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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Purva Rajyaguru

Abstract Inspirational


Purva Rajyaguru

Abstract Inspirational

Tangent of the Heart Part: 5

Tangent of the Heart Part: 5

2 mins

It's 3 am and the door knocking by someone very badly........ 

She suddenly wakes up due to this noise but her body doesn't respond due to tiredness. 

She wakes up and takes steps towards the door. 

But scared inside because the first night at an unknown city at 3 am when someone knocking door scared anyone. 

So she takes a pipe to hit the unknown person knocking the door. 

She opens the door and a drunk girl with a party wears a knocking the door and she is "Zara".

If you ever read the "the girl in room no 105" by Chetan bhagat the amazing book you know about Zara but this Zara is a little bit different. 

A rich girl with thousands of bad habits. 

She uttering something and go to the bed. 

It's 9 am and Riva's phone ringing. 

It's the call of her parents. 

Parents are a precious gift of god to us. 

They love us unconditionally without expecting anything. 

After a call Riva going to ready for the appointment which is 12 am.

Zara gets up and introduces her self with Riva, she is from Nagpur. Her father is a businessman and she Belonge to a very rich family.

The friendship getting more close and close and Riva starts avoiding her aim, her dreams and just enjoy, sometimes she avoiding talking to her parents in a Week. 

You know what "it's hurting your parents more bcoz sometimes your voice gives them Relief and faith."

2 years passed.

And now totally turn into a dreamless person, she doesn't want to do anything, just wanted to Chill and always regret for do nothing. 

It's happened to everyone. We don't want to work hard but want to the best result. We don't secure our future just chill in the present and regret after the Time was passed.. 

If we look at the girl who is very shy, simple, Full of dreams two years ago.

Now a girl who doesn't have any aim or dream. 

Her parents' situation are not good they are suffering from very bad condition. 

Someday she realized that what she is doing just time passes, going to waste her parent's efforts. 

There are two types of people in the world people who born rich just like Zara. 

Another who born in a middle class family and always fights for their happiness just like Riva. 

She now realized her mistakes and starts to improve her efforts and tries to be as hard as possible.

And now she is live in America with her family.

It's the story of someone who has dreams, who have some desire, who struggle for this. 

Hope you like this, please share this, and take your dreams seriously when the time once is gone you can't do anything. 

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