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Drama Romance

Essence of Love

Essence of Love

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A boy and girl were walking side by side, hand in hand. A cool wind was flowing, with light drizzle, an ideal romantic day.

Suddenly, the girl stopped and looked at the boy. Boy was startled but quiet.

Girl:" Can I ask you one question?"

Boy: "Yes". (With a smile).

Girl:" I want to know today, why you love me? Please, Can you answer me directly? I want an answer from the heart."

Boy smilingly knelt down, holding her hands closer to his chest, as if to immerse all his prayers inside her.

Boy:" I love you...yes I do. I don't know why, and I never want to know why. I just feel with you by my side, I don't want to think of the past, I don't want to be scared of the future. I just want to live in present. I just want to live life with you. With you by my side, this life feels so good, so worthwhile. If my life is a road, you are the directions. When you stand beside me, I don't want to know whether I would be alive after the next five minutes. I just want to say that even if death comes to me after 5 minutes, I will embrace it smilingly, because, my last memory will be you. You are the best thing that happened to me personally, and I want to cherish it till my last breath".

Girl couldn't hold herself any longer. She burst into tears and hugged him tight, as if to never let him go.

Girl (teary-eyed) " I love you".

Boy: "I love you too".

Heavens poured from above. They drenched in the rain of love.

After all, love is God's blessings, isn't it?

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