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Aashi Gaur

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Learn From Kids

Learn From Kids

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Ever came across handling babies of two different species at the same time? “Different species “? 

Manu seemed to be showing signs of really liking his Anya Masi by now. Manu was a chubby, fun loving, little pampered, lovable, Grandma's apple of the eyes (his face resembled his Grandma’s) and picture perfect face of two and a half years boy by now. He had been the youngest kid since last two years and probably the cutest of all the kids by now in the family. 

The other species was Guchu….a female Pomeranian adopted by the family almost 5 years back. She had been as loving as any member of this species’ family could ever be. The only insanity present in her being, not to be disturbed while sleeping. Still, despite this particular insanity and bitings as a result, she had been the heart of Anya Masi since her arrival in the family. She was, infact, Masi's Adopted Daughter. 

Manu's mom and dad had been having a really hard time handling him whenever he fell ill. Reasons could be as many as you would observe, but particularly two of them worth mentioning were that firstly, Manu would resist the taste of the medicines. And secondly, neither of them patient enough to pamper or simply cuddle up the child to be able to not to resist the “much needed" medicines.

One day, Manu fallen ill, with Anya Masi around, and finding him habitually resisting the medicines once again, Anya Masi embracing in her arms, took him and Guchu together up to the table chair where she generally medicates her very own baby, Guchu . After making both the kids (of different species) comfortable at the same point of time, Anya Masi firstly inserted first sip of medicated (although just the daily routine iron syrup) syrup in Guchu’s mouth which she licked up completely. Then the second sip.

Watching Masi been so playful and Guchu enjoying her portion of medication, Manu surprisingly demanded for his share of “tasty” Medications, as he believed it to be his turn in the game. 

To everyone’s surprise, Manu drank up his spoonful (that’s how we give the kids dosage, right) of the medicines. And after getting a kiss on their foreheads they rushed back, to the lobby where all were eagerly waiting, so as to let them know about the great adventure they have just been through.

And as expected, everyone was surprised as well as relieved about, at least, today’s last dose. 

Was it really that tough? What was actually tough?

Perhaps it was not the medicine or the child who was the trouble. Rather the approach being adopted was. 

We often try and, in fact, do adopt an approach that is “mature”, “dominating”, “aggressive” and the blah blah blah likes.

It's important and fair enough to be mature once we reach a certain age. But is it equally important to lose that child within us? One must understand and remember that that child remains alive in us so that we can have simplicity in our nature and lives. Don’t murder it and don’t lose it, for that Child is the wisest and your truest friend ever.

Remember, Not every Problem is “that" complex. And neither is its Solution.

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