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Divya B c

Abstract Children Stories

Gateway of Dreams

Gateway of Dreams

2 mins

On the roadway to destiny..

I found an invisible path.

It was called dream.

That made a home,

In my mind and heart..

Not knowing where to stop.

There were obstacles,

Plain dull roads,

Shadows of silence,

Shades of voice,

Echoing in the soul.

Traveling miles..

To find an answer,

A way and fulfill

the purpose of dreams..

I knocked on the doors

Of nature, spirit and world,

And kept walking towards..

The unknown mysteries.

There were few pebbles,

Across the way..

Which seemed to be

Colourful, shiny and magical.

I picked up each one of them..

On my journey,

Seeking for the message it had.

It appeared like fortune cookies.

After all, with repeated lessons..

Recurring in our lives,

That reappear to teach us

What is right..

We must correct ourselves & move on.

Bcz the pebbles we see..

Can either have a note or not,

But how we look at it..

Is all that matters.

After going a long way..

I realized that, the journey

Was actually as though;

I was walking across the endless ocean,

The fine summer sand..

Having all kinds of seashells and pebbles..

Waves keep rushing towards,

As we go closer to feel..

The warmth of wind and sunshine

Watching the ship sailing,

Across the horizon...

As we leave footprints,

On the shore.

Looking at the mesmerising

Blue sky and inhaling silence;

And emptiness of mind..

Clearing all worries as a dust in the wind!

This is how ..

Even our dreams too..

Take shape/form 

And then life.

Nothing would be clear..

As you begin.

But everything gets settled..

When you keep moving,

Towards your dreams.

Keep working;

And enjoy the journey..

It takes you..

Towards. Stop not and 

Have a fighting spirit!!

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