The Dead, The Doctor And Ghost

The Dead, The Doctor And Ghost

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(Part VI)


(A Scientific, Horror, Thriller, Death, Rebirth, Ghosts, Aghoras and Entertaining Story)

Pancha Bhutas – Reasons for Cremation:

“Our Body, Mind and Soul are the gift of the Nature. To keep perfectness of these, one need to meet and keep-up deep involvement in extra-curricular activities like music, dance, arts, photography, culture, sports and marital arts apart from basic professional education which ultimately preserves a person’s physical health and thinking power in ship-shape condition with brilliance of mind and with an enormous tongue power. These activities will put a man’s body and mind in good and sober activation, which leads to perfect fitness of health at all times; thereby, the man feels pleasantness with instant resourceful reserve energy”

Pancha Bhutas indication on Health:

“Panchendrias and Pancha Bhutas – Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Sky, will advise people and the living beings from time to time, with regard to possible threats to life and health. It is up to people to identify such health threats and get it set right with the help of natural or man-made medicines and medication. If Pancha Bhutas advise and indications are not followed, then these five elements may discard extending cooperation, which results ill-health one will have to confront it.”

Does anybody know the reasons for Cremation of Dead Bodies?

The nature is a typical one. Nature has wonderful symbolic features and natural resources too. Nature creates and generates its own things, items or systems through its natural resources and has its own power to destroy them too. It has the automatic controlling and handling its own nature related working system. Nature has the combination of various gas and chemical related components. Whatever the items or things, the nature can easily digest them and bring into its fold. There is no exception to human body. Not only human body, any life for that matter, say creatures, animals or any life living objects. There are five natural powers existing in this Universe, Water, Fire, Air, Sky and Earth. These are the supporting factors for life on the Earth. Human beings or for that matter take birth on earth and goes into the folds of nature. Since human body is a nature’s gift and the physical body after death i.e. dead body should go into nature’s fold through cremation through cremation system.

Before our taking birth on this Earth, nothing belongs to us.

After death also, our physical dead body should not be a left over body on Earth. The dead body should be diluted through cremation system and to mingle with the five elements of Pancha Bhutas. This is the concept for cremation of a dead body. Through Fire, the dead body will be turned into ashes and such ashes are immersed in Water and Air. Every minute, many take birth and many people die. If several people who die on Earth and that the burial system is opted by people, then, there will not be any place for living purpose. If this is so, the place of burial grounds will become more than living place. There are chances of all the areas becoming burial grounds and there will not be any place for living purpose. These things have been identified by our ancestral people and preferred to following the cremation system.

After completion of Mahabharata Kurukshetra War, Drutarashtra, Gaandhari Devi, Kunti Devi, reached the Vaanaprastha i.e., an Ashram in Forests. In anybody’s life, last stage comes as Ashram like Vaanaprastha, mostly in forests, in Dwapara Yuga. As per customs and as per Ashram system, people used to go in for Yoga like Thapassu (lead the life a Saint) and were used to eat fruits. People used to live by eating only fruits in Vaanaprasta

On one fine day, there was a very big fire in the Forest, like a wildfire. These three people, never worried about the Forest Fire and were prepared to die in fire. Accordingly, all three, i.e., Drutarashtra, Gaandhari Devi and Kunti Devi died in this Forest Wildfire. These three people knew well that they are dying in the fire. At that time Drutarashtra tells before dying in the fire, Gandhari, and Kunti about the importance and speciality of dying in fire.

“The human life takes birth from the Pancha Bhutas. At the end of life, the physical dead bodies are to go back to Pancha Bhutas. Because, the dead body belongs to Nature. This is the main reason for cremating the dead body. The dead body without the life is sacrificed to Fire element. Thus the dead body becomes as ‘ash’. This ash will mingle in Sky and Air. The ash get immersed in Earth and gets diluted. Whoever is following the religious customary system, mingle the ash in Water. With these, the end of physical body by way of ashes immersed in Pancha Bhutas. Now, the Fire and Ganga Water are purity for its elements. These have been told by the historians. Whatever are happening in fire, it reaches Godly place and Deities. The Water purifies the Atma and the sins made during the life living time are cleaned. Ganga Ganges is a powerful deity and the Ganga Water purifies the spirit and sins of gone people.

The Nature is a wonderful one. It’s a typical Nature. Nature has good compositions of many raw chemical component related ingredients. Nature generates many wonderful things including life to many on Earth. Nature has powers to automatically generate, gives life and absorb in its fold. Whatever the natural resource the Nature has on Earth, the Nature takes them back and digest. In this, human beings are, Pancha Bhutas are no exception viz. Air, Water, Fire, Sky and Earth. From these five elements humans take birth and go back into Pancha Bhutas fold, i.e., Nature’s fold. As such, the dead bodies are cremated on Fire, so that these dead bodies are immersed into Natures fold. Before birth, nothing belongs to us. So also, after death, nothing belongs to us. The concept of cremation on Fire is that there should be nothing which belongs to us. It means, the dead bodies become ashes and immersed in Pancha Bhutas. People who are dead, are cremated and the ashes of dead bodies mix in the Air, Space, Water, and Fire. The ashes are immersed in the Water, as the birth is from the Nature and one will sure to go back to the Nature. These are the reasons for the Cremation of a Human Dead Body.


(Conted...Part VII)

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