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Floating In Silence

Floating In Silence

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We all have countless dreams..

Endless memories and

Unforgettable moments.

These all are connected to

People and places..

A fading dusk of shining light,

Covered with the mystery

Of imagination beyond

The physical world

Are many dreams that

We cannot explain of

How much precious it is.

You feel the soothing wind around..

and see the sun setting across the horizon

As a ship sails across the distant land..

The waves keep rushing towards you...

There are moments like these which are true.

All the beauty of nature in this world,

How blessed you are to witness the sight

Of it from your eyes that are doors to mind.

We fall, we fail..

We forget and we remember..

But we get back up and keep going,

Sometimes unaware where life takes us

But with a hope that something awaits..

Across the other end.

With all the bunches of these..

Our life continues and

Time passes by,

With days, months and years..

Everything keeps changing.

You evolve and grow wiser.

And when it's time for you to leave,

You look back and close your eyes..

Again, feeling the path you came by

And where it has left you now..

To another world now;

To fulfill another dream .…. !

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