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A Little Maa In Every Mother

A Little Maa In Every Mother

3 mins

Meenal had been the heart of everyone in her in-laws’ family since the day of her marriage with Arun 13 years back. Apple pie of MIL and FIL whom she addressed as Maa and Paa. An elder sister to her brother in law, whom she always addressed as Vineet Beta. And of course the lifeline of Arun as she has undertaken almost every responsibility of his. Manali, her 11 year old daughter opened her eyes in the morning only with Mummy Meenal's smile and lullaby. 

Every morning started with the chirping call outs for the breakfast but today, she had been very quiet since morning Manali noticed it first of all and soon spread out to every one’s ears just like the wind.

All through the day, everyone noticed it and tried to find out the reason behind in the most loving way they could. But all in vain. As she just kept herself busy in taking care of everyone as she used to.

By 6 p.m. when Meenal’s silence had become unbearable for everyone, they all thought of a plan. Arun first of all waited for the moment when she would be working alone in the room, with everyone else waiting at the room's threshold. And, like the most loving and caring husband (which he indeed was) held her hand tightly in his' and asked about what has dimmed the shine of her eyes today. 

After denying for few moments, she started sobbing and started to bring it out of her heart – ‘Due to the present Lockdown going on, I wouldn’t be able to visit my Mom’s house this vacation.’ 

While everyone waiting outside went speechless, Arun didn’t understand in the first hand as to how to handle this saddening as well as the funny situation. He knew it very well that if a married woman is even the Queen of the World, she still misses her maternal home and her Mom the most. A small girl always stays alive somewhere hidden in the heart of a mature and responsible woman. 

Arun had to play the role of a father here and he even did that - very perfectly. When he was able to calm down Meenal, he winked his eye at the other members of the family – Meenal’s second family - and they all came in. Vineet hugged his sister Meenal, Maa and Paa offered her the Baalushahi (her favorite), Arun ensuring her with his gestures that everything was perfect as usual and all once again laughed whole heartedly. Finding Manali standing behind her Amma (Grandma) Meenal stretched her arms to hug her. As Manali came into her arms, Meenal had two little droplets of tears of love floating in her eyes.

Manali wiping out those tears said – ‘Oh Sweet Mummy, may I ask you something?’ Meenal nodded in yes. ‘Mummy, Amma has brought your favourite Mithai, she loves you, you love her too and you also call her Maa. Right na Mummy?’ Hugging her more lovingly and kissing her forehead, Meenal agreed – ‘Yes my baby'. Now, Manali, to understand the story, asked something which made Meenal rethink about her feelings – ‘Why were you sad today missing Nani Amma. Amma is also your mother na?’ ‘We will go to Nani Amma's house later. Please don’t be sad. I miss your smile.’ 

Meenal just stood up, hugged her Maa and all that she could say was – ‘I am really sorry Maa. Your child Meenal hurt you today haha. Maa, like any other mother, just kissed Meenal’s forehead and said – ‘No my bachcha, you are my lovely child.’

Remember – No replacement for one’s Mummy, but there’s a little Mother in every Mumma, Mummy ji, Saasu Maa, Amma, or whatever you call her.

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