Mahendrawada Kamesh

Romance Drama Action


Mahendrawada Kamesh

Romance Drama Action

The Day The State Split Asunder - 24

The Day The State Split Asunder - 24

16 mins

Adarsh's company took off sooner than expected. The infrastructure and other amenities like internet, electricity and computer desktops were set up ahead of the anticipated timeline. The cubicles were set up in a hexagonal cluster. 

Akshara, the vice-president of 'Godavari Capital Advisers' inaugurated the company. The external job consultancies assisted them in recruiting the workforce. Fifty members, twenty under development, ten under testing and remaining under business process analysts were recruited. 

As advised by Adarsh, Karthik took training in big data analytics for three months at one of the best institutes in the city and he was all set to begin his new career as a big data analyst. Today was his first day at the new office and he went straight to Adarsh's cabin to complete the reporting formalities.

'Karthik! Roshni will be coming today,' said Adarsh.

'Finally, I will get to see her today,' Karthik said. 

'I just want to give only one suggestion. Ours is a small company and the only way to win and stay ahead in the competition is only through innovation. Try to be innovative and feel free to experiment with new ideas and when it comes to matters of work, let's be professional.'

'Yes sir! Your word is my order.'

'Just because I said let's be professional there is no need to address me as sir. You can call me Adarsh!'

'No! I can't.' 


'Because I love calling you Arnold,' Karthik and Adarsh broke into a laugh. Their laughs echoed in the cabin. 'Arnold, six months ago I can't explain how horrible my position was. I was struggling to get a job. I still feel as if I am daydreaming. Getting a job in Bangalore, meeting a best friend like you and coming back to Hyderabad and joining a company that was set up by you. How can things like these happen in a short span of time? Isn't it wonderful?'

'Often, the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.'

The door of the cabin opened. A tall six feet girl with black jeans and a pink T-shirt with hair only till her neck walked into the cabin. Her glossy hair was swept to the side in loose curls that barely touched her shoulder and the black earrings looked pretty on her. 

'Adarsh!' she hurried inside and hugged Adarsh while he was still seated in his chair. As her glance fell on Karthik, she instantly released him from her embrace.

'Roshni! He is Karthik,' Adarsh said.

Roshni turned to Karthik. 'So you are Karthik! Adarsh told me a lot about you.' 

'Even Adarsh said a lot of things about you,' Karthik returned to Roshni.

'What did he say?' Roshni asked.

'Adarsh, shall I tell her the truth? Please don't blame me for the consequences if anything goes wrong.'

'Your wish!' Adarsh said, raising his hands in a gesture of innocence.

'Tell me what did he say?' Roshni demanded.

'Well!' Karthik paused for a minute and turned his face towards Adarsh. 'Adarsh told me that behind every successful man, there will be a woman and in his life it is Roshni.'

'Are you serious?' Roshni asked, placing her hand on her chin.

'Absolutely! He also told me that he is very lucky to have a woman like you in his life'

'No, indeed I am lucky to have Adarsh in my life,' Roshni said.

'I am lucky to have both of you in my life,' Karthik said.

'You see!' Adarsh leapt in. 'All three of us are lucky to have met each other. '

'And also one should learn to recognize good luck when it's standing in front of you,' Roshni said, turning her face towards Adarsh, trying to remind him of not giving enough attention nowadays to her.

'Roshni, yesterday you shortlisted a girl for the Marketing analyst role. Is she coming today?' Adarsh deliberately switched the subject of the conversation.

'Ya! I forgot to tell you. She came along with me to the office. I forgot to introduce her to you. I will ask her to come,' Roshni stepped out and a while later came back along with a young girl dressed in a blue-coloured Punjabi dress. She had fair and flawless skin with no spots on her face. The 'S' letter pendant suspended across her neckline clamped to a gold chain was shining bright against her skin tone. Her hair was long, extending long down till her waist and was left loose. Her face glowed naturally like a moon on a full moon day and her browny eyes were glimmering against the lights that hung above. 

God! She is really gorgeous! Karthik leaned forward in awe. He struggled to pull his eyes away from her and began feeling a little queasy. He was transported to a completely different world.

'Sanjana, meet Adarsh, the founder of this company,' Roshni introduced the girl to Adarsh.

'Hello Sir!' Sanjana greeted.

'A very good morning Sanjana. Thank you for choosing our company to start your career. I know that you are a fresher but still, there's nothing to worry about. You will slowly learn everything and Roshni will be there to support you. Work hard and make this organization feel proud for having a person like you,' Adarsh said. 

'Sir, thank you so much for giving me an opportunity in your company,' Sanjana said with a polite smile on her pretty face.

'And Sanjana, meet my friend Karthik,' Adarsh said to Sanjana while directing his hand towards Karthik. 

'Hello, Karthik!' Sanjana said.

'It was nice meeting you Sanjana,' Karthik replied. Her voice pulled him out of the trance. 

Adarsh noticed the excitement in Karthik's eyes. He then informed Roshni to brief Sanjana on her roles and responsibilities. Sanjana and Roshni walked out of the cabin. Karthik's eyes were pivoted upon Sanjana as long as she was in the cabin and was smiling at himself. 

'Karthik! Are you alright?' Adarsh interrupted his thoughts.

'I am perfectly good. Why are you asking like that?' Karthik's voice was quivering with timidity.

'Karthik, are you feeling the butterflies fluttering in your stomach?'

'How on earth did you know that!'

'Never mind! Just answer my questions. Do you think Sanjana's purple Punjabi dress suited her?'

'It's not purple it's blue,' Karthik said.

'What is the colour of Roshni's saree?'

'I didn't see the colour properly.'

'Did you feel like the world around you has stopped all of a sudden?'

'I am getting afraid of you. How did you know all these things?' Karthik said, astonished. 

'This is none other than LAFS Syndrome.'

'LAFS Syndrome? What is that?'

'LAFS is also called love at first sight syndrome.'

'Arnold! What are you talking about? I-I am not having any-any...'

'Now, don't build alibis in the air. The feeling of butterflies in your stomach, and when I said Sanjana wore purple you said it is blue. And when I asked what the colour of Roshni's saree was, you said it was red. Actually, she didn't wear a sari. When you experience love at first sight, it's very common to feel things like this. I know because I have been through it.'

'There's no use in hiding if I am already caught? I can't explain what it is, but I just liked her. I don't have an answer for this strange feeling.'

'Don't worry, the answer will come to you soon. Leave that thing to the universe.'

'Universe? Can you please normalise your language?'

'Let's say you're having a desire and want to know whether you will get it or not. You can ask the universe, and it will give you a sign that you are creating your desire. The universe responds and sends you messages all the time. Everything you see out here and there is a response to what you are thinking, feeling and believing.'

'This sounds like a fantasy.'

'It is indeed interesting. But it is not a fantasy, but a secret. The so-called highly successful people roaming on this planet harnessed it to their fullest potential. It is only by virtue of it that they attracted abundance into their lives. By asking your questions properly, you can make your world change within hours. Even though it might take longer to fully manifest, we can know we are on the right track, simply by paying attention. We constantly receive signs that our magic is working, but the problem is, that most people don't respond to the signs because they don't realise they are signs. Or worse, they respond negatively, which flows energy towards what they don't want.'

'What does a sign look like? Will the universe speak to us directly?'

'No! The universe doesn't speak the language. If you desire to create a vibrant and fun, new friendship with someone you love to hang out with, a sign might be like for example, you meet a stranger in line at a bookshop and a conversation ignites about a book you are both reading. She suggests coffee to discuss it further although you are pretty certain she is not someone you want to become friends with.'

'Do things like these really happen?'

'It happens every minute and every second. The problem is, not everyone notices these little changes and even if they do notice them, they don't see them as signs. And if you miss the sign, you miss knowing that you are a powerful reality creator and that you are shifting your world and creating your dream. You see, it's not difficult to learn to recognize the signs and to respond positively. It just takes some practice. If you are super excited, you do understand.'

'I am excited about it, but what is the technique to ask?'

'It's very simple. The first step is to be precise and sure about what you are asking. Do you remember on that day I went to meet investor Joseph, but he is not available. On that day I asked the universe, how much amount I am expecting, how many employees I am planning to recruit and what am I going to do after the company starts. As a result, I got a call when we were inside Hanuman temple. I asked precisely what I wanted. The universe took my question and responded within 72 hours. The question you need to ask should not be generic, but rather it needs to be specific. Only then the universe orchestrates the process of bringing you closer to your dream or desire.'

'Will I get the response immediately? How much time do I need to wait?'

'Once you have asked precisely, then get on with your day. Think of it like writing a letter, until you finish writing it, you can't put it in an envelope, stick a stamp on it, and put it in the mailbox. And until you put it in the mail, it can't reach its intended recipient. And until it reaches the recipient, they cannot send a reply. When the Universe responds, it will not always be obvious. You have to keep your eyes peeled for little signs here and there that guide you to where you want to be. These signs can come in many different forms, but they will be ones that you can spot if you look hard enough.'

'How to know whether we have received the sign?'

'If I explain everything, what will you learn? Ask and know the answer yourself. Remember, be sure and precise about your question. Once asked, let it go. Be patient and watch for signs. The universe knows best which is good for you. And just wait for a minute,' Adarsh took a book out from the closet of his desk. 'This is the book you have given me on the first day of our meeting.'

'Ah! I remember I found it on the bus,' Karthik glanced at the book  "The Alchemist" that he gave to Adarsh on his first meeting with him.

'Read this book when you are free,' Adrash placed the book in front of him. 'It will not take much time to complete this book. There are many life-changing lessons in this book. But read it at home, not at the office.'

'Ok boss!' Karthik smiled at him.

'Hey, Adarsh!' Roshni stepped in.

'I will get back to my desk, you both can sit and discuss,' Karthik stood up from his chair.

'Hey, Karthik! No Problem!' Roshni said.

'But I have,' Karthik said and stepped out.

'What happened to him?' Roshni asked Adarsh. 'Why is he feeling shy?'

Adarsh rose from his seat and moved closer to her. He snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her towards him. 'You know what, Karthik is in love with Sanjana. We will get to see a new love story soon.'

'How do you know that?' Roshni's eyes widened in shock and her cheeks turned scarlet. 'Don't ask me anything,' his lips were near her ear.

'What are you doing?' she simpered, pushing him away. 'We are in the office.'

'I know!' he kissed her cheeks, 'I am going out. Got some work. Bye… I love you!'Adarsh winked at Roshni and sprinted out of his cabin without turning back. 

Roshni placed her palm on her cheeks, and smiled, staring at the door.

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