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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

The Choice

The Choice

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It was a tough time, after I have completed my college. The Job search started, I was an average student did lot of hard work, but still struggled to get a job. Had to get into some petit jobs here and there, but none of them were satisfying in pay or job quality. Things were getting tough, family problems were forcing, at one moment of time lost the confidence as such. My mother gave me lot of confidence, at time knowledge at uplifting someone doesn’t needs special skill, experience and love was alone enough.

Big day came, after wasting two years in job search, a big IT firm conducted an interview, and almost 2500 students participated it. A written test and an Interview with an HR.

Wrote the test, though couldn’t prepare much for the same. I lost the hope, that I could clear the exam. But my name came up in the list, and 5th one among the short-listed contestant. It was my first interview in my past 2 years with a big IT firm.

I struggled a lot while communicating with the interviewer, but been honest in my answers, and finally after a week I got the offer letter.

In mean time, had to take medical check-up, used my savings for buying clothes and other stuffs, and had to get the release letter from my previous employer, everything happened in two weeks.

I was posted for training, in Mysore. It was a new experience a 3 months training on a specialization.

I had to share the room, with a North Indian; he was a bit rude, but really talented guy. I was away from home for the first time, I bought a SIM card and used my first Nokia phone, and it was a bit out dated one. But still precious, as it was from my earnings. I used to recharge, with small amount and used to talk to my mother twice a week, my roommate as well, started calling his mother. He started sharing about his ups and downs and at times he used to prepare the coffee and gives me. We became good friends soon

Things were going tough, as there were heavy competitions. We used slog a study day in, and night. It was one of the coolest and most beautiful places in the world, but when it comes to trainee, we can just see burning midnight oil.

Late nights, survival on puffs in basement canteen was our life.

Between all these, we had to complete the training as well. There was a girl next to me, she was simple tall and beautiful. No show off, but still looks to be innocent. Lot of guys were trying to impress her, but she was firm in her studies.

Months were passing by; we were at the end of the first half of the course. We had to give our first exam. We did the assignments in the lab and it was around 2 AM. We had to leave, as we had classes next day. That was the first time; I got a chance to talk to her. She spoke a lot on the way to the room. But I couldn’t strike an interesting conversation.

With time, we started becoming friends. My friends used to make fun of me, and she as well shies a lot while speaking to me.

At the end of first half, most about 80% of the students got failed, but I was lucky enough to get passed.

The final part of the course came; we had only 45 days to prove ourselves.

Lot of interactions happened we exchanged our knowledge in class; we worked as a team and delivered the training projects. She used to encourage me a lot, always talks good about me and have she always celebrated my success more that hers. This is something I have never experienced.

The training got completed; we got posting at a different location.

Still remember the last day I saw her, while leaving. Not sure if that was just a friendship, or more than that. Didn’t try to talk to her after that day.

At times, we have tough choices, we may not get everything in life, but one need to think about choices been made, the choices we make may not be good for our future, but when you are part of a family, you need to think about others well being as well.

Failures are not persistent in life, when one keeps going, even the storm passes by. One needs to learn about life from doctors, they fight with death, when it comes to saving a life. Here we tend to quit for small things.

If one, cannot make beautiful people part of life, at least keep those days in memories to make your life beautiful.

Probably that’s why we are been blessed with memories.

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