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Raghavendira M S

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The fateful revenge

The fateful revenge

8 mins

I have opened the shower. I tilted my face upwards, towards the face of the shower, expecting the water to splash it in my face. But only a few drops of water were dripping from the shower. I tapped the shower hard. Still, the shower was dropping in bits and pieces. There is not much water in the bucket as well. I stepped out of the washroom with a towel wrapped between my tummy and knee. I stormed towards the table, decided to call the careless-house owner. A friendly –caretaking house owner is a blessing. The phone was on the table. While taking the phone, I observed a letter. The phone was kept as a paperweight for the letter. I kept the phone aside and took the letter. The letter stated as

"Hi Srini, I wanted to tell you, while reading this letter I won't be alive in this world. I know you would be at top of the anger but still, I don't have any other option rather than suicide. Please understand my situation. Of course, every one of you knew that I loved Rithi sincerely. Frankly speaking, I cared for her not as my girlfriend but as my mother. It was smooth until last month. But due to some reasons, Rithi broke up with me. I don't know the reasons behind it. Her parent's forced her to marry a well-off America-settled-Indian groom. Maybe that might have been a reason she could break me. In simple, Rithi ditched me. You can argue, committing suicide is a mammoth step to take. But I don't have any other option. I couldn't live with this guilt. Even if you don't understand my situation, no issues, I won't be there anyway :P Take care. Miss you. Goodbye.



Rithi loved Vishnu."

I rolled my eyes big. I don't know what to do. I couldn't understand what has happened. I was shell-shocked. The letter sleekly dropped off from my hand and landed on the ground. Vishnu was my close friend. We share a tiny room in the outskirts of Chennai. We work in the same electrical company "SMK Electrical works", which is next to our room. Though we were colleagues we were like brothers. We share everything right from office works to personal. Two years back, Vishnu told me he loves Rithika, the daughter of a super-rich entrepreneur. Initially, Rithi loved Vishnu sincerely. But as the months pass by, her love has decreased. Vishnu couldn't spend much of her for shopping, eating out, etc. But he has cared and protected her from all sorts of trouble. Even he has been involved in a gang war to fight for her. But now, Rithi has broken up with Vishnu. 

I heard a wood-creaking sound outside from a long distance, breaking all my thoughts. I peeped through the window to see the wood sound. I could see someone idiot was to hang himself in a tree. I zoomed his face for clear vision. It's SRINI. Srini was looking at me. Srini was trying to commit suicide by hanging in a tree. Srini kicked the wood and was hanging in the tree with his hands and legs trembled in the air. He was throwing his hands and legs desperately trying to save himself. I was gazing at him. Our eyes we're meeting each other through the window. I was dumbstruck. I couldn't understand what was happening. I know the need to scream, but my mouth was lip-locked. I couldn't even shout or scream. I stormed outside and ran towards Srini. But it was in vain. He was already dead. I dropped myself at the place like a ball dropping into the ground. I hold his legs and cried.

"Suicide is not the solution, you damn it, there is still a life," I screamed, slapping him hard. "Is ending your life is what your parents wanted to see. Is that what God has made you born? You idiot" I slapped him, screaming loud enough, even it could hear for the whole street. I was hitting his leg hard. I had so much pain I could only shout and scream. I held his legs and cried hard.

"Ma, can we buy this necklace," Rithika asked her mom.

"I think the other gold necklace looks better than this," her mom said. Rithika was shopping with her mom. Rithi was in love with Vishnu for the past 2-years. But recently she broke up with Vishnu as the latter was not earning much. We don't earn a lot. Our monthly income was just 10k. Vishnu was extremely depressed for the past few days. I knew he was not normal. But I never knew he could take this extreme step. Before the break-up, Rithi stated Vishnu that we are poor and failures. And we could never be successful. Her family has arranged a super-rich groom for her. Son of necklace businessman. Even now, she was shopping in her fiancé's shop. The groom Shahswin's dad shop. But after the marriage, Shahwin would take control.

"Take the one with blue pearl. It will suit you, "Rithi mom said. "Better can we take both," Rithi said in her childish voice. Her mom stared at her. We are yet to marry him. Please remember that, the stare conveyed him.

 "Ok, no issues ma I will take this," she said, pointing to the Gold necklace.

 "Your marriage your wish," her mom said, not willing to argue with her adamant daughter.

"Fine then, pack this," she said.

"This one is enough, Mam?" The helper asked.

"It's just a trailer, we will buy more later," Rithi said, turning towards her mom and winked. They both stepped outside the shop. A chain-snatched was gazing at both of them. He was observing them right from when they step-in into the shop. As both Rithi and her mom look like they would shop for more. They have shopped just a necklace. And this pity thing was not known to the chain-snatcher. They both of them were causal as they discuss Rithi's wedding plan, the chain-snatched suddenly ran towards them from behind and snatched the handbag, which has the gold chain from Rithi's hand, and ran away. Both of them were utter-shocked. It took some seconds for them that the gold necklace was snatched from them. She left her mom's hand and ran towards the robber. Though her mom screamed not to chase them and leave that away, Rithi is stubborn in chasing the chain-snatcher.

There I was gazing at all these incidents from a distance. I was wearing a kerchief covering my nose and mouth. Wearing the kerchief is not for protecting myself from any virus, instead, to stab her. I had a knife in my hand. It was all pre-planned. I had set up that chain-snatcher to snatch the chain from her. While she runs towards the chain snatcher, I would rush from the side and would stab her. That was my plan. Yes, it's a lethal plan. Yet, I wanted to kill her. I wanted to make her bits and pieces in revenge for Vishnu's death. I know it was not me, not a regular calm Srini's act, but I have to take revenge for Vishnu's suicide. Of course, I don't defend Vishnu's suicide. Suicide was never a result. I don't like it personally. He wasn't a weak person either. But just imagine what if a person whom you have imagined your life partner back-stabbed you just because you were not up to the mark in terms of money-making. I believe, money is inversely proportional to love.

She chased the chain-snatcher. I stepped towards her to stab her into bits and pieces. Blood-licking Srini is on its way. When everything goes well as expected, there comes a sudden twist that I haven't expected. A big truck with its high speed, honking all the way from the corner of the street, struck Rithi from the left side of her and was thrown away into a distance. To make matters worst, she was hit by a car which was approaching opposite of the truck. The car couldn't control its sudden break and run over her body. She was trashed into bits and pieces. I can be 100% sure she would have lost her life immediately. No person could survive such tragic accidents. What I was planned to do was done by the truck. The truck has done the damage. A girl who was smiling, enjoying her life, planning for her wedding minutes ago, was no more now. Life is unpredictable. I have to be in that place instead of the truck. I glanced at the truck. The truck runs under the name, "VISHNU GOOD AND SERVICES".

I have seen two deaths today, a bestie and a hater, both in front of my eyes. Sometimes, God would have planned in a better way than us. Moreover, the breakup is not a cool thing but at the same time, revenge is not advisable either

If you don't want to marry your girlfriend/boyfriend, then never love them. Love is not for time-pass nor love is not to be experienced. It's a feeling. Don't spoil the feel, by the name of love. If so, you would be cheated in the name of "LOVE" someday. Before cheating someone, remember Newton's third day. If suicide is the solution for break-up none would be living in this world. Suicide is not the destination. Life is not only about love. We aren't born to for suicide. If you have thoughts on suicide remember, life has access to end your life. Your access is denied. If Vishu would have survived, I would slap him and I eventually, I would have broke-up my friendship with him. I never want a person with suicidal thoughts. If revenge is the solution for any loss, then the world would be absolute chaos. Live and let live. If you want to revenge, then revenge in the field where they pin-pointed you as a flaw. Say, if the pin-pointed you that you aren't a good author, then develop skills, write well and become a published author. Let the people celebrate. Let others convey to them that you are a talented author. That's the best revenge. The best revenge is taking the criticism positively and working on it. And making your hater as your fan. Never cheat your partner, never suicide, never revenge. There is more in this world than the above-mentioned!

Think about it!

I threw the knife away into the drainage. Live and let live.

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