Drashti Badheka

Romance Crime Thriller


Drashti Badheka

Romance Crime Thriller

Sweet Velvety Voice

Sweet Velvety Voice

4 mins

My head started spinning, I wanted to stop my head but my hands were tied. My eyes were blindfolded, the only thing I was able to see was our beautiful memories. Even the cloth went wet because of tears running through my eyes. My heart cried for him. I was tied on something like a chair, I wasn't able to move. 

Someone's arrival sounded. My hands went stiff, I tried to murmur-

"have courage, he will come.

Someone was coming near to me, something touched my cheeks but those hands were rough and smell bad. 

I heard a laugh-

"You smell lovely, don't you?

I tried to clam my heart, and said -

"I m not afraid of you."

His amusement went off. He sounded angry, opened my blindfold and told-

"You should be. But I expected while Darsh is a smart boy and I too expected his beloved will be someone more than him."

It was a really dark room covered by mirrors all around. I was only able to see him and me all through.

"Well, you know he is a very good person and extremely lucky, which is a reason I hated him always. And now, he has a partner, so beautiful and smart. I totally envy him. You know my dear, this will be the best day. You know why? Because I will kill you. Don't be afraid, you will not feel anything."

I was terrified, what kind of man is he! Trying to kill me just to let feel Darsh pain. I am not gonna make his plan successful at any cost. He still continued-

"You must be thinking about what would I get by killing you. Well, I m so excited to tell you... I will love the feeling when he will be whole broken seeing you in pieces. And I will make him that lucky to see you in pain but won't be able to help you."

He was no less than a beast. I won't let Darsh hurt. But what could I do? He will be in pieces if he saw me dead. Tears from my eyes started coming out again. I tried to keep courage but the thought of losing him was making me helpless. I didn't even get time to tell him how much I loved him. I wanted to tell him to start a new life and don't be sad. 

But the great weapon which broke my courage was, I was helpless, tied, very very far from him. The other side of my heart said my Darsh will save me, but what if he won't be successful. I just wanted one chance to talk to him.

I made the courage to ask-

"Will... Will you able to complete my last wish?"

I tried to question his ability, it might work out.  He looked towards me trying to examine what was actually going into my mind. I remained stiff, tried to hide the actual feeling. 

He asked- "what do you want?"

I felt like winning a conversation- "I wanted to talk one last time to my mom."

He waited and thought deeply about my intentions, I would say he wasn't that smart to cross-check me.

He asked- "what exact words are you going to use?"

I told- "I m just going to say... I love her so much ...and don't let Darsh hurt himself."

He waited for a few seconds, he figured there wasn't anything wrong with those words. He accepted my request and made a call, the connection was made but no one talked, so I went first-

"Hello... " still no one answered and my heart was running faster by seconds. He made his eyes stiff towards me, so I went on...

"I don't know who you are, just tell my mom I loved her so much, and please do tell her to take care of Darsh as well, don't let him go near the mirror."

The phone call instantly broke. My last hope broke off too. I thought this was going to end like this, but I wished to see him one last time before my last breath. He came near me, untied me, showed his shiny hunting teeth. It was a terrible feeling to see myself being hunted by a creature. He hurt me near my neck, I pushed him still I struggled to move myself. Blood started flowing from my neck. He took me again while all things around me started becoming blurry.

A force came towards my back which took me in his hands. I could smell him. Darsh was carrying me, but we fell. Still, he struggled to get me out and told -

"Jaan, don't worry I'm here. I won't let him hurt you again. Come on open your eyes, please. I'm sorry, please open your eyes."

His sweet, velvety voice made me so relaxed.

"I love you. " I told.

When I told those words, I heard a shout, from one direction I was feeling the heat. Darsh came and hugged me -

"I love you too jaan. Come let's go, you will be fine."

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