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Children Stories Action Inspirational



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One Sunday morning, Sarfaraaz, a boy of Class X was taking a stroll on the subway . When he crossed the Traffic Point and walked towards the Children's Park, he observed a big dustbin left unattended negligently, opposite to the main gate of the park, he was quite shocked! It was overfilled and a foul smell was being spread over the surrounding areas . He was compelled to cover his nose with his handkerchief, because the bad odour was making him uncomfortable and vomit. He knew that it was unhygienic and unsafe to stay nearby . But he rethought upon a plan to find out a permanent solution to the problem so as to save many children as well as elderly people and other people who frequently visit the park early morning to enjoy the green environment. But, obviously, toxic elements being regularly spread in the air due the big dustbin, disturb them, too! 

He went back home and called up his friends Nestor, Malathi, Pranjal, Bhudev and Norbu and conveyed the message to them . As per his plan, they all met at their favourite spot "Ramu Kaka's Tea Stall" and discussed on their next plan of action . Meanwhile, they all had enjoyed a cup of tea each along with the special 'samosas' and 'dhaniya patton ki chutney" only prepared in its unique way at that tea stall located at the Bye Lane 2 .

After that, they all returned home, as it was about to be dusk .

Reaching home, Sarfaraaz spoke to his father Mr. Shahid Alam, a teacher . A bright smile was seen on his face while he shared his special plan with all enthusiasm . His 'abbajaan', too, encouraged him to act on his plan to make the environment clean and safe .

As it was the month of July, the vacation time, they all met together at the Children's Park on the next day, i.e., Monday, along with a hand-held trolley that was arranged for the work by Mr. Shahid Alam, to help them pick up the overfilled waste materials scattered hither and thither nearby the big dustbin -- being callously neglected and unseen by the so-called 'Town Committee officials' . The callousness of the concerned department as well the general people -- the passersby was quite clear because of the unhygienic and unsafe condition of the big dustbin, now not in proper use at


Within no time, the team began its noble duty, wearing a proper face mask each and proper gloves in hands . Malathi took the broom and swept the dirty area within half an hour or so . Nestor picked up all the extra empty plastic bottles, (once filled with water) in a big polythene bag, black in colour . Bhudev put the hand-made placards, citing "Swachh Shishu Udyan : Ho Shishu Kalyan!", "Kachdaa Nahin, toh Bimaari Nahin!" "Let's focus of our Environment!" and so forth . Norbu clicked on miscellaneous photographs to be later used for writing the Report on the actual situation in our society and to change the view points of some selfish people on this earth . Pranjal moved the trolley (as and when required) to carry the waste materials to the dumpyard far away from the town . And Sarfaraaz, carefully, collected all the e-wastes, such as defective Android cell phones, defective laptops, useless computer parts, useless music system, inactive radio sets and so forth, thrown by today's unconscious people after those things become valueless .

He decided to talk to the Chairman of the Town Committee, Sri Hillol Chakraborty, regarding the safe collection and recycling of the e-wastes for the safety of human life and that of the flora and fauna . So, he carried all the e-waste materials on that hand-held trolley towards the Town Committee Office. Malathi accompanied him to the office . After doing the needful, both of them returned to their previous spot of action, i.e., the big dustbin .

Meanwhile, the waste materials had been properly displaced and thus, Nestor and Pranjal sprayed water on the dustbin (to clean it up as per as possible) turn-by-turn through a rubber pipe, being attached to a big water tank that was supplied to them by Nestor's father Mr. Johnathan Kujur, an Engineer by profession .

By the time, they had finished their noble duty (sans any selfish interest or motive), it was late evening . After completion of their respective duties, they all went to Pranjal's home, as Sri Abhilash Hazarika & Smt. Bithika Hazarika, Pranjal's parents had invited them for dinner.

After reaching Pranjal's home, located just opposite to the Town College, all the friends had their bath and worn their clean clothes that had been already kept there by them the evening before, i.e., on Sunday .

That night, they all enjoyed a grand feast at Pranjal's house . After food, Mr. Hazarika dropped all of them at their respective home .

Next morning, there was a good news, awaiting them! A special Invitation came to them. They were called at the D.C. Office at sharp 10 am, to attend a Press Meet and be felicitated by the District Administration for their outstanding task that spread a positive message in the society to think out-of-the-box and serve the Nature and Environment without any selfish interest .

And all of it, thus, happened only because of the awareness on the part of Sarfaraaz whose one unique observation, perfect plan of action and able leadership quality to work as a team for the sake of humanity had resulted in this exemplifying noble action for the sake of Mother Earth .

Hats off to Sarfaraaz and his dedicated team!!!

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