Shining Shore

Shining Shore

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The coastal side of earth,

Carries a bountiful

Enriching atmosphere

in itself that,

No matter how much

You travel back,

To it's beautiful

Patches of blues,

It refreshes the soul

With a cold blanket

& unwinds the knots

Of mind like a

Breeze flowing

Across the ocean,

Carrying the waves

in it's melody.

You hear the birds chirping

& ripples forming

On the other side.

There are palm trees

Murmuring in silence.

The sand tracing the

Foot prints while,

Soothing sound

Of water calls you

To come & play with it.

As you gaze through

A distance, is the

Sun setting slowly

While you watch the twilight

Across the horizon.

There's calmness

All around &

As you stand still

There, the wind

Wipes of all

Worries by blowing

Your hair away.

What a wonderful

Gift it is to be

Healed and held

By nature.

Oh! My dear friend,

When you are lost..

Don't worry,

Come back here &

Stay with me for a while,

The echoes reached your

Ear from a distance

While you smiled and

Your face was shining bright

As the rays from the pearl

Inside an oyster shell

Reached your hands.

Treasure these moments..

Remember what it gave

& Taught you in the process.

Give what you can.

Nature is your home!

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