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Tragedy Action Inspirational

Covid Crisis and We...

Covid Crisis and We...

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It was year 2020 -- the month was that of July, a day or two after my birthday and the day was very shocking for us. Both of us along with some other members of our rented housing complex had to go to the Civil Hospital, Dhemaji to do our first testing of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and the bad luck was along with some of the people of our housing complex at Bhehpara, Ward No. 4, my better half Deepika was also detected Covid Positive but I was negative. That very moment, everything changed and tears rolled down under her eyes, as she had never experienced hospital admission as a patient till then. Nothing could be done. She was admitted there and I had to return to my room with a heavy heart and some myriads of untold pains and agonizing moments. I was totally blank. Nothing came around my mind. I just came back, praying to Eshwar-Allah-Jesus-Buddha-Mahavira-Sacche Padshah Nanak ji and my destiny, so that my better half returns home completely safe, healthy and fit.

Matter of fact, those days, I had to conduct Online Classes as usual. The Almighty only knew how I cried and cried and cried and wiping my tears started my classes as usual from home. That very moment, I had no idea whether or not I could even do justice to my duty as a Sikshak Karyakarta. It was understandable that my whole body, mind, heart and soul was somewhere out there with my better half at the hospital -- long nine days with being able to see her, as our residential area was made a red zone and no one could move outdoor.

The ill-luck was, some days back, my Android Cell phone had fallen down in the bag where a milk packet was kept, after marketing. The worst thing that had happened was, due to over pressure of the articles inside the bag, the packet was torn and the cell phone was in contact with the spilt milk and that had made all the havoc. The cell phone started malfunctioning, when I tried to operate it. The rest is history.

I kept her Android Cell phone to use it by me during my Online Classes direct from home, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic situation prevailing everywhere. Moreover, she had to be bed-ridden without any physical meeting or even without any possibility of video calls. Now, you can easily imagine how tough it was...how lifeless it seemed to be while both were temporarily detached by situation. Whole nine days, mind it, whole nine difficult, troublesome and strenuous moments I was compelled to spend in total dismay. I was literally heartbroken. And worst of it, not a single so-calkef known people turned up (even at the closed main iron gate) to enquire about my condition of helplessness during the Covid-19 pandemic situation. And that's all what made it clear to me where they stood in our life.

Such an apathy, ill-treatment, hatred, discrimination and inhuman behaviour of people towards us during our helplessness.

Even, to my wife's utter shock, the so-called family friend (a married lady, staying at a walking distance from the hospital complex), even harshly refused to help her on the black & white keypad phone. The same lady, before our crisis, behaved as if, happened to be our so-called well-wisher. But during our crisis, she and her husband had shown us utter apathy, inhumanity and selfishness. Even after our request over phone, she made many lame excuses for not being able to help my wife with the necessary articles at the hospital, maintaining safe distance, wearing face mask and taking all the precautions. Even her husband and other relatives (known to us)

didn't even enquire about her health and mine, too. Not only they, other people - nearby our housing complex - too, behaved as if I was an alien arriving on earth.

Time is the best sauce. We had tasted our bad times in total loneliness and found that the people of this world have become too selfish and self-centered . Their real face bacame clear when we fervently requested them for help in our crisis and they callously refused to help, even they had made their cell phones 'Not Reachable', so as to inhumanly avoid us.

Only one gentleman's honest and unselfish help made us bow down to him for his exemplary humanitarian help, on my fervent request over phone. And his name was Sri Lilen Dihingia (a successful businessman in our town). He didn't make any lame excuses. His contribution towards our crisis and loss made us have faith in 'Eswariya Manav Prem' even in this 'Kaliyuga'.

Even today, we shiver while we flash back on the Covid-19 period. It was only due to the unselfish prayers of our near and dear ones that gave us moral boosting to fight back with a remarkable winning point one day. We extend our heartfelt gratitude towards all of them who had made a difference in our lives. We do remember others who had not even thought of communicating with us over telephone. It is bitter, yet true.

By God's grace as well as due to the selfless service of the Civil Hospital staff on duty relentlessly and without fail, my better half returned home successfully. And the rest is history.

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