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deergha agrawal

Drama Romance


deergha agrawal

Drama Romance

The Magic of Single Virtual Rose

The Magic of Single Virtual Rose

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This is the story that changed the Shine life. The best way to explain it is from the beginning. Winter Season is going on and guess what it is the month of Feb...

           "Though, February is short, it is filled with lots of love and sweet surprises."

So, there was a girl, her name is Shine. She is little weird having messy hairs looking different from others because she is wearing #PINK SPECS, ahem ahem… little weird right. But for Shine, that’s her happiness, because she purchased that specs, with her first salary.

            We all know what first salary meant to us. True right.

Shine was happy in her own world because at that point of time she only knows that much of happiness, she created her own boundary, but Shine doesn’t know what God decided for her.

So now the story begins.

It was a glorious day, Shine was a little upset because valentine week is going on and there was no one in her life, who will wish her. Somehow, she managed that, and she went to office. Everyone is so happy, office is full of balloons, decorations, flowers. So again, her heart is missing someone. But evening spent like that, with no hope of light. In office they used to celebrate virtual rose day. So, while working, Shine got one virtual rose with a very sweet message.

"Cutest face I have seen, please keep your eyes little up because it is difficult to make eye contact with you". 

"Happy Valentine Day"

At that point of point, Shine thought may be manager send that, but why that message? How manager know about her so much? She was working, but continuously thinking about that message, after sometime, one hangout message popped up, shine opened that message, and guess what?? that message is from a boy, who send that rose to her.

He said sorry, because he thought, that Shine don't like that message he sends with that rose. So that’s the turning point in Shine’s life.

Shine started searching about that boy, who is he? Who send rose to her, because she never saw that guy, when she saw his photo, because photo is not clear, little blur, so she can’t find out that boy in office area.

After a day Shine did so much of investigation and find out his name Aadi with her friends help and sends him a friend request on Facebook. In starting they talk very casually, because Shine can’t talk so much in office.

Shine didn’t really say much to him as she is very shy in starting and socially awkward person, Shine thinks she managed to get a few hellos out but nothing more than that. So many times, they met in office, saying hi, hello. Actually, in starting Shine is feeling awkward to meet him. But days passes, there vibes started matching, Shine started feeling comfortable, enjoying Aadi company. But still they were chatting, not calling.

One day Shine was waiting for her office cab, and she thought driver left her, so she thought for a while, and she called Aadi.

 *Phone Call*

  Shine: Hey, Aadi

 Aadi: Hey, hun!

 Shine: I need your help.

 Aadi: Yes, tell me.

 Shine: Yeah, I thought today I missed the office cab, so will you please call your friend and ask him about the cab, because he is my cab-mate.

 Aadi: Oh really? Wait, I will ask him.

 Shine: Thanx.

 So, the first-time conversation on phone between them started because of office cab. And that conversation never gonna come to end.


Shine thought she’d had crushes before. There was one college boy, who smiled at her in bus. There was an office colleague, fair guy.

But this boy

God, it’s like it’s not even the same emotion. Shine really thought she liked the others, Shine did she’d blush when he was nearby, Sit up straighter, Toss her hair, Get nervous, but this boy takes butterflies to a whole new level.

The day Shine remembered was 7th of April when Shine met Aadi, without getting nervous. She straightens her hair, wearing red top and continuously Aadi is starring her, Shine thought because of pink eyeliner@. By that time things seemed to be okay between them and that’s how she started talking to Aadi more. Shine birthday came, she went for office trip, where there was no network, and just to wished her, Aadi called 28 times. Aww... cute isn't

After coming from there Shine told him full story, what she did, how she enjoyed etc etc.. And he was listening like a baby. Shine use to save his number with so many names, like Sherlock, Dr. Strange because Aadi like those characters.

In late they were talking in chats, online Shine is less awkward in chat and able to talk to Aadi, so this was a great way for Shine to start talking to Aadi. As Shine started to become more friendly with Aadi, she started to realize that he’s is so good. They started to hang out more, and the more time she spent with him, the closer she felt to him. There are quite a few people in Shine friend circle, she couldn’t quite explain why. But shine felt like she had some sort of bond with him, like she could connect with him in a way that she couldn’t with the other people. Usually Shine hates it when people hug her, but when Aadi did it always felt warm and comforting.


Where their friendship was on progressed, Shine had a past, and she want that Aadi knows about that, so she told everything about that to Aadi. After that the depressive episodes ended up because of him, Aadi helped her in each and every stage. At that point, he supported her all the time, whenever Shine just felt really lonely, as she destined to never be happy.

Aadi ended up private messaging her, asking what was wrong and why she was feeling like that. There are only a few people that know how much of a shit show her college life was, Shine felt comfortable with talking about it with Aadi and he seemed to have the perfect response to everything. After a while she felt a little better about herself and she will never forget some of the things that Aadi said to her that night.

Aadi helped Shine to get away with her past, which was disturbing her from past 6 years. So, for that Shine started respecting him a lot.


They hung out twice a week. At this point Shine considered Aadi a very close one of her, and without wanting to sound like desperate. Shine felt like she wanted to look out for him as much as possible. In office group there were a few girls in Aadi group really creepy. They don't like Shine, because Aadi starting spending break hours with Shine. So, they are really very jealous. But as much as she spending time with him, Shine also started feeling like jealous when girls come close to Aadi, easily Shine got feel upset and angry, she wasn't too sure why she felt so strongly towards Aadi.

Shine was convinced that she can't like him because Aadi is with someone.

Subconsciously Shine thinks she knew that she liked Aadi then, and the fact Shine couldn't say anything or do anything about it.

Shine was in a very bad state mentally. She ended up telling Aadi what she is feeling for him. But somehow, Shine stopped and controlled it. At that point of time she doesn’t know whether Aadi is also feeling the same or no. But one day suddenly Aadi told Shine, hey listen now in your life, problems ended, now you are doing good, so it’s better we will not talk so much from today onward, at that point of time Shine realized, what she will do without him. Because Aadi is the only one, she doesn’t want to lose. But in anger Shine said... OKAY

She thanked him for it. As it made her feel uncomfortable too.

This is towards the start of July 2018 now. Shine friends asked her if she like Aadi, to which Shine replied with, she don't know. She feels as if she can't because Aadi is committed with someone.

But if love is pure, no one can stop it.

So, Aadi said sorry and wants to take his words back and again they started talking to each other.

Whenever they were together, Aadi did so many things, which every girl want in her life. Aadi cares about Shine so much, he opened the door for her, he is taking care of her breakfast, lunch, dinner. He is taking care of her in such a way, that Aadi friends were also shocked. For Shine he never thinks twice about any gift, about time, about weather. Watching movies, going to theatre was the biggest role in their life. Only Aadi cares about her happiness.

Small things and efforts make them closer.


They are in August now and Shine had decided that she was going to tell Aadi that she loved him.

Aadi is around 5'9". Compared to Shine, he's a genius, handsome, and is still the most caring boy she has ever seen, every time she talks to him. All of her troubles just seemed to disappear, and she can just be herself, and Shine is happy for a change.

Shine put quite a lot of thought into how she was going to tell Aadi. She was going to do anyhow. Full night Shine thought, and prepared how to propose Aadi on knees.What to say, where to say, how he will give response, so many thoughts running inside Shine head.

Shine had quite a few opportunities to tell him that day, she is getting too nervous because she never did that before.

It took 35 steps really long and nerve wrecking day. But Shine told Aadi and accepted her feeling for him. That day she was really anxious, having stomach pains. Couldn't stop shaking, Shine wasn't sure if she should go and talk. She couldn't start a conversation after that, thankfully Aadi did most of the talking that day. It was the first time, Shine realized what she did was correct. No regret

They spent time together each and every other day. And slowly Shine became more comfortable with talking to Aadi in front of everyone. And the funny part is, they both was thinking no one is noticing what is happening between them, but they even don’t have idea. Everyone considers them as a couple.

The day when Shine proposed Aadi, for her it was the best day, but she was waiting for the reply. And Shine could not get reply. #Sad right…..

Actually, for Aadi also it was shocking because he did not expect that will going to happen, he was really nervous though, and wasn't sure on what was acceptable.

In starting Aadi was not saying "I LOVE YOU" because he likes Shine so much, but he is also not sure for his feeling towards Shine. Aadi likes to spent time with Shine, watching movies, eating Paav Bhaji, but not accepting his feeling.

One night, when Aadi was totally sleepy and he said I love you, that was the day, Shine was surprised as well as shocked. Because she was waiting for this day so much. She loved his voice while Aadi said that 3 golden words, at that point she did get salsa on her stomach due to the person who was sleepy.

Some people like to say “everything happens for a reason.” At that time, Shine did not believe in those things, but the day, when Aadi came into her life, she starting feeling it.

With each moment passing by all Shine could think of was to hold Aadi in her arms and never let him go. That was something not possible because we had spent most of the time walking, holding hands and sipping cold coffee. Finally, time had run us out.

*Love for rain*

For some, rain brings a lot of memories to them, either sad or happy but it does.

It is quite the best weather to reminisce some of the memory’s worth remembering.

They personally think that the rain is awesome, because without rainy season,

whenever they both met rain started, rain is the witness to their love.

“She thinks that the best kind of love is the one that has survived a thousand of pouring rains”.


His eyes, oh his eyes. They got her every time.

They could never be classified as one color. They rebelled, so many things. Every hour. Every moment. But they always sparkled with this emotion I could never


His smile, oh his smile. It zapped my heart every time.

His smile was something never to be taken for granted. He rarely showed it around people, his rabbit kind of teeth, Shine loved it.

*Complicated Love*

But whenever we love someone a lot the timing never right. One was in a relationship. The other fresh out of one. Both single, but not ready to mingle. Or they would mingle, but with the wrong people. It was like this for years.

They both accepted their feelings and even said to each other, but now what? Aadi already having a relationship, then how he will accept Shine. So, they decided,

not to talk to each other. Until when?? because not even a single day they stop talking to each other… Aadi loved her so much, but he doesn’t have a choice.

Everyone is against him, and saying bad words about him, but we know if we do good, or bad. persons are there to say something.

Shine friends are also stopping her and saying, find someone else, this is not good. And same thing is happening in Aadi side also. But feelings are not like, which will change suddenly.

Shine is little impatience, and thinking so much, so she decided not to talk, and started avoiding Aadi messages, phone calls, everything Shine did to make a distance from Aadi. She blocked him from everywhere.

It was time to move. The silence was there between them. They could only hear each other’s slow breathing. It was as if they wanted to say a million words but something had choked us. No matter how hard Shine try she won't be able to describe those moments.

 Before turning the engine on, Shine looked at his exhausted eyes, one last time. Shine could sense that her heart was beating fast and only wished to pacify it. She wasn’t having the best of times at work and She somehow tried reassuring her that everything would eventually fall into place. ‘God! he’s so damn good. Why he is not single. Her innocent eyes gleaming with hope and fear was one of the best things she had seen in life’. His effervescent smile was icing to it.

Aadi caressed her forehead. Shine don’t know why but gently he took off her big glasses and kept it on the dashboard. Now her eyes became tender as he looked directly through Shine. For that point of time Shine mind was blank. Shine heart rate was going insane. Time had paused. It was like Chandrayaan taking them into another world. That feeling was sensational. Shine could tell that he felt the same way.

But destiny is not with them at that time, because Shine knows and he also knows this is not possible and not right. So last time Shine met with Aadi and left him with beautiful memories.


But Aadi is not that kind of guy who give up so easily, he is finding different ways to talk to Shine, at least to listen her voice. And just to ask whether she is fine or not. One day Aadi found out there is no such way now, from where he is not blocked, so he called her on true-caller. Shine doesn’t have idea also that on true-caller she will get call. #Craziness

Time passes like that, avoiding, blocking, unblocking but he never scolded her for that, he is always ready to say sorry. Only Aadi wants Shine should be happy and focus on her career.

For Shine, Aadi wants to give all world happiness, which are in his hands. He did so much for her, that whenever Aadi is going away from her, he started crying.

" A girl crying over a guy is normal, but if a guy cries for a girl, she means more to him than anyone ever will".

*Eternal Love*

But eventually, Aadi arrived after sometime and saw Shine again. From then on, the two did never leave each other’s side for too long.

Shine never went away from Aadi side and assisted him greatly whenever he needs Shine. After Aadi had recovered, he proposed to his beloved love Shine and they got married. It’s a beautiful ending of an incredibly inspiring love story that shows that nothing can ever stand in-between to people who really love each other.

So, because of “The Magic of Single Virtual Rose” they both are

together forever and ever.

 I hope you enjoyed this beautiful short love stories.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”



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