My Resolution

My Resolution

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2019 was amazing for me and I wish that my 2020 too goes superb and dashing and more exciting than 2019.

So, as usual, this time also I'm out of resolution as I don't set so easily but to what I am thinking and I wish at least I have to do these things complete my 2019 are.

1)- To achieve more score than my previous year.

2)' to start my educational YouTube channel.

3)- To get more work in anthology as launch my own book.

4)- To loose some fat.

5)- cut on fast food.

6)- have a healthy lifestyle.

7)- to write more and more fascinating stories and build huge audiences as my readers.

I dont know how much of these I'll be going to complete all I need is just to end my 2020 with a statistically positive response that at least I have completed any 4 tasks what I had set for me

Last one us my personal favorite I'll make sure I'll do this as I have to do this writing is my love and my readers are my cute crush and how can I make my crush sad.

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