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Stop Feeding Your Ego

Stop Feeding Your Ego

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Do you still remember your childhood's best friend or college best friend's name? Well, if it’s a yes, very well and good. But if it is not, here is your moment. Recall the name. Either way, you will be surprised to realize that you have that little, cute and innocent smile on your face with many memories flashing your way altogether. (You need to work upon you if you don’t have one).

What brought that precious smile back? What made you walk through that sacred memory lane? What’s so special and what makes it different from your professional circle.

Well, it is simple, the simplicity, the innocence, the selflessness and almost zero egotism. 

Surely, you have incidents when you buddies might have fought for, beaten up, played with, covered up for, hanged out with each other and so on. Childhood’s innocent pranks were then overtaken by teenaged dramas which in turn lately got overridden by office “politics”. The world changed from a big playground to a bigger theater to the biggest battlefield. 

What if one’s colleague does not ‘unnecessarily' complain about his/her minor mistake (which would otherwise go unnoticed)? What if one would take the ‘leg-pulling' in a little casual way? What if the one who got scolded because of me would just take it as a ‘friendly’ attack? Etc., etc., and etc.

As far as my itty bitty mind can think, the ‘official’ world had been a better place to survive and grow up at, had the answers to the above questions be positive. 

Whenever your friend made you slip n the game (definitely unintentionally) you would not mind it saying, “That’s ok. It is just a game and you are my friend beside the game".

Whenever your friend mocked at you, you would ignore it saying, “That’s ok. You are my friend beside this joke".

Whenever you got scolded for your friend’s action, you would just revenge it healthily saying, “That’s ok. It's your day today and the next day would be mine but you are still my friend”.

Whenever you got revenged, you just partied together. 

And the list goes on.

What makes me think about all this is the fact that whenever I faced such ‘battlefield like situations’ at my workplace, my efficiency got affected majority of the times. Had these occasional incidents not taken place I would have focused more on my work, tried to better up my myself professionally as well as intellectually. One must think – what has he taken that education? Why has he joined a workplace? How is this “grown ups' battle” enhancing oneself, the society and the nation. Don’t let everything that happens around, especially at workplaces be the Ego’s food. Let the child within you enjoy some stuff in the playground, in the theater. Learn to differentiate between Self Respect and Ego.

Remember - Life has a lot of more important battles piled up for You.

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