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One Winter Morning

One Winter Morning

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I woke up to a dream in the midnight & noticed the moonlit clear dark sky decorated with stars.

Everything seemed still and silent around except the voice in my heart. As I stood across the window gazing outside.. The place looked hazy with shimmering lights...All I could feel was the cool breeze blowing through the curtains all night..

The inner voice stopped & the soul was at peace..

Would I call it a magic or just another dream..?!!

There is something strange, the spirit answered.

But all I could sense was the beauty of midnight dreams & went back to sleep..

Soon the dawn appeared, to the chirping voice of birds... I woke up to the soothing noise of the wind chimes which sounded pleasant than before..

The coldness struck my feet like a waking call.

Will you find the answer? The spirit smiled across the wall..

My heart was racing as I approached the balcony..The sky & land filled with the same colour as clear as white. That was when I noticed there was snow all around bright.. The wind swept my face to a whole new world of charm & bliss.. & the mountains echoed to the voice of the gentle breeze and snowfall across the cliff..And that was when I realised, it was a Winter morning! That was the call.. !

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