Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Storywriter xoxo

Tragedy Fantasy


Storywriter xoxo

Tragedy Fantasy



10 mins

John was 35 and has to work four jobs every day just to provide for his medical bills. His lungs didn't work as a kid and that led to lung cancer. Imagine where you have to argue with your brain just to stop thinking of the dead. Life was on the edge of the cliff for John, and his soul might just fly out of it someday.

Nothing new, John woke up at 6:00 am and quickly splashed water onto his face to get ready. He rushes to his wardrobe to find his only suit which his friend dyed pink to prank him. Right on his bed, he grabs his inhaler and gasps into lusciously. He bikes to work as usual as he looks at his garage, empty, wondering when it would be occupied by a car. At this point, anyone would probably be happy with even a Honda and that was the same thing with John.


As he goes along the street for a 1-hour-a ride, he goes to that same donut stand that makes great donuts for a little price. He stops for a minute or two to grab a donut for breakfast. He grabs it and eats a part of it before the shopkeeper would tell him the price. Because of his good old trick, the shopkeeper had to reduce a dollar down to 1 dollar. "You know what, fine! It's a dollar.", says he. "The price says it's 99 cents. So, I'm going to give it to you clearly.", says John as he hands in exactly 99 cents. "Very well, mate! I'll see you tomorrow.", says John as the shopkeeper waves in irritation. "I know him, totally.", mumbles the shopkeeper loudly. 

As he begins to steer along, he watches the rich people go along in their Porsche, Lamborghini, with all those fun designer stuff that John would probably not see himself wearing, even in his dreams. He knows he can never afford them, so he is just waiting for a shooting star's luck to be drawn into him. He'd reach his workplace, everyone seeing donut grease and the same pink suit that he'd wear. It was quite embarrassing when sponsors were watching him and he would feel neglected. But coming to the sad side, that is just how the world works and sees him, they see him like a weird employee that should be fired because of how he looks. 

John knows it's something everyone will do and there's nothing to be done about it. So he keeps calm and tries to evolve out of whatever mistakes he has made. This morning, John has a few tasks as he works in customer care. 

The call rang a few times and just by that, he could understand that the customer will eat his flesh and rip his bones. With no other choice left, he quickly held the telephone close to his ear, answering the call. "Do you guys have any idea what your company did to me and my family? You all sued us! Leave this company! It's the worst one I've ever seen. It does nothing but makes a fool out of us! Are you for real right now? You need some mental therapy!", raged the customer. "Err... Can we talk about this first? May I ask you for your name?", said John, all irritated.

"It's Anita. And yes, I'll calm down and we can talk about this.", she said as she held her breath to let it go slowly. "You guys scammed me.", said she. "Oh sure, ma'am. May I know what seems to be the issue?", John asked. He heard a cocking gun. He ran leaving his inhaler on the deck and the customer shouting on the phone. A scream dragged too. As everyone rushed to check what it was, he stood there watching what he'd do.

The person harassed the woman and John couldn't take what he saw anymore. He ran near that person bravely without a weapon and shouted, "You have no right to touch a woman. So, stop or I'm calling the cops." The person stopped and acted as if he was crying. "You think! I can do it if I want to. There's nothing called rights. Get out of here before I kill you.", he said in a threatening voice as he pulled John's hair and loaded a bullet. As he heard it cock, John was terrified but he was ready to do anything that could stop him. The man pointed the gun to John's head looking at everyone as if he were intimidating. "You see this - it fits right in.", said he in a low coarse voice as he let the bullet pass through his head. John closed his eyes in a second. It seemed as if something swept through his brain exposing a gold body but after a second, he couldn't unsee it. The man was confused, so was John and everyone else in the room. John got the telephone and dialed the police while everyone was in shock. The person shot John a lot of times by then but John's health took a huge 'no turn' to that. "Also those gunshots in the audio's background with your voice, could be used as evidence in court!", said John while laughing out loud. 

The police reached the place then, held onto the lawbreaker tightly, and handcuffed him in a second. The area was seized and the woman was sent to her home with a notice. Everyone was told to leave too. John was gifted some money for his braveness. He went back home becoming 1 million dollars richer. He stopped by at the Porsche showroom with his bike thrown away like he didn't care about it anymore. "Excuse me. I want to see cars with a budget of 100,000 dollars. Can you please show me any?", he said to the salesperson. "Right away, sir.", he said bringing a glass of orange juice to John. He walked to John's dream car and said, "Oh well. This is the best one we have in this range. Do you want to take a look?", he said fancily. "That's not needed. I'll buy it right away.", said John as his heart pounded faster and faster with every second. "Wow. That was quick. Sure, you can go to the counter and give this coupon to them. Thank you.", said he as he handed over a gold coupon. John walked in total haste to the counter.

"Here you go. I want to buy this car.", said John. "Oh, sure! That would be 100,000 dollars. Do you want to pay it all with a card or cash?", said the salesperson. "Make it cash, please.", said John as he opened his bag looking for the case that the police had given him. He handed it over and put it on the money counter to make sure it was the right amount. John's legs shivered. "Oh, yes! That's the right amount. You are free to pick the car up in about a week.", said the salesperson.

John was finally happy he could taste how luxury is. He went to the designer shops and bought a lot of clothes for himself. Some more money, he saved it for himself and gave it to the charity hoping he did his part to people like him. He went back home taking his bike and thinking to himself, "This went by quick. This is my last ride with you. I guess I am a better person now."

John stops by at his daily donut dose and says to the shopkeeper, "Hey, man. I might have troubled you with your prices but now I'm wealthy. So I'd just like to give you this to start your very own donut shop in the mall.", and gives 10,000 dollars to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper was shaking. He was speechless and started crying. He was so happy that at least someone had faith in him. "Are you, are you giving, giving this to me f-for real?", he stammered as John rode back home. John was tired and rushed to the couch, jumped onto his stomach, and fell fast asleep. 

At night, all he dreamt about was being immortal. John was quite skeptical about it but still, he wanted to know if he was immortal, unlike every other being. He skipped work that day to see how he was. He grabbed a knife, held his breath, and let it go slowly. He brutally cut himself through it - or that is what he thought. This time, he opened his eyes and let the knife go through his body. In a quick motion, something gold appeared. After several tries, he found out that was something going on inside his body. Reminded of his dreams, he thought to go back to sleep because he saw someone drop a gold card down the street and John picked it up. There was also a golden shimmering coupon that Porsche had given him. He went to sleep trying to communicate with god. All of this just seemed superficial to him after a while. He still couldn't get over that fact. 

He couldn't stop thinking about how he became immortal. Every single night, he'd see god dropping a golden card to him in one way or another and he couldn't understand why he would see that in his dreams. He was fed up with life. The same thing he had to do all the time with paparazzi all around him and not even feeling it in his dreams. Over the years, he saw his mom and dad pass away, his best friend, literally everyone he always knew. Life wasn't going well for him. He was alive but dead inside. Depression crept inside John's body. Wherever he goes, he bents his head down with a hood on top of his head and hands in his pockets. 

Like every day, John doesn't age and if you were to count his age if he were a normal person, he is a thousand years old. Fed up with life, he lives a sad life and wants to die and experience something new.

He grabbed the beer beside him and gulped the whole bottle in a second. Drunk, he fell in bed knowing he'd wake up to a hungover. The next day, he woke up but he found white land smooth and as he jumped, they bounced wiggly. Rubbing his eyes, he understood that he was just imagining all of it. He went back to sleep again - not believing something new had happened. "You can die. Only if you realize where you are.", said a godlike person. John couldn't just didn't know what he was saying. For the first time in his life, he agreed to be experimented on.

"Hello, scientist. I finally agree with your deal about being experimented on. I'll tell you whatever I see once I get there. ", he said on voicemail. Like always, he bent his head down, fidgeting with his stress ball and the other hand in the pocket. 

"Scientist! I have to talk.", he said while gulping saliva down his throat. "All right, just come to the secret lab. ", said the scientist taking him to the lab. Once they got there, John said with a sudden start, "Every day in my dreams, I see something. I see a golden card given to me in one way or another. This relates to one of my real incidents. A salesperson from Porsche gave me the same golden coupon. But today, I saw something else. Once I looked above, I heard someone godlike tell me that if I knew where I was from then I can get to die." The scientist sat there thinking. "Do you know anything else that had happened?", he said. "I'm afraid I don't. That's from the only few I saw. My predictions are that I would see none in a more than thousand years." After their conversation, the scientists put together some clues of where's he's from. But they just didn't work out. 

One day when John was fast asleep, he inevitably said 'heaven'. He didn't know how he said it but right the next moment, something changed. "Oh, dear being. I created you.", he heard. "What do you mean?", John said while his heart was pounding. "I made you. I made everything. I designed it for you to be this way. You died long back. You're in heaven now. That's destiny.", something said as that voice descended second by second. 


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