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Udhbhavi Arora

Drama Fantasy


Udhbhavi Arora

Drama Fantasy

The Adventures Of Miss Smith

The Adventures Of Miss Smith

5 mins 46 5 mins 46

Very long ago, lived a lonely couple on a remote hillside. The couple was very hardworking and had no problems in life except they just wanted a child for a long time. 

When Sara Festival was going on a small angel entered with a small child, and she said: "Dear, take this child this is a gift from God because you are very hardworking," speaking this she left. The couple was thrilled. They named her Sara Smith after the festival when she was born. 

The girl grew up to be very smart and adventurous. On her sixth birthday, her uncle gifted her a golden retriever puppy. By when she was eight, she was taking care of two dogs and a cat. 

At the age of eighteen, she decided to go to Nigeria and become an explorer. But at that time, women were not allowed to board ships. Sara dressed up as a man and borrowed some money from her father. On the way to Nigeria, she encountered many storms, but that did not stop her.

When her real identity was discovered, she was put into prison for two weeks. After two weeks; she was free. She had to spend a year in Austria because she was forbidden to leave the country. That did not stop her from exploring. She explored Austria and made many friends. One of her best friends was Mia. To earn money, both of them decided to work for a dog breeding company. They both worked very hard but made very less money.

You all might think what a bane for her but NO luckily in that one year the ban was lifted and women were allowed to board ships. Mia and Sara were both onboard helping each other cleaning, cooking and fighting. They together robbed many Spanish ships. Once, they decided to attack a ship so they jumped on it and the passengers abanded the ship without even a fight. 

They named their ship, 'the robbers'. They encountered a gigantic storm and their boat almost drowned, but luckily some helpful sailors invited them on their ship. Their names were Roberto and her sister Clara. Sara told Roberto and Clara about going to Nigeria. They both were on cloud nine when they heard; they asked Mia and Sara and they both said yes. So it was four people going to Nigeria together. 

When they reached Nigeria, they went to a local village, the people there said "ke wacece." The four of them looked at each other and got confused. Then another villager came and told," Tani e." They still did not understand until another one came and said:" these men are talking in Yoruba and Hausa. They mean, who you are?" Roberto came closer and replied, "Hello! We are tourists from Sweden, and we came to visit this beautiful country." The man greeted them. They found a hotel named Sheraton Hotel, which had 300 rooms. 

After a few days they learnt that the country has 527 languages, seven of them are extinct. Nigeria also has over 1150 dialects and ethnic groups. Six of them are main. 

They left their hotel and went to a rain forest to learn about the plants. They found out that the rainforests have epiphyte plants which means they grow on top of each other. Some examples are orchids, mosses, lichens and various species of cacti. Roberto got so fascinated by this amazing country, so he decided to stay there and let the others travel to India. All of them felt sad as Roberto was an excellent friend, but they respected his decision and waved goodbye. 

Instead of taking the boat this time they bought three plane tickets and landed in the capital of India: Delhi. They all coughed as they reached. They all thought the same thing: so much pollution. None of them was wearing masks, but there was so much pollution, so they went to a nearby store and bought some. Luckily, the person whom they talked to knew English. They found a hotel named The Leela Palace. They got to know that India has 22 official languages. The main are Hindi and English. After a few days of rest, they decided to explore. They hired a tourist guide who took them to Red Fort first. Red Fort is a fort made of red sandstone, built by Shah Jahan. Second, they went to Qutub Minar. It is a stone minaret built by three emperors Qutab-ud-din Aibak, Iltutmush and Firoz Shah Tughlak. Next, to Humayun's Tomb, which is a tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun built by his son Akhbar. Finally, they went to Chandni Chowk. The guide told them that Chandini Chowk is in the heart of Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk is a busy shopping area with markets full of spices, dried fruit, silver jewellery and vivid saris. At the same time, the narrow side streets are crowded with tiny shops selling essential oils, stationery and traditional Indian sweets. Sara bought a lehenga ( a type of a skirt), Clara purchased a silver necklace, and Mia ordered an orange sari. They had a lot of fun, but now it was time to leave. Their next stop was Japan.

Again they decided to take a flight to Japan. When they reached the airport, they were starving. On the street, they saw a man selling some food. They rushed towards it. He was selling sushi; they had heard about sushi a lot but had never tasted it. Sara decided to eat it, she took a bite, and she loved it. Sushi was a dish which contained rice and seafood. Sara encouraged Mia and Clara to taste it, so they did, but they did not like it at all. They went looking for more. They found Yaki Imo(roasted sweet potato). This time Clara decided to taste it. She ate it, and how she loved it, she asked for more. Mia and Sara also loved them. They took a cab to their hotel. In Japan, they went to The Imperial Palace, The Sensō-Ji Temple, The Sensō-Ji Temple and finally Ueno Park and Zoo. Then eventually they returned to Sweden, and the three of them lived together forever.

I hope you liked travelling with Miss. Sara Smith and her friends. 

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