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Still Feel Hurt?

Still Feel Hurt?

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Of all the dreams..,

We dream of, often

Are the one's

That utmost go miles

Beyond the boundaries,

Of our heart and mind.

What lives the most..

In the windows of our soul,

As colourful magic and

Soothing rhythm.

Hard to forget or let go,

What gave you bliss

And the world it showed..

To live beyond it's presence

Is what hurts the most..,

But between bridges of life

Or the sails across the ocean

Of your heart that withhold..

The never ending dreams

Of a soul that dear, you behold.

As far as you go.,

As long as you dream.,

As much as you think.,

It keeps coming back

And rolling over across..

The walls of your mind

And tiny Meadows of your heart..

Singing the song that you forgot.

But of all these that were dear,

And all that was lost..

By going way apart or

Leaving you along..

Does it still hurt, if it repeats?

Does it still pain, when you speak?

Do you have tears, when you remember?

What time left with you..

Is all that remains.

Whether you look back or wait..

Don't cry is what it says.

Time may take away few things from you,

But it heals and heals until you feel..

That it's all enough and you are done.

For there are innumerable things..

You could still do and

Dream of wonderful dreams while..

The ways open up for you,

Taking you to another world

That would make you forget..

All the pain and hurt!!

... And one day you would smile back and remember

and say - does it still hurt???!!??

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