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An Unforgettable Friend

An Unforgettable Friend

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They weren't talking for a while. He had stopped sharing instances of his life with Arjun or making him involved in daily activities. This had really hurt Arjun. Arjun had this ego issue where if someone side-lined him, he stopped intervening in their personal space. So he deemed it was better not to intervene in Karan's life when Karan was himself not interested in making Arjun a part of his'. But still, Arjun missed Karan dearly as he had been his best friend, a companion since childhood, whom he shared almost everything with, times - good and bad, fondly remarkable memories worth remembering through lifetime, personal secrets and feelings. Arjun had started feeling this was not the case, other way anymore. Arjun and Karan had been together for last 20 years and Arjun considered Karan to be the closest person he ever had.

Karan recently landed a job in a reputed organization and it could have been very obvious that he got busy with his newfound professional life but Arjun expected Karan, at least, to text him and discuss how his personal and professional life had been turning out since then.


So, Arjun instead, made himself busy with his professional work and professional life and stopped making any reconciliation towards Karan, in efforts to stop being bothered by further being ignored. He was also no longer a part of the social group with Karan and his neighbourhood friends. There was a reason behind. Arjun was one of the few people who did not make the first move. He had always been hesitant in making the first move, taking the first approach. He was often mistaken, for this, as somebody very arrogant and egoistic. But then he was somebody who never stepped back when the approach was made from the other end. This was his nature and he had been such since childhood. However, he did not find any move for reconciliation or rather connection from his closest friend. He so missed his daily banters and catch-ups with Karan that he started having dreams about hanging around with Karan and indulging in endeavours they always had been part of.

One day Arjun was changing through TV channels and came across a channel that had been telecasting a movie of Cumberbatch. He was an ardent fan of the “Sherlock” star. The movie was an indie British movie, titled "Third Star". The movie plotline was based on a person coming to the terms of his life's end and accepting death. The protagonist, James and his three closest friend go on an ill-advised trip to the stunning coastal area of Barafundle Bay in West Wales. What follows is a touching and comical adventure dealing with friendship, heroism and love. Arjun was moved by it. He realized that life is too small and the uncertain events of life might take us to some other path. He felt the pain of losing a very close friend with whom you had lived more than half of your life. He felt the need to talk to Karan and let go of the differences that built between them. He dialled to Karan to talk to him, to know his whereabouts. His number came busy. It was 5 o’clock in the evening. Usually Karan returned home by 5 in the evening from his work. Being a little concerned he decided to give him a visit. He dressed up, wore the T-shirt that had been gifted by Karan two years ago on his 22nd birthday.

On the way to Karan’s home, Arjun kept thinking about how he was equally responsible for growing differences between them. He made up his mind never to give up on Karan and would spend as much time with him. He had already been feeling somewhat incomplete past couple of days by drifting away from his closest friend ever. With these thoughts continually running through his mind, Arjun did not realize that he had almost reached Karan's place. While walking up to his home, he saw few people gathered outside Karan’s place, out on the streets. He could not figure out what the situation was. When coming across the door of the house, Arjun was transported to 3 years back, when Karan and his family was moving in and they had painted the main door together. He saw Karan's mother crying inconsolably. He was confused, lost, stunned, all at the same time. Then he turned left and saw Karan's father, Mr Mathur, sitting in a corner with head down and one rusty hand covering his face and the other one on the head. Arjun summoned up the courage and walked up to Mr Mathur. He felt always quite intimidated by Karan's father. He not only felt intimidated from Karan's father, he felt it by almost everybody's father, as he always maintained a safe distance from his own. He asked Mr Mathur in a hesitant and stuttered tone, "Uncle, What has happened?” While looking in his moist and saddened eyes, he suddenly heard a vehicle screeching to halt outside the door. Some people entered the hall carrying a bag. They placed it on the floor and then slowly opened it. Arjun was shocked to see this. He was looking at a dead body. He was a terrifying view. He felt a great thump in his heart, one with a force of hundreds of newton, as if he was trapped under a boulder when he saw the face of the dead body. It was Karan’s. Arjun took two steps back, held his ground and himself too. Karan’s mother ran and hold onto his body tightly. She almost curled around him. It was an unbearable watch, watching your best friend lying dead, motionless, witnessing his parents grieving over the corpse. Arjun was completely shattered, completely clueless. Mr Mathur slowly rose up and moved forward towards the body. He sat by the body, staring at his face. Keeping myself together, I kneeled beside and asked him, "How?" He replied in a breaking tone, "Karan was walking by the road and suddenly a speeding car hit him from behind throwing him up into the air. He hit a nearby electric pole. He head was hit hard and he lost too much blood. Just then a doctor was passing nearby who rushed to the spot, attended him instantly, and examined him. He declared him dead right at the spot. I was informed just few minutes ago. I requested them to bring my son to home and that we would follow all legal procedures afterwards. Police complied, permitted the authorities and brought him here."

Arjun had nothing to say. He was speechless. His world fell apart. He was too afraid to say anything anymore. He just sat there looking at Karan's body and remembering those happy moments and years they had spent together. All those fun, good times and memories started coming back to him, all at times. This was, as if, his last day too. He was full of grief as well as regret that he could not talk to his best friend, apologise, and say sorry. He was hardly able to hold onto himself due to this. He sat till the evening in a corner, watching relatives, family, neighbours, friends coming over, offering prayers. Then a phone call brought him back in the moment and he came to his senses. His Mom had called. He told her he was coming home in sometime. Arjun stood up, touched Mr and Mrs Mathur's feet, taking their blessings and excused himself from there. He took a walk back to his home. It took him time to reach home more than usual. When he came close by the last lane to the home, he could see a dark figure standing outside his compound gate. He felt curious. He stressed upon his eyes and looked harder. As he was closing nearby, he was astonished when recognizing the identity of the figure. All emotions, happiness and remorse ran through his body and mind. He was nervous, excited, depressed and happy at the same time. He ran towards it, and opened his arms to take in it, to hug it. As soon as he reached near the figure and tried to hug it, the figure dusted away in the thin film of air and disappeared. Arjun again felt a sense of loss and longing. That dark figure was Karan. Arjun realised then it was Karan’s soul. He had come to meet Arjun for the last time, to complete the meet, the desire of reunion. Arjun dropped on his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks. He finally gave a loud shriek. With the teary eyes, he missed his friend now the most, never to get him back, never to hug him again. The reconciliation was due, the talk, explanation and forgiveness. They could never talk, ever.

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