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Tina's Bad Hair Day

Tina's Bad Hair Day

5 mins

After a bad day at work, Tina came home exhausted. As soon as she entered the house, her five-year-old son Tony bombarded her with questions. He asked her "Why is the moon white? Why can't I come with you to office? Why is the cat called a cat and not a dog?" She lost her cool and said to him "I am tired of your silly questions. Why don't you just go to your room and play? Stop irritating me." Tony was very upset. He didn't understand why his mom didn't want to play with him. He missed her all day. He went to his room quietly sobbing.

Tina felt even worse after yelling at Tony. Since the divorce, she was always angry. Managing a child as a single parent with her demanding job was the most difficult thing Tina had done. She was extremely hurt because of the divorce. How dare her husband Roger cheat on her despite Tina being such a dedicated wife? The divorce went on for about two years. She spent all her savings in the lawyer's fees. She didn't even have enough money to afford a nanny. She left Tony at a cheap daycare. The school kept sending her notes about Tony's bad grades. From an active child, he had become an introvert. And she craved sex. But what was she supposed to do? Every day seemed like a drag. She had lost hope and was so depressed. While Tina was in a depression, Roger remarried. This made Tina feel more agitated.

Did Tina have a bad hair day today? No, she had been having bad hair days since the last 6 months. Suddenly the phone rang. It was a call from her husband's attorney. Tina asked him why had he called. He said "Roger has decided to fight for Tony's custody as you are not capable emotionally or financially to take care of him. The school called him this morning to inform him about Tony's bad performance and his aloofness. Please be present at Court tomorrow for the custody case hearing." Tina was shocked. How could he think of taking away her son from her? She washed her face, changed her clothes and prepared a warm hot chocolate for Tony. She took the hot chocolate to his room. He was already asleep. She kissed him on his forehead and pulled a blanket over him. It was then that she noticed that he was holding a photograph of their family near his chest. Tears rolled down her eyes when she saw this picture. They were so happy. Then what went wrong? Was it the indecisiveness on every topic? Was it the sex? Who knows. She lay beside Tony and slept.

Next day she dressed elegantly. She prepared Tony's favourite breakfast and dropped him at his school. She walked inside the courtroom with confidence that day. What did she have to lose? She had already lost everything.

The judge called her to the witness stand and asked her why he should let her have Tony's custody. Tina said "Please don't grant me the custody because I am a mother. I ask for no pity nor sympathy. I gave my best to my marriage. Yet Roger cheated on me. He filed for bankruptcy and didn't give me a penny for Tony's maintenance. But he has the money now to file for a custody case. I work a 10 hour shift in a shady office so I can meet the ends. I cook, clean and take care of Tony while managing my job. Since the last 6 months, I have not slept for more than 4 hours every day because I can either sleep or finish my daily chores. Tony is a bright boy. But he misses his father just like any other child would. Unfortunately, I have to work so I can pay the bills and thus I am not as available for Tony as I used to be prior to the divorce. I still believe you should grant me Tony's custody. Not because I am his mother. But because I will do anything it takes to keep him safe and healthy. We have had some bad hair days but just like every storm passes, this one shall also pass. I love him and he is all that I have. If you take him away from me, you will take away not only my son but my hope of life."

The judge adjourned the case to another date so he could hear Roger's side as well. Tina decided to take Tony on a picnic that weekend. They went to his favourite garden and had lot of fun. Tony was happy and so was Tina. She quit her job and started a daycare so she could spend more time with Tony. Within the next few days, Tony's grades improved. The income was low but Tina was finally living in her present. She was happy at last.

When the hearing date came, the judge summoned Tina and Roger to his chamber for a private hearing. He believed that family matters can be better conducted in a chamber rather than an open Court. He said that he had decided to give Tina the custody. However, Roger could visit Tony whenever he wanted to. Roger was ordered to pay to Tina a nominal amount towards the child's education and maintenance.

This was the first time in several months that Tina had a good day. In due course of time, her business improved. Her bitterness towards Roger reduced and she finally forgave him. Tony was awarded the best student of his class that year. From being a confused person Tina now emerged as a strong woman. She was able to achieve this because of her strong willpower, dedication and acceptance of her situation. Every cloud has a silver lining. In the same way, every bad hair day will one day turn into a good day even one stays motivated just like Tina.

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