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Dimithri Wijerathna

Abstract Drama Tragedy


Dimithri Wijerathna

Abstract Drama Tragedy

The Last Letter

The Last Letter

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Last Letter

Dear Mary,

Under this cannon fire atmosphere I write this letter to you. Now the battle is in a critical situation and we are running out of weapons. Our leader forces us to run ahead and battle with the enemies. Last night our battlefield was filled with bloody corpses, I was hardly breathing among those corpses. My heart beats fast when I remember you , I barely remember when I was just trying to shut my eye for a second how you were proud with my soldier uniform . Mary the life is here is not beautiful it's like living in a cemetery. My mind is always filled with bomb blasts and my eyes see everywhere like blood and corpses. I have no time to write , now I must go ahead with my remaining soldiers and must attack the enemies. I shall stop writing, be careful and take care , don't shed tears on behalf of me , think your husband as a hero.

Thank you

From your every loving husband


Mary who was busy in cleaning her room, opened the drawer in order to clean it and throw out the unnecessary items. Suddenly she found this letter and began to read it teary face .She ran back to past. " Bill see how your uniform looks like...see in this are like a hero and these stars ... Mary started to cry just as a small baby who lost the warmth of mother.

 Mary is a widow now, she never thought of being married again  though she was pretty enough to be attracted to another man. Mary who was the only girl who was born to Mr.Parker and Mrs.Paker who gained a well education but in her mid eighties she was proposed by a young handsome man named " Bill" and she got married at her twenties.

 Mary who lost her parents in an car crash now lives alone in a flat as a widow. Though many men proposed her for marriage she neglected all and she was waiting and waiting for the arrival of her husband Bill but still he didn't appear or any news was not to be heard about him. This letter which Mary got was considered as the " last letter " and she scribbled a poem on behalf of his husband in her diary.

" O" my handsome do thee hear me ?

I cry for your smile

Thee the hero of country ; my only soul

These weeping eyes gazes till your smile comes back

My handsome, My took away my heart with bond

My weeping eyes still count fingers

My hands shaking , no more scribbling

I shall fly to your soul

To smile with your heart

Mary who wrote this poem in her journal had no idea how to continue her life all alone. She had no company with any friends , she feels like isolated in a ship with no captain. Her life is almost deserted, her heart is almost torn into pieces. The wonder is that she never blames Bill for leaving her alone and being in battlefield since it is due to Mary's passion Bill became a soldier. Mary's heart often recalls their memories but Mary is now unable to handle her life alone. She prays to God to take her soul near her husband.

Decades gone by, Mary was worse . Her body began to shiver. She hardly managed to call for the ambulance. Alas ! On the way Mary took her final breath and said , " Bill take me to your soul "

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