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Anu Menon

Abstract Fantasy


Anu Menon

Abstract Fantasy

Sister Chat

Sister Chat

2 mins 49 2 mins 49

The alarm clock rang with its usual Rock and Roll Dream tune.

Mila had to wake up as the tune kept her in a good mood.

She was 16 and just moved to a hotel in London, while her friend Minty was in Africa.

Minty was a day younger than Mila.

They both always thought they were like sisters since they were kids.

Mila could never forget the thing Minty texted her.


Minty 4 am

Hi sis

You 4:30 am


Minty 7 am


You 7 am


She remembered it like it was today even though it did happen today.

She missed Minty and her funny company.

It was 2 hours since they said anything which felt like forever.


You 1:40 pm


Minty 1:41pm


You 1:53 pm

Wat u doin



Chat has been ended by Minty106

This was torture. How could sh-


The doorbell rang.

Mila slipped out of her bed and slam-bang on the floor. She had no time for boo-boos now.

She frantically opened the door.

"Hi, sis!" said a familiar voice.

Mila gasped "Mintsies, Why? How? When? Who? Whaaaaatt?"

"I will answer all your questions:

Why- I wanted to see you

How - I boarded a plane 

When - Just now

Who - Me

Whaaaatt- ...

Well, I don't know how to answer that question but all I can tell you is that I ended our chat because I am moving to London...


"Yaaay" shouted Mila.

It was dinner time. Mila was gobbling almost everything on her plate while Minty just stared at the scattered forks and spoons.

"I am sorry since I am alone I don't really clean up," said Mila with a mouthful of chicken. 

"Oh no no, It is not that. I just eat with my hands so much that I forgot what the silver things are called," said Minty.

"It's fine. Now, eat quickly. We have a big day tomorrow," said Mila.

Biddle Beep



live.c623/712 wants to connect with you

Accept                Block

Hi sis 

IHANC (I have a new chat)

Who is this?

It's Mint 

 Okay sis

Can we chat?

"Wait a second, What in the world is happening

I live in the same house as her.

So there is no need for a chat" said Minty embarrassed.

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