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Yamini srinivasmurthy

Horror Crime


Yamini srinivasmurthy

Horror Crime

The Night..!

The Night..!

6 mins 263 6 mins 263

It was 10th November 2018, I was working as an assistant medical representative. As one of my colleagues was unable to go to Chennai instead, I was sent to Chennai on her behalf and my stay there for 15 days was arranged at working women’s hostel. I reached Chennai on 11th November. From the day one I entered hostel I heard everyone talking about the room in the cellar at the lower basement of our hostel which was closed for many years and no one tried to open and see what was hidden inside.

Our hostel was first a hospital and the lower basement was actually a mortuary where many patients were killed brutally in order to trade their organs!! While some say due to the staff negligence the hospital was on fire as a result of this many patients died, but nobody knows the true reason! After this incident, the hospital was demolished and the hostel was built!

 As I was curious to know about it, I started noting down the information that was spoken by everyone in the hostel, it was difficult to understand whom to believe.

Seeing my curiosity my roommate sarcastically said why don’t you go yourself and find out, you may find something. I took her advice on a serious note while she was joking. But it was difficult to go as no one was allowed there. When I went to the hostel every evening after completing my work I tried some or the way to get in but somehow security would stop me from entering, I was caught twice, 6th day at my hostel I was almost above to reach as I had opened the gate by breaking the lock, the sound was so loud that this time also I was caught by security. He yelled at me for breaking the lock as he had already warned me twice and directly took me to the warden. I was warned by her, she said - you have done a big mistake which no one tried doing for years, you are here for your work or else you will be thrown out from here before your time period. I left the place apologizing to her, but my curiosity increased after this incident.

My roommate asked me to stop the mad stuff I was trying. That night the atmosphere was cool and silent, it was midnight. I felt thirsty, my bottle was empty, I went out to get my bottle filled. As I walked in the corridor, I heard some heavy footsteps. I thought it might be the warden who was roaming for checking and I continued walking. The footsteps were approaching me. I felt like someone was behind me. I couldn’t see anyone as it was dark, I barely continued walking with my phone’s torch. But something seemed odd. Suddenly I saw a woman in front of me who was shabby, her dress had blood stains and it was torn, she had stitches on her face, her nails were long, seeing her I started breathing heavily…

"Hey… hey, who are you?? What are you doing here I shouted?" I was tensed and I was scared.

I was breathing heavily; she suddenly turned horrific. Her red eyes and her weird smile stopped my heart. I was dumbstruck. I started screaming. Suddenly she said, ‘YOU FREED ME FROM THE PLACE I WAS LOCKED UP, I AM NOT GONNA SPARE HIM !!!!!!!' and she disappeared, by this time my roommate, security and warden came running. The entire hostel turned up soon. I stood dumbstruck. I could hear my roommate asking, 'ARE YOU ALRIGHT?? WHY DID YOU COME OUT?? SPEAK SOMETHING'. It was like she was talking from a long distance.

After a few minutes, I gained my consciousness back. I screamed loudly, I cried out loud and explained what I saw a few minutes back. The warden called me inside the room, calmed me down saying there was no one as I said, it was all my illusion and as I was too much into finding out about the cellar, these illusions have occurred – calm down, she said and left. I relaxed a little.

My roommate said – it's good for you to stop thinking about the things which are useless. If you still continue, you will end up in danger. Sleep now, wake me up if you need anything', she said. That night I was not able to sleep. I couldn’t sleep as the lady's face was stuck in my mind. Her face was coming in front of me when I tried closing my eye, I did not understand why she said that she will not spare him? Who was it? What had happened? All these questions flashed in mind but I was not ready to find answers for it. It was 5.00 AM early morning. I fell asleep the next day. I did not go to work. Last night’s incident was still haunting me.

It was 26th November 2018, I vacated the hostel. I reached Bangalore and directly went to the hospital to submit work reports. Nothing unusual had happened since then. But the story did not end yet...!!!!

Few weeks passed - I had forgotten about the incident that I faced, I was back to normal; I had not shared that incident with anyone. One morning I got a call from my colleague that our hospital owner was found dead at his flat, the reason behind his death is still secret and police are investigating upon it, it was a saddening moment. We went to attend his funeral, as I stepped inside his house, I saw the same lady whom I had seen in the hostel!! She looked with a mild smile towards me ... I froze, I ran out immediately without speaking a single word.

1 week later we were informed by our senior management that we all are removed from our job, as the hospital was sold to a building contractor. He continued saying that our owner’s death case has been closed by stating that he had committed suicide as he was caught by his illegal business, he was trading patients’ organs from various hospitals and a lady was brutally killed by torturing her for many days.

As I heard him saying that, I remembered the incident, his death, that incident did not scare me anymore, I had got answers for her saying that night ‘YOU FREED ME FROM THE PLACE I WAS LOCKED UP, I AM NOT GONNA SPARE HIM !!!!!!! While everyone was worried about their loss of a job, I had got my answer to all my questions which I had in mind. She was freed that day by me and took her revenge and I too was freed from that scary night.!!!!!!

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