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Storywriter xoxo


That demon he fought

That demon he fought

4 mins

Jack was at the local corner shop bagging in some chips in his cart with his everyday outfit. As everything seemed fine, Jack moved his pupils among all the variations of items. Everything seemed similar to him but the only thing that caught his attention was a couple. Long ears that looked an inch long, green skin and really skinny legs which of course makes them look tall. Feeling curious, Jack walked nearer to the couple through which he felt euphoria. Some kind of feeling, difficult to express in words - as if he already had a connection. They had trapped him by then, but he only realized when he found himself in a portal.    

It was a complete blackout for a few minutes. Realizing what he had done, he started screaming at the top of the world, waiting for someone to fly him back. It’s easy to make out his regrets just after glancing at his anxious face. He thought he’d be stuck here forever. He wept louder and louder each second with his heartbeat racing - but he saw a beam of light maximizing. He rubbed his eyes and stood up with some hope left. Seeing the couple again, he could do nothing better but follow them as they lead the way. Soldiers started matching and everything became normal again. Except for the tall building that had a clock on the top which looked like a palace. “Wait a second,” he gasped, “I feel related but in which way?” He walked towards the building to understand that tingly feeling in him.

“Greetings, Jack. We were waiting for you.” said the person with a crown. “I suppose you’re the king of this mysterious kingdom?” Jack asked. “I seldom am the king in technical terms,” he replied, “You might wonder who the real one is but, before you ask me to end your curiosity - I’ll offer you tea and whatever it takes for you to put a whole stop for this mission that we’ve been trying to complete.”

“Sure, why’d you pick me even if I didn’t sign up for this?” asked Jack. “Your ancestry is rare. In fact, you’ve not been told about it because of its high security.” he replied. 

“Tell me about it.”

“Your ancestors hold few superpowers that humans thought would not even be possible in their wildest dreams. Therefore, you’re the next heir to the throne.”

“What does it have to do with this kingdom and me?”

“Your great grandfather is the founder of this kingdom.”

“Very believable.”

Jack started walking away in disappointment. “Hold on, it’s real!”, he screamed, “You know why you’ve never seen your great grandfather or neither did any of your family mention about him? Or ever told you about his death and the family tree?” Jack froze in a sudden start realizing the man was right. He took a turn to the north, and walked nearer to him. “What do you mean I never saw a picture of him? I did!” Jack yelled. “Oh excuse me, alright. So which nation is he from?” asked he. “I– I don’t know,” I said to him. “I’ll need you to fight the demon whose plan is to conquer our land. I’ll make you king of this planet Haumea.” he replied. Jack nodded in agreement. “We’ll have you trained too.”

Few years passed by as Jack ascended with his skill in martial arts and superpowers. He was getting better and it was obvious that he could defeat any kind of demon in the whole civilization. Finally, the day came.

 Blood on the floor and arrows in constant movement, Jack couldn’t fight the devil. Jack fired bullets at the demon but it almost seemed impossible. Jack was quick enough to think the solution out. In a sudden start, the devil fired the bullets at Jack. Jack’s blood started leaking but he was quick enough to think it out to cover the wound with cloth. He sneaked into the back of the demon and hurt him on his head. “Ahhh!” screamed the demon. The demon fell onto the ground, crumbling a few parts of the mud. As the demon was lying there lifeless, Jack exited the room. 

As Jack was clasping for air, the king put the crown onto his head. “You’re the true king, Jack. You deserve this crown from planet Haumea, Jack.” 

Sometimes you fight to find the true meaning of your life, that is adventure.

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