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Sonali Kar

Abstract Romance Classics


Sonali Kar

Abstract Romance Classics

The Lotus Mark

The Lotus Mark

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There was a very lovely girl named Siddhi. In the city, she lived in a Girl's hostel with her two friends. Just a few months ago, maybe a month or two, she has completed her graduation and is looking for a new job and the two girls who live with her in the hostel are also looking for jobs in the same way.

There were two girls who were with Siddhi, After a few days, they got their job and both of them left the hostel, so she became alone now. She was feeling very lonely after her friends left. So suddenly she thought that she would go to her village and came to meet her parents. It has been a long time that she would not have seen them. Siddhi's parents lived in a village named Teelika. This village was only some 20 to 30 km away from the city and was a very beautiful green village. The very next day she left for her village. Her parents & younger brother were very happy to see her.

In the joy of her arrival, her parents made all her favorite food. After eating, she started walking with her brother in the village because she had not come for a long time. It had rained in the village and the roads to the village were also a bit bad. While walking on the way, she suddenly saw a car coming towards her at a very high speed and at the same time both of them had an accident. Nothing happened to that girl in this accident, but her brother had a slight injury in his hand. the girl was very calm, but because of the injury to her brother's hand, she got very angry and went near the car that was driving. The man who was driving the car shut his mouth before he could say anything because the girl was not giving a chance to say anything because she was very angry. After that Siddhi and her brother returned home. The next day, Siddhi got a phone call that she was called by a company to give an interview. As happy as she was to hear this, she was also in tension, as she had to go for the interview on the same day. Because the city is not very far from the village but it will take about five-six hours to reach it.

Siddhi packed her bag in a hurry and took blessings from her parents and left from there towards the bus stand. But after going to the bus stand, she came to know that now all the buses to the city have left. Now no one will get a bus to the city. Hearing this, she became very sad. Then suddenly a car came and parked in front of her. When she saw it was the same car with which she had an accident yesterday. The man got out of the car and started speaking to Siddhi. Do you need some help ?? I am going to the city? If you want to go with me, I have no objection. Siddhi was already angry with him, but she thought. If she did not go with him, then she would not be able to go to the interview, then finally she went with him. Both left for the city. Siddhi slowly said thank you to that man. The man said in response, I do not want this formality thank you because I know you are angry with me till right now. Before Siddhi could say anything to that man. That man asked Siddhi that where are you going? Siddhi tells the man that she has to go to the company to give an interview. Otherwise, she will not get this job. Both were coming, then the man asked the Siddhi to tell him the address of that company and he will drop her there and went.

Sindhi told him the address. Siddhi came inside the company.

After Siddha went inside, she was told by the company's employees that the interview will start after just 10 minutes and they will call everyone for the interview one by one. After that, the interview started when Siddhi was called in. After going inside Siddhi got very nervous and scared too Because the boss who is the owner of the company, is none other than the man driving the same car with whom she had an accident and the name of Boss was Arnav Rao. Seeing Arnav, Siddhi started saying I am extremely sorry sir, for what happened yesterday. she was saying this out of great fear. Seeing this, Arnav came to Sindhi and sat down at the table Siddhi is sitting on the chair and Arnav started saying good, do you always quarrel with everyone like this and Doesn't give anyone a chance to say anything. Hearing this, Siddhi starts telling him that no, I am just like that and sat down with her head bowed. Then he calls the manager loudly and Siddhi gets scared. Arnav asks the manager that how many people are waiting outside now and according to the feedback we had, how many seats are full till now? The manager tells Arnav that 20-25 people are sitting outside for the interview and we have all seats booked. There is only one seat left. Arnab while looking at Siddhi tells the manager that tell all the candidates sitting outside that our seat is full and our interview has also been completed.

Arnav then tells Siddhi that you have passed in this interview. Arrive at the right time from tomorrow for training. Now you can leave See you tomorrow. Siddhi came from there and went to her hostel. Siddhi could not sleep the whole night thinking that why did Arnav give her the job without interviewing her? and the other and Arnav too could not sleep through the night because he liked Siddhi secretly.

The very next day, Siddhi reached the company on time. Her training was going on for two to three months. After that there she became a permanent employee. She has made many new friends & having a very good day.

In the company, Siddhi was such an employee who used to do everything with great dedication. That's why everyone there loved her very much & also Used to respect her. Some such friends were also jealous of her success. In her dedication towards work and caringness for all, the Arnav had fallen in love with Siddhi. Sometimes on his way home, Arnab would drop Siddhi at her hostel also. Siddhi was also in love with Arnav somewhere but she never realized this. One day Siddhi had gone to the market on a holiday to do some shopping, she saw that a lot of crowds had gathered on one side of the road. Many people have stood up there, When she went to see there, she saw that there had been an accident but it was no one else it's Arnav. Arnav had an accident with a truck there. Seeing this, Siddhi gets very nervous and suddenly used to go near Arnav and shouts saying his name, and starts crying loudly.

Siddhi screams there and asks everyone for the help and to call an ambulance. After some time an ambulance arrives. Siddhi goes to the hospital with Arnav. After some time, Siddhi reaches the hospital. Doctors come near Arnav and take him to the operation theater and ask Siddhi to wait outside. After some time the doctor comes out of the operation theater and tells it that there is no need to panic. Well, nothing has happened. There is only some injury in the hand and foot Arnav. If he takes some good rest for a few days and takes some care of food and drink, then he will be fine very soon. Hearing this, Siddhi takes a sigh of relief and asks the doctor. Can I go to see Arnav? Doctors tell siddhi that not now you can meet him after one or two hours. Arnav has a very special friend who is in the same company, Both are partners and he is also his best friend. Siddhi knew this, so Siddhi called him. As soon as Siddhi called, his friend ran to the hospital. His friend's name was Chandan and he knew very well that Arnav loves siddhi very much.

Seeing the condition of Siddhi, he also understood that she loves Arnav very much. But she does not say anything. It was going to be night and if Siddhi did not reach the hostel on time, then she would not allow her in the hostel at night, Chandan tells Siddhi at that time that let me take you to your hotel. Tomorrow morning you come and meet Arnav. But Siddhi did not want to leave Arnav alone in this condition at the hospital. That time Chandan tells Siddhi, I stay in the hospital tonight and I will not let anything happen to your love. Okay. Hearing this, Siddhi tells Chandan, there is nothing like this. I was just saying that how will he stay alone here. After that Chandan drops Siddhi at her hostel.

At night, Chandan stays with Arnav in the hospital.

Siddhi would reach the hospital in the early morning. While going to the hospital, Siddhi takes breakfast for both of them. They both complete breakfast. Then Chandan comes to his house to get fresh and Siddhi stays in the hospital. Siddhi while talking to Arnav asks how are you, are you feeling now? Arnav tells Siddhi yes, I am fine now. I am feeling good. Hearing this, Siddhi took a sigh of relief. Arnav asks Siddhi that did you have your breakfast?

Siddhi tells no, I am not hungry. I have some work so I should go to the office that as soon as the Chandan arrived, I went to the office. Then Chandan comes to the hospital and says. Oh so what happened, I have brought food. For Siddhi, she will have breakfast first then Will go to the office!

Siddhi then tells Chandan, no, I am not hungry. I have some work to do. After that, I will go to the office. Then I'll have breakfast there. Chandan & Arnav then asks Siddhi. What is the work that you cannot eat anything? Despite not wanting the truth comes out of her mouth that she was going to the temple first then only after that she take her breakfast. Both Arnav and Chandan were only seeing the Siddhi, after hearing that.

Saying Siddhi left from there.Seeing Siddhi leaving and Arnav told to Chandan that You go first, leave Siddhi in the temple, after her worship, feed her something and drop her at the office.After that Siddhi came to Hospital in the evening. Chandan had also come with her to meet him, but Chandan was not there because he came out of the hospital bcz he got a call.Siddhi had brought prasad for Arnav.After eating prasad, Arnav said to Siddhi that? Hey, how are you now?Siddhi says I m fine, what happened to me?

Arnav Before saying anything to Siddhi, Chandan came there. Siddhi used to go to meet Arnav twice a day in the morning and evening. It is about 1 day before the day Arnav will be discharged. Arnav again asked Siddhi that How are you? Siddhi says I am fine. Arnav then tells Siddhi not to lie to me, I know everything. What do you say in the ambulance that that and crying so loudly? On hearing this Siddhi left to leave from there. Then Arnav holds Siddhi's hand and starts telling her that tomorrow I will be discharged from here.2 days after it is my birthday and I have given a party in a hotel. If your answer is yes then you come to that party, if your answer is no then you don't come to that party. Although I know your answer. Hearing this, Siddhi leaves from there.

Seeing this, 2 days pass by. Arnav was welcoming everyone to his birthday party. Everyone was enjoying it a lot. The party was going great. But today even after waiting for a long time, Siddhi did not come to the birthday party.

Arnav celebrated his Birthday with a lot of sadness that day. Although he knew that she loves him but he wanted to hear this from her mouth, but she did not come but why did it happen? He was sad when he reached the office the next day Siddhi has not even come to the office. Like this, three or four days passed but Siddhi did not come to the office.

Arnav goes to her hostel to know about Siddhi. Arnav goes to siddhi's Hostel and learns that Siddhi had left the hostel for a party 4 days back in the evening. But Siddhi was not returned to the hostel yet. Arnav's head started twitching on hearing this. Chandan comes and holds him and supports him that nothing will happen to her. Together we will find her. Together they started looking for Siddhi. Despite a lot of searching, Siddhi could not be found. After 1 week, Arnav came to know from somewhere that there is a girl in the hospital. Admit has been done for three-four days, which is taking only Arnav's name in the condition of unconsciousness.

Hearing this, quickly Arnav reached the hospital & saw that the girl was Siddhi. Seeing this, Arnav was completely broken and wanted to know how Siddhi had such a condition, who did this to her and how admitted her to the hospital.

On asking the doctor, it came to know that an old man had come and was admitted Siddhi to this Hospital. After about a day, Siddhi regained consciousness. The doctor said, there is nothing to panic by the way. If you rest for a few days. Will keep the mind calm. If she remains happy, then very soon she will also be fine. Even after regaining consciousness, Siddhi was completely silent, neither talking nor laughing with anyone. Seeing this, Arnav was very nervous and also got very tense for her. A few days later, Siddhi was discharged from the hospital. After being discharged from the hospital, Siddhi started going to her hostel herself. But Arnav forced her to sit in his car. Because of Arnav, Siddhi came with him in his car. while on the way, she fell asleep in the car. When her eyes opened, she saw that she was with Arnav in some village. Siddhi was unable to understand anything, so asking Arnav, where are we right now, Arnav tells Siddhi that you are in my village now. Your hostel is now closed because of the holiday, so you cannot stay there, so that's why I have brought you to my village. My mother lives here. She Will be very happy to see you. Let's go inside. Siddhi could not understand anything. Siddhi accompanied Arnav to his house. Arnav's mother became very happy to see Siddhi. Arnab had already told his mother about Siddhi. As soon as she went to Arnav's house, his mother served food to both of them and fed them with her hands. After having lunch, Siddhi and Arnav went to their respective rooms to rest for some time. Arnav had only one motive to bring Siddhi to the village. Knowing the truth by siddhi and fixing it very quickly. After three to four days of living in the village, an evening fair is held in Arnav's village. In this fair people come from different places and this fair is the biggest fair in their village which comes only once in a year. All the villagers had gone to the fair and with them, Arnav Arnav's mother & siddhi had also gone to the fair. Everything was going well but suddenly no one came to know what happened at the fair, Siddhi faints. Seeing Siddhi in such a condition, Arnav brought her home and called the doctor. The doctor did a checkup and told them that she may have seen something like this, seeing that she has fainted. There is nothing to panic about. After some time she will come to her senses. After Siddhi came to her senses, Arnav started asking Siddhi. What did you see at the fair? & Why didn't you come to my birthday party that day? what happened with you that day??? Hearing this question from Arnav she gets very nervous. Siddhi immediately falls silent. That time Arnav's mother brings dinner for Siddhi,Arnav takes dinner plate from his mother's hand and says mother, you go to sleep after eating. I went to sleep after giving food to Siddhi. After Arnav's mother's departure, Arnav started feeding Siddhi. After eating food, he also gave medicine to her. Suddenly after taking medicine, holding Arnav, and crying loudly. &was told that I can't live without you.

Seeing Siddhi in this condition, Arnav asked her to sit and took water to drink. After drinking water, Siddhi told Arnav, that day I had left for your birthday party. On the way a man kidnapped me & he told me that if I told you that I love you then he will kill you your mother and my parents also. And after saying all this, siddhi used to cry & Said to Arnav that how can I kill so many people in front of me. It's better that I die myself. she started crying again.

Arnav told to Siddhi that, you have no need to cry and yes no one can kill me. Neither do my parents & your parents also while I am alive. After this Arnav told siddhi that you stop crying and go to sleep. We will talk about this tomorrow morning. After dawn, Arnav took Siddhi for a walk in his village. Wander around the village Arnav was asking siddhi whether she had seen the man who kidnapped her.

Siddhi said that she had seen the man in the fair held in the villages last night. Arnav became very shocked after hearing this and asked Siddhi that do you know his name and, how does he look? Siddhi said that she knows the man and he works with her in the company. Hearing this, Arnav asks Siddhi about the man and Siddhi tells him who he was. Arnav catches the man and inquires why he did this? Arnav comes to know from that man that the man is looking for someone else who looks like Arnav. Arnav comes to know from the man that He looks like some other man who died earlier this year & he had a lotus mark on his hand. He ran away with money from many people on the pretext of giving them jobs. He had taken money from this man too, so this man thought Arnav is also the same man, that's why he kidnapped the Siddhi to take revenge on him.

When he came to know that Arnav is not that person, so he came to the village looking for him for apologizing.

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