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Tangent of the Heart - Part:4

Tangent of the Heart - Part:4

2 mins

Due to the journey, she begins feeling tired.

She set her clothes in desk and other things and call the landline number of the chai vala.

There was a small stall of tea which has only one landline in the village. 

When people of Village want to talk with their relatives they came to the tea stall and pay 1 rupees for one minute. 

Due to lower middle class family her parents afford only one Mobile with their savings. 

But she is happy with that. 

The call is received.

 "chacha, papa ko bhula dijiye"

The tea stall was in front of Riva's small house. 

Riva's father run and take the call.

"beta, pahoch gayi? tum thik to hona ?sub kaise hai? koi dikkat to nahi hui?..."

The lost of questions with worries,

Her eyes were full of tears, but she decided that to not being weak if she gets weak her parents totally being weak. 

She spoke very politely 

"yaha sub kuchh achha hai socha tha usse bhi aur log toh bahot hi achhe hai"

It's gives relaxation to her father. 

Her father said,

 "Apna dhyan rakhna, kal phir bat karna."

She said "thik hai, rakhte hai"

Riva is a very simple girl, she believes in the beauty of heart, not in show off,

She loves to read books and cooking.

The new journey is going to start tomorrow.

How was the journey going? 

Want to know please read another part will be coming soon.......


To be continued...........

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