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The Headmaster

The Headmaster

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He mostly enters his cabin early and exits late at night. It is his usual work hour that he keeps on following quite often. He even calls up two of his teachers who are reachable 24x7 willingly. That's so unique about the Headmaster of an English Medium Co-educational Institution!

The institution is being run by a non-profit organisation with the ideal motto: "manav sanrachna : rashtra nirman". The organization has a history of spiritual educational practices.

Mananeeya Eknath Ranade's selfless sacrifice and discipline had led to the dream of the "Vivekananda Shila Smarak", Kanyakumari as well as the glorious Vivekananda Kendra -- the Living Memorial inspiring millions and millions of young men and women involved in the great 'karma yoga' for the glorification of Bharat Mata as the 'vishwaguru'. And the school is a medium of fulfilling the 'dhyeya' with all integrity and solidarity in this society.

The Headmaster, himself, is a unique personality by dint of his smartness, discipline, punctuality, regularity and administrative responsibility that he renders without fail. He, himself, is the epitome of 'tyag', 'tapasya' and 'tejasvi' characters. His presence in the educational institution at Sarumanthi-Kachari Gaon, Saila Mandir Road, Khatkhati, Karbi Anglong (Assam) and its Town Unit at Bokajan -- unites all odds and reforms the entire set-up with utmost dedication and sincerity.

There is no doubt about it!

There may be miscellaneous issues amounting to am utter confusion or conflict among each other, quite naturally, yet the Headmaster solves every issue with successful outcomes sans pressure or fears whatever the case may be.

That's where he makes his perfect mark of excellence!

It doesn't mean that the Headmaster is egoistic or authoritative. On contrary, he is so down-to-earth and simple that he 'smiles and wins over' various issues or bottlenecks. Due to his presence, every staff is focused on his or her 'dhyeya' (goal) and in turn, the educational institution has been developing day by day. Though the place is quite underdeveloped with poor roadways, yet the zeal of the learners and the teachers does not fade away 'only because of the Headmaster. And I do see a bright future for the Co-educational institution with its value-based education based on NEP 2020.

The way the staff members are serving the institution is clear. The Halo of Positivism and indomitable self-esteem on the part of the Headmaster makes a difference in everyone's life.

My best regards and warm wishes are always there for the Headmaster.

His sole target is the development of the educational institution and the progress of the indigenous people of the locality. And the Headmaster has been honestly serving the nation and the people of the locality.

That's off to the Headmaster!!!

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