Akshat Mahajan

Drama Tragedy Thriller


Akshat Mahajan

Drama Tragedy Thriller



7 mins

The night is deep, the bright moon is completely out, cold winds are blowing and the stars are shining but not as bright as the moon. A lady dims the light of her house, lights the candles and decorates her place with flowers. After decorating the house, she goes to her dressing room and wears a dress that she wore during her wedding and applies some make-up. She sits on the sofa, with a knife on her side and starts humming while staring at the clock. 


A lady is standing in front of a house. She takes out her mobile and dials a number, “Hello. What are you doing?”

“Hello Angela. Just watching television. You tell me, how did you remember me?,” a heavy voice replies.

“I need a reason to call you?,” Angela giggles.

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I just wanted to hear your sexy voice one last time,” Angela cuts the call.

“What do you mean? Hello?, man rises from the bed and then only someone knocks at his door. Man gets cautious and slowly walks towards the door. He opens the door and smiles as he sees Angela standing in front of him. Before he could speak anything, she hugs him tightly and kisses him, “Austin, you were really the best person whom I had sex with. I will never miss that night.” Before Austin could speak anything, she takes out a gun from her back pocket and shoots him four times, killing him on the spot. She spits on Austin's body and leaves the spot.

She arrives at her home, takes shower and after changing her clothes leaves in the car again. She drives for some minutes and stops the car in front of a house. She closes her eyes for some time and gets out of the car.

A man in a gown is drinking beer while watching a football match when he hears a knock on his door. He mutes television and yells, “Who the hell is trying to disturb me at this fucking hour?”

Angela says, “It's me. Remember, I slept with you the previous month?”

“Oh, it's you but at this time? Wanna sleep with me again?,” the man laughs while opening the door.

“No, I am not here to sleep with you again. Just wanted to tell you that it was not a good experience sleeping with you Micheal,” Angela shoots him on the forehead, killing him on the spot. She leaves the spot and travels to a nearby bridge and gets out of the car. She stands on the bridge and screams. She then closes her eyes and feels the soothing wind touching her face. After sometime she leaves in her car. She arrives at her home and locks herself in the bathroom. She removes her clothes, watches herself in the mirror and starts sobbing. After comforting herself, she puts her clothes back and leaves. She starts driving rashly with rage on her face. She stops the car in front of a flat and starts staring at the floor. She picks up her phone and calls a number, “Hello? Fred there?”

“Hey, how are you? How did you remember me this late at night?,” Fred replies.

“I am in front of your flat. Wanna hook up again?,” Angela says in a soft voice.

“Sure. Why not? I am coming straight away,” Fred rises, wears cloth and comes down. He rushes towards her car and sits in it. She drives the car for some miles and then stops in a forest where there is silence everywhere. She gets out of the car and asks Fred to come with her. They both go near a lake and Angela suddenly grabs him and kisses him tightly on the lips. Fred starts removing his clothes when Angela says, “Fred, do you know. You were the second sexiest man I ever slept with.”

Fred says in a furious tone, “What do you mean by second?”

“I don’t want to waste time talking in detail about this,” Angela kisses Fred again and says, “I will miss this kiss." She takes out her gun and shoots Fred in his chest. Fred screams and falls on the ground. He starts dragging himself when Angela hits his head with a large stone killing Fred. Angela leaves the spot and drives away from that place. She reaches her home and takes a shower. She dims the light, lights the candles and decorates her place with flowers. After decorating the home, she goes to her dressing room and wears the dress she wore during her wedding and applies make-up to beautify herself. She takes out cake and wine and puts them on the table. She sits on the sofa, with a knife on her side and starts humming while staring at the clock. 

After some minutes, the doorbell rings and she rises to open the door. She opens the door and a man is standing in front of her. She smiles and hugs him, “Morgan, what took you so long? I was waiting for you.”

“Darling, I already told you that I will be late today,” Morgan kisses her and says, “I love you and again sorry for being late."

"No problem. I was also doing some incomplete work. Can you tell me how the business meeting went?," Angela asks.

"Well, it didn't go as smoothly as I expected. I might need your help again," Morgan says in a worried note.

Angela doesn't say anything. Morgan continues, "You know, this client is very important to me. This deal is worth millions. It is the biggest deal that I ever may get. You have to spend one night with this client. If you seduce him, it will be easy for me to grab the deal."

Angela is shocked to hear what Morgan says. She grabs the knife kept on the sofa and stabs Morgan in his stomach. Morgan screams in pain. She takes a piece of cloth and puts it in his mouth, "Shut up! Enough of your business. What do you think I am? A whore? Have you ever considered me your wife? No! You always used me for your business and to earn millions. You beated me every night if I didn't accept your task and then you went to the next level by filming me during one of the sexual interactions and with the video you used to blackmail me. You know how much pressure I had in my mind? You made my life hell, you fucking bastard."

She twists the knife and Morgan screams loudly. She continues, "You remember today's date? Today is our anniversary. And this is what you are asking me to do? Everyday was like hell for me but when I woke up today I decided that I will celebrate two things today. First, our marriage anniversary and second, your death anniversary. Enough of your madness. You want to know what I did when you were busy in your fucking meeting? I killed all your clients with whom you forced me to spend the night."

Angela takes out the cloth from Morgan's mouth. Morgan says in pain, "You killed all of them? What has happened to you? You should know your place, bitch."

"I am no longer your bitch. Now, I will send you to the place where I have sent your clients. To hell! There you can make deals with your clients without my sexual help," Angela slits Morgan's throat. Blood comes out of Morgan's neck and he presses his neck to stop the blood. Angela kicks his hand away from the neck and presses his neck with her shoes. She presses the neck hard, Morgan struggles for sometime and then dies. 

She lies down and kisses Morgan on the lips. She stands and goes to the washroom. She opens her clothes and watches the wounds she has got by physical torture Morgan has done on her. She wears a night suit and goes to the dining room where she pours wine in a glass and drinks it. She switches on television and watches the news showing breaking news of business men being killed. She smiles and drinks her wine while she hears the faint sound of police sirens.

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