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Tragedy Action Thriller


Storywriter xoxo

Tragedy Action Thriller

The day you die

The day you die

6 mins

 The sun rose east, altering the dark sky into an admirable bluish hue. Amelia woke up and stretched her arms until her extent as if she were to hug someone. She rubbed her eyes, looking wakeful as ever. She opened her eyes open as she secured her robe along her waist. The alarm whizzed loudly. Amelia took little steps to the alarm and tapped the head of the alarm. And in a matter of seconds, the loud voice stopped. Her phone rang. Amelia put the phone close to her ear. "Hi, Amelia! Just come over, right now!" Amelia was surprised. "Adam! You've never called me before. But anyway, I'm going to be there in five minutes." 

Knowing she had nothing else to do, she decided to have fun with her friend Adam. She went back to her house and rushed upstairs to her restroom. She took a shower and dressed in a white shirt and blue shorts. She took her red rose and clipped it into her flowy hair. Not a lot of time later, she reached Adam's house.

"Adam? Amelia here", said she while hitting the brass knocker that shone the light in the brassy and cute hue. Adam opened the door while welcoming Amelia into the room, "Aw! Here you are! What's up?" Amelia waved to Adam as she walked and snuggled up on Adam's couch. "Well, you might be furious at me for this but, I m-made a new invention that goes far beyond what we should not do, in what you would probably understand.", said Adam. "Adam, do not play! Tell me what it is.", said Amelia while she became red in the face. 

Adam sat quietly for a while. "Follow me. I will tell you. " Amelia was surprised and walked downstairs into Adam's lab. "Oh my lord, Adam! You did not tell me about this, and you started? You know what, forget it! Just tell me about the invention." Adam nodded and started speaking in a low voice, "I have made an invention that tells you when you, you die." Amelia looked into Adam's eyes fiercely. "I am not angry at you, Adam. I might need to think through this. Okay, go on, Adam."

Adam nodded, "All right. Stay still. You will have to put this down your throat, with making sure you get a lot of spit. With that, I would also need a sample of your blood. That does mean I have to inject you." Amelia shook in agreement. "All right, go on. That does not seem so risky.", said Amelia as she took a deep breath. Adam gave her a swab and giggled a little. "Hey! What was that for?" cried Amelia. "Nothing," Adam chuckled. Amelia stuck the swab down her throat and brisked it in circles. She put the swab down in a bowl as Adam started injecting her with a needle to get a sample of blood. "Okay. That's all.", said Adam. "Oh my lord. What's next?" said Amelia. 

"This big machine right here takes your DNA and blood with your birthdate and calculates your ancestry and their death dates. It follows the death patterns of your ancestors with your DNA and blood, and it tells your death date. So basically, the formula is DNA + blood type / The percentage of dying at the moment x Ancestor's death time and date = Your death time and date." Amelia gasped. "Oh my god! You're on a different level of smartness!" Adam bowed as they looked into each other's eyes. "I'm so proud of you, Adam!" said Amelia. "Thanks. Let's start summing now, yeah?" as Adam pushed a few buttons. The device printed a paper with Amelia's death date with any foretellings of how she could die. "19 October 2039. 6:00:30: exact time. Might be dead because of the scarcity of oxygen - might be a murder or vehicle accident.", read Adam.

"Adam. That is roughly 20 years away from now.", she said. "Yes, I think you should head home now, yeah?" said Adam. "Yeah, sure! Bye, Adam!" said Amelia. Amelia walked out of Adam's home and got in her car. She started the car. Surprisingly, Adam came running downstairs. "Amelia! Mind if I hop in and come to your place?" Adam yelled as he ran down the stairs. "Sure! Hop in. You need to see my house," said Amelia as Adam got into the car. "Yeah, yeah! Let's go." Amelia had started the car with a cute smile.

As soon as they reached home, Adam ran to the couch, feeling a lot more comfortable. Amelia sat beside him, looking into each other's eyes. "Amelia.", began Adam as he calmed Amelia's arms. "I cannot stop thinking of you every single night. And you know, every time you smile, my heart bursts out of happiness. Every teardrop and happy moment, you were there for me. I cannot let you down. It is okay if you don't feel the same way about me, but I have held this feeling in my heart for too long. Amelia Williams, will you be my love?", while giving her a red rose as she took it with glee.

Amelia stood and replied, "Oh my god! Yes, yes, yes!" Adam stood up and hugged Amelia tightly as he started to sob. "Don't cry, Adam. I'm there for you!" Adam wiped his tears and sat back on his couch. "Wow! Today went by fast!" Amelia began, "I liked someone else too. His name is Jimmy, and well, I'm sorry if I upset you.", she turned her phone to show him a picture. "That's alright. Everyone has feelings.", said Adam. "Awe, thanks!" 

A few years passed. Amelia became an adult. She fulfilled her ambitions, married Adam and started a brand new life, flying away from her problems. She started a family of her own, too. But she knew it was the time to get real as she had only five years left. She went on investigating all year long, asking Adam and the kids to make a machine to check why you die. She gathered all the possible reasons why she could die. And possibly, death could either happen because of a murder. 

 Time flew by, Amelia always stayed beneath the shadow of Adam's inventions and she felt low about it. But, she did not feel any less from Adam. "Adam. It's the day I die. 6:00 pm, I die. I predict it is going to be a murder with someone who used to like me. And also, the clock shows it's 5:55 pm. I'll see you, love.", said Amelia. "Also, I checked your predictions and the most probable one is getting murdered by your soulmate...", said Adam. Amelia looked Adam in the eyes and kissed him on his hand. 

She went to the woods and walked alone. Someone came in the back of her. Black hoodie, black mask, looking at Amelia slyly. He brought his brand new machete from the back of his shirt and cut her wrist in half. "Ahh!", she screamed. Adam tracked her phone and ran to her. "Rest in peace, my love. I know you'll stay with me. I'll join you in a few months.", and cried silently. Suddenly, in a flash, he thought, "I-t, it cannot be! Am I not her soulmate?! She wasn't making everything up!" Just as he shifted his glance to the right side, he found the red rose.

The first glance always satisfies the heart...

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