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The Athletics Nationals.

The Athletics Nationals.

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"Mom let me go, very rare do such chances come," I told my mom when she told me not to go for the Athletics Nationals Meet at Pune. It was my dream to go. It was after a hard work of four long years that I had succeeded in going. There were reasons why mom did not want me to go :

1. Financial problems

2. My aunt's marriage

3. My birthday.

I knew that nothing would stop me. I was determined to go. Regarding the first problem, I was ready to become a miser. The other two weren't easy. I couldn't sacrifice the joy I was imagining the marriage and birthday party. However, I was more determined. The competitions ' call for me was a dream come true how would I ever let that go. My mother failed to stop me.

I was there at Pune for my competitions. I had mixed feelings. My appearance for the competition itself was a success in itself. The second joy was my birthday. I was happy for my birthday but sad that I was away from home. The marriage of my aunt was something I missed the most. All the family members had gone. I was the only one missing. I was sad about missing the celebration and most of all my favorite cousin, Nini(Gracy).

A new set of happiness was waiting for me at Pune. My event 800 m race was on the first day of the events. I won the race beating the unbeatable champion of the previous year. This gold was enough to pacify me of missing home. Winning the gold I had become the first from my school to do so. The second was my successful love story. It was here at Pune that I had got my dream queen, Priya. So my choice was right. Today the gold medal still makes me remember the golden past. If I would fail to take the important decision, my dream gold and dream Priya would be merely dreams.

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