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The Interview

The Interview

3 mins

Saudamini Pradyumna Singh was very excited on Tuesday morning as she got an opportunity to interview one of the renowned farmers of their locality, Sri Ambar Lal Rajput, a gentleman in his early 40s and a successful farmer.

After having her breakfast, she took her scooty, wore her helmet, carried her notebook and pen in her leather bag, and started for House No. 66, Ram Bagaria Bhavan, Rampur.

By the time she reached there, it was 10:15 am. She stepped inside the spacious compound of Sri Rajput's house. She introduced herself to the lady (Sri Rajput's better half), named Smt. Lakshmi Shikha Devi, who offered her a big glass of 'lassi' and 'samosas' with 'aam ki chutney'. She sat down comfortably on a sofa at one corner and started sipping on the glass of 'lassi' and enjoyed 'samosas' with sour chutney. Yummy!

After half an hour or so, Sri Ambar Lal Rajput came out of his room and greeted Saudamini Pradyumna Singh with 'Namaskar mudra' and she, too, stood up and greeted him with due respect.

Saudamini Pradyumna Singh: "Namaskar Sir!"

Sri Ambar Lal Rajput: "Namaskar!"

Saudamini Pradyumna Singh: "As we know that you have earned a good name in the field of farming in our locality, could you please share your experience — i.e., how you thought of choosing this course of life?"

Sri Ambar Lal Rajput: "Well, I never thought of becoming a farmer in my life. It was a mere play of destiny that turned my focus on farming. As you know, how tough it is to get a job in today's society. I, too, had tried a lot to get one but in vain! Somewhere there was NO VACANCY; somewhere there was NO RECOMMENDATION. I had no other option other than choosing my self-help option. You know whatever minimum bank balance I had and along with that, I had to take a loan from the Bank and otherwise."

Saudamini Pradyumna Singh: "It seems you had to struggle a lot in your initial years, Sir!"

Sri Ambar Lal Rajput: "Of course! Saudamini ji, no pains, no gains! And being a common man, I, too, had to struggle a lot during my initial years. And I am happy that I did not surrender at the feet of the adverse situation."

Saudamini: "Sir, are you really satisfied with your life how it is?"

Sri Ambar Lal Rajput: "Yes, in a way you may assume that I am quite satisfied. Moreover, I am able to engage some young men, too, in my farmland of 1 acre. At present, I am earning enough to fulfill my family needs and also that of other people."

Saudamini: "Sir, what do you want to convey to our younger generation? Do you have any valuable suggestions for them? If so, please share."

Sri Ambar Lal Rajput: "Indeed, I can proudly say that if a person determines to reach his goal, no adverse situation can stop you from reaching your goal. So, I just want to tell the youth not to get disheartened if you cannot grab your dream destination. You can even continue to live life with whatever options are available for you! You just need to focus on the present situation! No procrastination, please! Work is worship. No shortcut to success, mind it! And I really believe in what I have been doing all these years without fail — sans negative thoughts or inferiority complex."

Saudamini: "Thank you, Sir, for giving your valuable time! Indeed, your thought level and the level of your work being performed with such positivity are really applaudable. I am really feeling myself lucky to interview you today! Hope to see you soon with more such interesting interviews."

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