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The First Friend

The First Friend

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 God is always the best creator. How can someone make your sibling and your enemy the same one? We always fight, teases each other, slap each other, and complain about parents that he\she tease me first and being an innocent. This bond becomes stronger and stronger. India celebrates this bond as "Rakshabandhan". On this day, the sisters tie a thread on their brother's wrist with the hope of protecting her in every situation when she really needs him. The brother gives unwritten promise to his sister. The person who always teases you but never allowed anyone to makes you cry. That person every sister have and it's "brother". The Sister who cares you like your mother. Always helps you when you broken, always trying to make you a gentleman. I also have a brother who not only a brother but my best friend. Always supports me what good for me and always inspires me for my dreams. ln, the childhood Brother and sister fight like tom and jerry who can't live without fight each other for remote, food, things or without reason and we know the last weapon of a sister is the father because girls are always innocent lol...... And in young or old ages we also fight like a soldier of two enemy country. Always the heartbreaking moment for every brother his sister's marriage. Brother cries in alone in the corner of the house because his sister is being apart from him. He always misses her and waits for "rakhi" that when his sister comes and ties his hand with rakhi and in the back she makes his pocket empty. The bonds of brother and sister are always best. The love and care of your brother or sister are can't be measure.

 Some incidence prooves that. The little girl whose family lives in slums is don't have money to give her elder brother a birthday gift so she goes to the work to earn money for a gift. she earns 20 Rupees and went to the vada pav shop to buy a vada pav for her elder brother. Another one is one little boy is crying on the bench in the garden the girl who playing in the garden come and ask that

 "Why are you crying?"

He replied

"Today is Raksha Bandhan but I don't have a sister to tie my hand with rakhi. "

She stands up and come in the fort of him and said that

"give me your hand."

She doesn't have any rakhi but she wears a frock which has a silk belt she keeps it out and ties on his hand with a belt and tell him that

" give me promise that you never cry because I don't like that my brother is crying because it hurts me." they became brother and sister lifelong. 

Also this, 

One young boy works day and night because he wants to make his sister an IAS officer and his hard work placed his sister in the place where no one from his family didn't reach before her sister.

 Emotions and feelings are the most important. Brother is always a hero for his sister and sisters are always a present from God for every brother.

your siblings are the first friend you have in your life. 

"Happy Rakshabandhan" to all of the readers.


Celebrate it who near you and share this who leaves far away from you and also who is like your brother or sister. 

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