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Aiysha khan



Aiysha khan




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Hey Humans,

It's been so long that we had communication.

Yet, it's better to do now than to delay. I know you all are being worried as off this quarantine or self-isolation period is on. Some of you must be happy by this as you are able to spend time with your closed ones, you can feel their emotion, you can help them in their daily chaos, you are able to do everything you had once wished for.

But at the same time, there must be some people who are being frustrated day by day due to work issues, earning issues, and many more stuff.

Half of you must be questioning the government and half of you must be cursing to the Chinese.

But overall I'm happy with this self-quarantine of yours.

For so long I have been warning you over my.bad health and poor hygiene conditions. Had anyone of you gave concern over it.

Had you ever thought that if you had listened to my pain and worries you would have been saved from this pandemic but you didn't.

Now since you all are in your homes have you noticed one thing that the birds which were once afraid of you are now free to move and roam around.

The animals which had a fear of being molested over the roads or being summoned to death by your careless driving are now free to wander.

They are happy and cheerful by this quarantine.

Can you see me healing and heading towards the earth I was some years ago.

Can you see the sky being cleared can you see the water so fresh.

Can you see those birds being in love and expressing it without the fear of being separated and caged?

Can you see the natural healing process?

Can you see how harmful you were to all? Then the animals were to you.

Dera human, at last, I would wish that you could understand the fact that you yourself are the destroyer of my world. You yourself are the destroyer of humans, animals, and nature.

Stop being so irresponsible and careless and being a disaster to all.

By then stay at home and enjoy the time with your family I know one day this duration will get over and again you will start misusing me and my nature. Again you will destroy it. Again you are harmful to me.

But till then let me heal myself and heal my nature.

Coz expecting this from you humans is very heartbreaking. I know you will just promise but won't do so.

So keep yourself safe and secure

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