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Aiysha khan



Aiysha khan


Those Two Hours

Those Two Hours

2 mins 497 2 mins 497

Last two hours.

It's hard literally hard seeing your someone so close getting away from you.

It was hard for me too, .

I still remember those two hours where I did nothing than just sitting and crying for the complete hours as I had a bad dream which nor or any one would dream to be completed.

That was the only dream I wished to never be completed as that wasn't just a dream.rather a death certificate of mine alone with my closed one's.

I saw that I my mom dad and my little brother we all were off to a family dinner in our car.

It was some how 1 am by night when we were returning back for our dinner.

We were on high way where we were happily counting on today's dinner.

Mom enjoying the laughter and joke I and my brother were sharing, dad was interrupting and teasing mom with her dinners behaviour .

Just while driving, my father took a 2 sec silent nap and boom, in that nap only everything thing changed.

I don't know to what we got hitted but when I opened my eyes, everything was upside down.

My mom dad were bleeding badly, my brother was trying to breath and I was helpless.

Somehow I managed to get out of the car and stood up I was bleeding and was moving hands so that someone could help us.

Trying to get help , i too fell , as my energy was entirely gone i wasn't able to make a stand also.

I fell on the road and was blinking my eyes in hope that atleast a car would stop to help us.

After a couple of minutes a family stopped their car.

They saw us I could hear some one shouting call the ambulance call the ambulance.

I was grabbed by them.and pulled into their cars . My hands wanted my parents touch my brother love but I was helpless. I was crying , my pain was growing I was dying to see them.

Later on when I opened I found my self on my bed,.

I woke up from bed went directly towards my parents room.

Saw them touched them.and felt safe.

I was happy that was just a dream only and I wished that I would never be fulfilled.

After that I went straight to my brothers room hugged him and slept beside him.

It's hard to leave your family and most difficult part too 

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