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The Bhagvad Gita : My Vision!

The Bhagvad Gita : My Vision!

3 mins

My childhood was

Full of fantasy.

I was a very simple

And a bit too easy

To be duped and misled by Boundless distractions and

Temporary diversions, now and then.

In toto, I was living

The Life of a Prince

Who was a pauper 'within'...

No hard work and only playing

With unrealistic expectations

And unreachable limits

Of a mere fantasy while in

The state of semi-slumber.

I was a different person then --

A direct antonym of

What I have honestly experienced And discovered after long Strenuous efforts and

Struggles of my age.

I could not pacify my dreams

As an adolescent day-dreamer;

I couldn't touch the sky of my dreams

That I had desired

During my teenage period;

And to my surprise, I even failed to Delve deeper into my prime youth That, too left me unattended (Because of my emotional follies And illogical dreams

Of reaching somewhere that

Never happened in my life

And also being an emotional fool,

I had failed to grab my

Golden opportunities of the prime youth...

Believe me, a moment came in my life

While I surrendered before my circumstances...

I thought it was all over...!

I assumed

There were no more options

Left for me

To be taken into account...!

And believe me, I, being a backbencher

In this vast classroom of life,

Began thinking negative things

Instead of the better positive ones before me.

I could not make my parents

Proud of my 'karma'.

I was in turmoil...I had nightmares of failure and confusion

And I was literally stuck up

At the dead end of my thought process

(Only because of my

Loss of control

Over my emotions) !

Then, one day,

I had an opportunity to peep Through one of the book stalls

At a 'mela' (fair) being organised in Dhemaji, Assam.

There, by luck,

My eyes got attracted towards

A valuably matchless book, "BHAGAVAD GITA: AS IT IS"

By His Divine Grace -- A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada", the Founder-Acharya of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness.

Indeed, my whole concept of life Was changed from the blatant disregard

To the beauty of life

To the actual doorway of life

Of awareness and peace within...

Every page of the holy book

Is full of positive messages.

Randomly, whichever page

I happened to turn over, 

The uniqueness of the same would Really touch my dark corners of thoughtfulness

And transform them into

A wider flyover towards all

Good actions and an utterly meaningful approach

Towards a new zeal and enthusiasm

In favour of a strengthened

And consolidated life --

An undisturbed connection

With ground zero facts

(And no worthless fantasies

Or building of unrealistic castles

In the sky)!

Yes, after holding the Bhagavad Gita with reverence,

I reunited with my otherwise beautiful heart,

Mind matters and soul

In my solely honest manner

And gradually, I began rectifying

My mistakes that I had committed in my life of semi-slumber.

After reading this great book,

I opened up my thought process Sans mundane calculations

And obligations or bondage in life.

While I was submerged in

Utter selfishness and vanity fair

Of negligence in my prime youth,

I failed to keep up my 'dhyeya' (goal)...

I failed to follow my 'sankalpa' (vow)

To develop my life

And its approach to dealing with Anything and everything indifferently.

But with the uniqueness of

the Bhagavad Gita,

I, finally, rediscovered myself...

I realised my mission in life.

I began to believe in my strengths More than my weaknesses.

This is how the Bhagavad Gita

Has transformed my entire life

In a positive manner. 

By the way, which one is

Your favourite book?

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