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Aiysha khan



Aiysha khan


Judge Not

Judge Not

3 mins

We, humans, are those creatures who judge a person by just looking at his or her face.

Even without knowing the reasons behind that look. We judge them and that's the worst part one have to face.

We do not think for one second too that we will too be going to face this situation one day. Not now but one day.

Same goes with the story of two friends. Two best friends, best buddies, the crime partner of each other.

Sameer and Aaqib. They both belonged to the same school. GVPS school

Both shared a strong bond of friendship between them.

They shared a strong bond that they used to be the secret holder and relationship advisor also to each of them..

To every work which Sameer wished to do and his parents wouldn't allow. Aaqib used to convince them. And same used to go with Aaqib's family. 

To what his parents denied Sameer used to convince them.

Everything was perfect until a storm of challenge arrived in Aaqib's life.

He started to remain quiet, yet smiling.

Started to keep him aside in everyone's life yet he had a smile.

Sameer started feeling his behaviour as abnormal and then and very self centred. He used to point him out on his every action but still he kept a smile and one day while figuring out Aaqib's situation Sameer started to interrogate him on strict basis. He told this change in his behaviour is due to him as Sameer used to be with him always yet he topped and Aaqib's just got passed on margin. 

Unaware of Aaqib's situation Sameer used to believe that his half yearly Mark's are the reason of his such behaviour and started to distance himself yet he used to worry for him as he always used to.

 As off a brother is brother's best friend and relax buddy too

Then on one day sharp at 8 am Sameer received a call that aaqib had attempted suicide. Listening this Sameer ran fast at his home. And

Then he saw Aaqib sitting there and went to him and slapped him tightly as off who dare he to even think of suicide. He holds his shoulder and asked him to make him angry 

That now he supposed to give him the actual reason for his changed behaviour with him.

On continue requesting Aaqib finally told him the reason for his behaviour. 

The actual reason was that in his neighbour there lived a girl Ruhi. 

She was beautiful, sweet and very attractive too 

Aaqib loved him a lot but was afraid to tell him that.

But one day having some guts in him to tell his feelings to Ruhi.

Ruhi ignored him yet Aaqib kept on conveying his feelings. Finally one day Ruhi told Aaqib that if he wants Ruhi to accept him .. then he should start earning a build a base and after school and graduation he should talk to him face to face as of now he is doing. 

I'll wait and accept you right at that moments and this is my demand for this relationship. 

Aaqib tried to do something at his school base but he couldn't do and started to be in depression which leads him to poor results in half yearly exams. He couldn't handle the pressure and then after this much of pain he tried to attempt suicide which he failed to do so.

Listening to this Sameer slapped him again and shouted at him saying you could have once told me about this I would have given you a better solution and would have completed Ruhi's demand too but you coward you didn't even think for once to talk to me

You kept hiding everything behind this smile even on my daily pointing you hadn't tried for once to tell me. If you couldn't understand me capable to carry your friendship then there is no use to call me as a best friend. It's better to leave this friendship than to be in with it

listening this Aaqib broke into pieces and asked for sorry and promised he would never try anything such in future too

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