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Anindya Biswas



Anindya Biswas


Te Amo

Te Amo

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Boy and girl were walking side by side, holding hand in hand, by the seashore. The beautiful sand, coconut trees, light drizzle in the afternoon sun created a beautiful panorama.

Suddenly the girl stopped and clinched the boy's hand towards her.

Girl(with a cheeky smile):" Can I ask you something?"

The boy nodded with a smile.

Girl: "How much do you love me?"

The boy grinned slightly. He closed the girl's eye from behind and faced her towards the sea.

Boy: "open your eyes."

Girl(slowly opening): "hmm?"

Boy: "You see the afternoon sun setting on the horizon?"

Girl: "Yes."

Boy: "Also do you observe the ocean water, that it has no matter how far you see?"

Girl: Hmm hmm.

Boy: " I am the sun, and my love for you is like the ocean water. I like to rise and set, each and every day, forever and ever, in our ocean of love; which has no boundaries, no matter how far you go."

Girl: "I love you and you forever",

and hugged him tight.

Boy:" Te Amo", and held her closer to his heart.

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