Photo Frame

Photo Frame

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Photo frames are one of the best sources of keeping some memories close to yourself.

Photo frames keep you emotionally attached to your favourite moment.

One such memorial moment for me is when I see a picture attached in a photo frame having me and my family closely held together.

I remember it was hardly the first and last picture of us where we all 6 of us were together in a frame.

And the credit of this frame goes to a sudden trip planned by one of my father's friends.

He suddenly suggested in the morning around 10 that we should visit Meerut, and then we all started to pack then we were off to trip by 12 then we enjoyed the trip had parted the way long the trip went to mall .. went to church and then when we were back to home in between we went to mac Donald's there we had dinner and at last uncle suggested to click photo and then we had the one photo of the trip.

It almost that when we used to click photo some times we had only 4 of us I.e me and my 3 brothers or me and my 2 brothers and my mom.

And I guess after my parents' marriage this trip was the second most picture where my parents were together in a frame again.

This trip is my most favorite and best pic as it has our complete family.

Me my mom my dad, and my three brothers.

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