Swati Grover

Drama Tragedy Thriller


Swati Grover

Drama Tragedy Thriller

Some Photos

Some Photos

7 mins

Sarah Kevenski was living happily with her family and boyfriend Mason. On the occasion of her parents’ anniversary, he proposed her and Sarah gladly accepts his proposal and they decide to get married after a month because she is a famous wildlife photographer and has to shoot for a renowned TV channel. She is one of the most popular photographers on the social sites and even her pictures are exhibited in art gallery. She feels that she has everything a perfect job, loving family, caring friends and moreover the love of her life and thinks what else can be more perfect than this.

While going for a photo shoot she speaks to Mason who tell her to be careful because the forest is extremely dangerous. She replies to his concern that she is no more afraid because nature’s creature and she has developed a good understanding. Photoshoot continues for a week and she gets exhausted at the end. Just then her boss Mr. Mathew calls her and tell that today’s shoot is very important and asked her not to miss it and she agrees. She goes deep into the forest in search of a new specie and suddenly reaches a cave and was awestruck to see the view inside the cave. She clicks some photos and comes back. In the night, she hears the sound of wild animals. At first, She ignores and calls her boss and tells that today’s photoshoot will thrill the world. Suddenly there is some chaos in the forest. She tries to sleep but couldn’t because the thought of Mason does not allow her to rest.

Next morning, there is panic in the outhouse with the news spread that Sarah is dead and a wild animal has killed her. The news of her death spread like forest fire and everyone in her family, her fiancé and her best friends Neena and Lucas were all upset with the news. Now nothing can be done, Sarah is dead for eight months and no one is responsible for her death except a wild animal whom she always thought to be her friend.

Once the forest officer Mr.Jadon was roaming in the forest and reaches the same outhouse where Sarah died and the owner Mr.Simon tells him how Sarah died and because of that incident this outhouse has been named as ‘Haunted’. Jadon refuses to believe him and decides to stay there for few days, he hears the horrific sounds at first, he ignores but later on when his friend Welson comes to see him, he explains about Sahar’s death and those haunted sounds. Welson being a police officer decides to reopen her case but his seniors refused saying that it will be waste of time but when he insists, he gets the permission.

He tries to know more about Sarah’s life apart from what was documented. He begins the investigation again and looks at the post-mortem report and the photos taken at the time of her death and finds something very strange that there were prints of animal’s nail on her neck but her body was not eaten from anywhere, why? He reads that according to the police investigation she was a prey of a man-eater animal. Then he goes to meet her family and comes to know the truth that she was an adopted child. Her mother Nancy adopted her from an orphanage and never told Sarah about it. Her brother who is studying in a college tells him that he loved her so much but didn’t like her fiancé.  

Welson first goes to the orphanage from where Sarah was adopted and come to know about her real parents who lives in California. To know more, he calls her friends and they tell him that she was a fun -loving girl and a superb photographer. She always remains in news because of her shoot and once she even helped police to arrest encroachers. Welson was convinced that this was a planned murder and meets Mason who tells him that he warned Sarah to be cautious as forest wasn’t safe when she was going for shoot. He even emphasises that her death is natural not a murder and now he is dating another girl named Silky and has forgotten Sarah.


Sarah’s biological father tells him that she was an illegitimate child because of his extra marital affair and when his wife came to know about it, he left her in an orphanage. As the events turn on Mason interests in case grows and he finds it as an opportunity for his promotion. He meets his girlfriend Rhea on weekend and comes to know that she is working in Sarah’s office as an assistant. He meets her boss Mathew who tells him that Sarah was best in her profession. Suddenly, he remembers that there is nothing mention about her camera in the police report and wonders where is it?

He goes to her house to find the camera but he didn’t expect the indifferent behaviour of her father who complained about him and asked the authorities to shut the case. Mason disturbed about what happened because he was sure that it was a murder but now nothing can be done, angrily, he tells his friend Jadon who advises him to continue his investigation quietly. He doubts everyone her father, her brother who is a drug addict and Sarah knew about it as she took photos of her addicted friends and helped police to catch them. Welson wonders what kind of person Sarah was? She could change anyone’s life in a CLICK. Sarah’s adopted father reveals that she was a result of his wife’s dishonesty and he just came to know about it a week before Sarah’s death. Everyday Wilson comes across new findings but wasn’t able to put them together. His mind was pregnant with questions about every character related to her. Trying to connect all the clues he sleeps in the outhouse and after sometime hears a strange sound. He follows that sound and is astounded to know that it is a recorded sound which is used to train animals to make them work as a spy. They attach camera on their bodies and send them to enemy’s camp. In fact, Simon the owner of the outhouse was the one training the animals and a traitor. Welson bravely follows and catch him who reveals the truth that Sarah took photos of the deadly weapons and he was about to get the photos from her and if she had refused to give then he would have murdered her because he was keeping illegal weapons in the outhouse. So, he intentionally publicized the outhouse as haunted so that no one comes there. 

Police arrests him. Welson is about to get the promotion but inner in his heart he knows that real killer is roaming freely because outhouse owner stated that he thought of murdering Sarah but he didn’t. Weslon stands in front of Sarah’s beautiful picture and drinks when Rhea says that tomorrow Mason is marrying his new girlfriend Silky. Next day, he arrests Silky before her wedding.

 Silky is an owner of a beauty company which sell products made of animals’ bones and that day Sarah saw them working in that cave and clicked photos which she sent to her boss too. Her boss informed Silky and she planned her murder. She created the story that an animal eater has killed Sarah by implanting the fake nails of an animal on her neck. The day Rhea told Welson about Mason’s wedding, he goes to congratulate him and give some photos of his which he found during the Sarah murder investigation but to his surprise he found Sarah’s boss and Silky going together and decides to follow them. He sees Sarah’s boss keeping money in safe and smartly learns the code when he was entering it. After they leave, he enters the room and opens the safe and finds that the camera which was not found that time was kept in the safe using which he was blackmailing Silky. Welson beats him and he vomits the truth. Once again, Sarah’s photos help to find the real murderer. She always said that “some photos create magic and people never take her words seriously.”

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