noise. She stopped in front of me and forwarded ‘the palm of joy’ saying, ‘my name is Mayuri. Today is my first day; actually I have no idea about this village and the culture but I feel you will help me to know little more. Can we be the friends?’

Those were the days if a girl speaks with boy; everyone will become the judge and will give the judgment as there must be something between them. Still without caring anyone I forwarded ‘my black Palm’ to her and thus our friendship has been started. These all were the memories of nearly 18 months before but still it gave me a tremendous joy...

That day, early morning I woke up and planned what I have to teach to the various classes. I decided to teach grammar which is common for all classes. Everyone gathered on the school ground on time. Everyone was having the stunning looks. After various speeches we went into the classrooms. Our head mistress - Mayuri handed over everyone the schedule of the lecture. We all collected it and then entered the classroom. As soon as I entered the class I became the 'shivering mass of jelly' with fear. After 5 minutes of my noisy talk I came out of the class. Mayuri was inspecting everyone, while her patrolling she found me outside the class and asked, “Pratik! what happened, why are you here ? You should be in the class at this time.” I shared my experience. After listening everything she smiled beautifully and said, “hey dear! Don't be stressed. Just imagine that I am with you.” Her words made me more confident. I entered the class with a new chapter ‘tense’ in the story form. “Students today we will learn a story of a man. Would you like to listen a story? They replied in a loud voice ,’yes sir’. I started, Once there was a village, the name of village was grammar. There lived a man whose surname was tense. After marriage he had three sons. The very first was past, the second was present and the last one was future.

After the story everyone was happy to listen it. All the students were cheering and giving a round of applause that made me more confident. Now I don't have any lecture so I decided to just check out what are the remaining friends are teaching in the class. In class 9th ‘D’ Amol was cracking some jokes and all the students were enjoying it. In class 8th Mayuri was teaching Marathi subject - The subject of Pathare sir. She was explaining the poem,

Janmatach pahila shwas mhnje aai

Jakhmela uttar denara shabd mhnje aai

Aaplya jivnala layak banavnari aai

Gulaab Jamun cha ghas bharavnari aai....

She had inserted the last line which was not there in actual poem but that made the difference. Everyone was laughing on the last line and was doing the action of eating.

 After 10:30 many of so called one day teachers ran away so we have to manage three lectures at the same time but now as my confidence became the Himalayan confidence, I was ready to accept the challenge and started the lecture in all three classes. The responses in all three classes were outstanding. The students were enjoying the lecture and the Bell rang. We need to be present in the Assembly hall for the further program.

We had planned some games for the Teachers like balloon games, musical chair and some funny quiz. The teachers got involved in the program. It became the fantabulous. Each and every teacher seemed happy.

The next part of the program was the ‘Prize Distribution’.

I was thinking Mayuri should get the prize. She had struggled a lot and had planned very effectively. I think ‘upar wala Sab dekhta hai’ and happened the same. Pawar sir came on the stage and announced the winner, that was Mayuri. Everyone was happy and clapped for her. Pawar sir took the mike and said, ‘the second prize goes to...’ and suddenly the crowd cried loudly ‘Pratik sir’and Pawar sir announced the same. I was shocked for a while and then went on the stage. One of the little student came forward and said I would like to share one line for Pratik sir. Pawar sir allowed him. He held Mike and said,

“Saglya lecturemadhye bhari..”

And all the students yelled collectively

“Aaplya Pratik saranchi story....”

When I saw the glow of satisfaction on the faces of my teachers I got delighted.

I reached home with memories. I started feeling tiresome. Today from morning I hadn't eaten anything so my stomach started crying loudly.

As soon as I sat and feeling relaxed, one of my friends from class came and said that I was invited by our coaching teacher. I became ready and went with him. I reached there and he said “welcome Pratik. Today you have to teach to the junior students. Are you ready for that? I know you are hesitating somewhat but I can't see anyone who can do this better than you.”Now seeing his confidence I was unable to reject this and said “yes sir! I will try my best.”

I started again with the same chapter and same story. Up to 5 p.m. I was just teaching without any break and without any food. Now I was too tired and so sat On the Last bench of my class. At 5:30 there was a lecture of English teacher.

“When you are tired and your mind relaxed it demands no luxury but without peaceful mind no luxury can give you the slip” and I slept on the bench. At 5:30 the class was full but I was in a deep sleep. My teacher ask someone to woke me up one of my friends woke me up. I was afraid what will the teacher will think of me but he said “Don't be stressed! Just go and wash your face.” As soon as I returned he told me today is the Teacher's day and I am not going to teach you. You have to teach the students. Are you ready for this and as usual I didn’t have any option but saying yes!

Mayuri was also there but still due to my restless feeling I was unable to focus on lecture. Still I managed myself and entered the class with the hefty fake smile, “good evening students! Are you ready to learn something interesting?” I was expecting good replies but some of my friends were talking, some were just gossiping and not listening what I said.

So I said “Those who don't want to listen can go outside and after lecture I will join them.” Suddenly She said, ‘the teacher can't say like this’ and then I had overlook Mayuri she was just so pretty that day with a Pista coloured saree. I felt refreshed and I said ‘extremely sorry!’ She again taunted ‘teacher can’t say sorry’ and laughed. While smiling she looks too perfect in everything. She was energetic with glorious smile. I started the lecture, the lecture was quite good ‘it's really hard to teach the students who are your classmates and experienced the same. It requires hard work for a teacher to teach. That day realized

“To be a good teacher you need to be a good student and to be a good student you must be a good teacher.”

After the class there was a program organised by teachers. At 6:30 the program started Mayuri was the anchor of the program. After felicitation she said now it's time for a game “antakshari” Boys versus Girls. All my friends started cheering. The game started as she said Sa Re Ga Ma Pa......

And the word for boys is SA... we started with the song Sare Jahan Se Acha.... and the last word was RA...

Mayuri sang Rahon Mein Unse Mulakat Ho Gai when she sang the song I kept staring at her she was just shying and said the next word for boys is GAYI YI...

The Atmosphere internal or external both were changed. Clouds were gathered outside making a loud noise and ready to pour down. Suddenly the power went off. Sir went out and brought some candles and the game started again. Now the word for boys is “YI OR E”

And I started singing while looking at Mayuri

“Ek Ladki thi deewani si Ek ladke pe vo marti thi

chori chori chupke chupke chiththiya likha karti thi

Kuch kehna tha saayad usko jane kisse se darti thi

jab bhi milti thi mujhse yehi pucha karti thi

ye pyaar kaise hota hai? Ye pyaar kaise hota hai?

aur mai sirf yehi kahe pata tha...

I was singing with full of my emotions and looking at her. Suddenly sir had taken the candle and focused it on my face. My cheeks were become tomato with the shy. They all laughed and the game continued then.

Sir announced “it's time to feast without wasting the time let’s start.” We were provided chiwda and hot jalebis. I was in boys group still looking at her.

“Sometime looking at someone unknowingly gives you immense pleasure.”

Looking at her I was thinking, “How lucky would be I if I were able to feed her something with my hand’ And then laughed on my thinking. I joined our group and new jokes of Amol. They all were gossiping and enjoying the snacks.

After sometime I was looking for Mayuri in the girls group but she was not there. My eyes were thirsty for her look and searching her eagerly. At the same time I found she coming to me. She came and said,“Hey Pratik! You did a great job today. Your all lectures were simply outstanding!” I replied thanks and kept quiet as my friends were also there. She took a Jalebi and forwarded it to my mouth. I was shocked with this unexpected appreciation! Knowing my emotions,she said “Don't be afraid it's not compulsory for you to do the same for me and we both laughed. I too feed her the Jalebi and everyone was looking at us.

It was just like a dream. I had a heavenly feel. I forgot everything and everyone around me. She made this moment the all time perfect for my life. Sir came and announced “I know, no one wants to go but it's already too late so we can now leave for home.” These words made me disappointed.

I didn't want to leave her but I have to obey my teacher and so we went to the exit gate. We found there was a rush as there was heavy rainfall outside and my heart became so happy. “Yes! Now how she could go home so definitely she will stay here.” But my bad luck she opened the bag and brought the umbrella out. For the first time I perplexed about her perfectness. When all her friends were forcing her to go home she was just looking at me. I got too bored why had she left too early at least she should ask me whether you come or not.

Then I realised everyone was there. They were looking at her and how a girl could ask a boy like this. I laughed at myself thinking, ‘how stupid I am!’ After 5 minutes Mayuri came there and said, “Hey Pratik! the rain is not going to stop. Take this umbrella and go home.”

I came to her and said then how will you go to home. She replied “I will manage other but you should go.” I replied collecting all the courage “if you don't mind we both can go in this umbrella” she looked at me and said, “Oho! Romantic mood. Actually I thought you are the too sanskari guy and will refuse my offer. You would not like this so I haven't asked but internally feeling the same; we both smiled and left for home.

There was a rain outside we both were walking in one umbrella. Although there was very cold we both were burning with love and affection. No one was talking.

Knowing my fattuness she said, “hey dear! I want to say something.”

I thought ‘what's wrong have I done now?’ She said, ‘Wait let me finish first. You are such a loving and caring guy. I feel relaxed when I am with you. I always feel you should not go away from me. I don't know the reason why but I always want you to be with me. I don't know what this exactly but as my friend suggest its love....

Outside somewhere in the hotel a song was being played Pyar Hua Ikrar Hua...

Pyaar hua, ikraar hua hai

Pyaar se phir kyoon darrta hai dil

Kehta hai dil rasta mushkil

Maaloom nahin hai kahan manzil....

The sound of song with her lovely words made the moment the most precious. As soon as she finished I hugged her tightly. Don't know why but my tears started flowing and I said I want to say the same thing but your style did it more amazingly. She said “I know your fattuness and you would not say it to me. So I started.”

We both hugged tightly and now the words of song were louder....

Raatein dason dishaaon se kahengi apni kahaaniyaan

Main na rahoongi, tum na rahoge

Phir bhi rahengi nishaaniyaan

Pyaar hua, ikraar hua hai

Pyaar se phir kyoon darrta hai dil

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